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Duality and the Power of Trinity..! – Tom Kenyon

You live in a dualistic universe; this is its nature. It manifests because the main opposites in those forces tend to have equal and opposite reactions. This is applied to the physics of your universe and to the nature of dualistic consciousness itself. This dualistic nature of your universe is affected by the Time Acceleration that you are moving through.

The result in the network of this is an increase in duality or a polarization of human consciousness. Polarized conflicts between nations, communities, religions and individuals are on the rise. This unfortunate state of affairs is expected as planetary and galactic energetics increase.

Tom Kenyan
Tom Kenyan


Our message has to do with a strategy to navigate through those problems of increased polarization.

Indeed, you may have already discovered that in some of your social circles there is a kind of hostility or polarized views of situations.

The strategy we are talking about is called the Triune Force, the Triune Force. It is an attribute of spiritual mastery and will enable you to move through polarization with greater efficiency and greater probability of manifestation than what you are doing now which is opposite, and is ‘trapped’ in the drama of polarization and conflict. The principle is simple.

As a human being you tend to be attracted to people or situations, or you are repelled by them. This tendency to be attracted or repulsed is, for the most part, an unconscious action.

You may meet and be attracted to someone, and the depth or intensity of that attraction may cause you to erase other information about the person. Likewise, if situations arise around you, be they social, political, or religious, you may find yourself drawn to these situations without other information that would be helpful in determining whether a given situation would be “good” for you or not. not.

The same goes for rejection. You may feel repelled by someone or a situation and identify with that repulsion as well, cutting yourself off from other information that would be helpful.

The Three Only Power

If you imagine a triangle and represent attraction in the lower left corner of that triangle and repulsion in the lower right corner of the triangle, then the point at the top of those two extremes would be the Triune Force.

It is a mental perspective that has spiritual attributes. It lets you float above the situation and view it from a multitude of perspectives. For example, if you are attracted to a person and surrender to that attraction without allowing yourself access to signs and information about that person, you have put yourself in a precarious position.

But by not identifying with that attraction you ‘float up’ to the Triune Force; and then you are free to observe behavior that may signal the inappropriateness or dangerous nature of a relationship with that person.

Also, if you are repelled by a person or a situation, the Triune Power allows you to “float above” and you are able to not identify with that repulsion, and if you are in that non-identification, you are free to see how other levels are involved.

It could be that this person or situation is too toxic for you, or it could be that this person or situation is a mirror reflecting something you don’t like in yourself. By suspending your identification with that attraction or repulsion for a while, you are able to see more clearly and access that person or situation from a broadened perspective.

Knowledge is power, and the Triune Force gives you access to the innate powers of clarity. So our suggestion at this time of the increased human polarization and the Time Acceleration is to watch yourself (look at yourself).

When you enter that attraction, stop for a moment; move away from your identification with that attraction. Rise, go above it, as it were, and engage with the Triune Force. You do that so that you enter this relationship with a person or with a situation, with your eyes open.

If you are repelled by a person or by a situation, stop, pause, and stop identifying with “that you don’t like that situation.” And soar above the situation or person as it were and engage with that Triune power to see more deeply – to notice with greater clarity – whether this person or situation is poisonous, or is it a mirror of something in yourself that you need to transform.

As you move deeper into the polarization phase of planetary agreement, the Triune force can greatly assist you as you move through this difficult period of increased personal, interpersonal and collective conflict.

The Hathors July 1, 2012

Tom’s Thoughts and Observations

The goddess Hathor from ancient Egypt.

Perception is really relative to the observer. And this relativity of perception is no more obvious, I think, than between our relationships with each other. And furthermore, it has been my observation for some time now (say in the last few months) that the polarization of human relationships is on the rise. There have, of course, always been differences of opinion. And conflicts between peoples and nations are hardly new. History is littered with cases of pernicious and disastrous encounters between individuals, as well as between religions and cultures.

But what the Hathors are talking about here is an increase in polarized perceptions and thinking (and what they believe) between people. It is their view that the disruptive increase in polarization is the result of the energetics we are all going through. (such as the changes of our sun but also the pulsations of the accelerated evolution of the Central Sun of our galaxy and from deep space) and the fact that we are undergoing the extreme effects of the Time Acceleration.

At the end of the session, Judi (Tom’s wife) asked them how long they thought this period of increased polarization would continue. Their response was that it was difficult to pin down exact time coordinates, but what they thought was that this extreme polarization of human perception would continue for at least 18 months to two years, if not longer. And further, they expected the intensity of that polarization to increase, not decrease, over this period.

Judi then asked about the strangeness of that polarization experience and asked if they could elaborate more on it. They said that part of the problem we humans face is the fact that the intensity of those planetary and galactic energetics is so extreme that they often short circuit the cognitive course. As a result, people can become even more erratic and irrational than usual.

If their perceptions and predictions are accurate then it would be wise to find a masterly way to get through such a period of increased interpersonal, cultural and religious disharmony.

The Triune Force

In my opinion, the idea of ​​the Triune Power is a Hathor-esque simplicity, at best. If you tend to represent things visually, think of a triangle. Put the force of attraction in the lower left corner and the force of repulsion in the far lower right corner. The point of the triangle at the top of the two corners is the perspective of the Three Sole Force. This perspective allows us to look down and see or notice things that we may not see when we are caught in the projections of attraction or repulsion.


The triangle is, of course, just a metaphor. What you are actually doing is moving up in your consciousness so that you are no longer enchanted by the power of attraction or repulsion. From that state of non-identification of attraction or repulsion, you can pick up better information that can be helpful to you in making a decision. It takes a shift in your thinking process to engage the Triune Force, and that shift is to simply move away from that self-identification.

Instead of racing in there and doing the normal human thing, which is identifying yourself with our attractions or repulsions, we temporarily intervene in our automatic response with the aim of obtaining valuable information. The kind of information we can access when we’re in the state of non-identification is qualitatively different from the kind of information we access when we’re caught up in the intensity of the moment.

In addition to halting the process of self-identification, the Hathors propose a shift in spatial perspective as the next step in triggering the Triune Force.

“When you fall into an attraction, pause for a moment. Step away from your identification with the attraction. Float above it, as it were, and engage the Triune Force. You do this so that you enter the relationship with your eyes open, whether it be with a person or in a situation.

If you are repelled by a person or situation, pause and dis-identify with a reluctance to the person or situation. Soar above the situation or person as it were and engage the Triune Force to see more deeply – to notice with greater clarity – whether this person or situation is toxic to you, or if it is a mirror to something in you that you must transform.”

If you have developed spatial abilities you will be able to imagine yourself hovering above the situation or exchange and perceive yourself being attracted or repulsed. This spatial separation between the “observer” or the “responder” piece can be quite helpful in suspending the patterns of identification with your answers (which may be attraction or repulsion). But if you don’t have this kind of spatial ability, it will be difficult for you to do that.

If you’re unable to “float above the situation or the person” when you answer it, don’t worry. The primary action required to engage the Triune Force is to simply stop your own process of self-identification so that you can gain new kinds of information about that situation or person.

To be human means to experience attractions and repulsions. It’s just part of the human-mammal equation. All animals have an innate biological response that goes either to something (attraction) or away from it (repulsion). And the Hathors are not saying we should remove this kind of biological response.

They’re just saying that if we temporarily suspend our self-identification responses, doors open in our consciousness (metaphorically speaking). New insights and concepts then become accessible to us, and with that knowledge we can create and co-create with a greater mastery.zen atmosphere

However, when we get caught up in the excitement of attraction or the fear of repulsion, we often fail to see or notice the ‘red flags’ or other crucial information about the person or situation. How many ‘negative’ relationships and/or situations could we have avoided if we had been able to ‘see’ those things that we were blind to at the time of the intense attraction (or in some traps, repulsion)?

I think it takes personal discipline to get this method going. And we need to avoid the emotional poisoning that happens when we really get caught up in a strong attraction or repulsion. And as with many aspects of our emotional lives, this is something that is easier said than done. But I think the emotional discipline is worth it. If nothing else, it will lead us to a deeper psychological understanding, and this is a good thing.

In addition, however, engaging the Triune Force can help us as creators and co-creators by giving us access to higher levels of information regarding who or what we are contemplating to co-create with.

However, I ended that last sentence, with a preposition (in English), on purpose. Prepositions establish relationships between words, just as the power of attraction or repulsion creates relationships between people. While some grammarians disagree on the correctness of ending a sentence with a preposition, others say it is sometimes necessary.

So it seems to me, along with many other language enthusiasts, that the preposition rule is actually a myth. Some myths will die slowly. In this respect, the prepositional myth has been a persistent one, a guarded one, as it has been through the dogma of the stubborn grammar people.

My commentary here is not so much about grammar as it is about the syntax (study of sentence structure) of our lives. By the ‘syntax of our lives’ I mean the order and relationships of our experiences – as we have them.

When syntax (order) is changed in a sentence or in our lives, a gap in perception can arise and through that gap new meanings and new worlds of perception can be born.

Many of us have been held captive by another myth—the myth that we cannot or should not create (or re-create) our lives the way we wish them to be. In this context, the Triune Force is fundamentally a method of changing the syntax (order) of our perception and our mental/emotional lives.

Because of the gap/gap (or portal) that arises when the syntax is changed, we are more able to glimpse new possibilities fleetingly.


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