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Duality: How do you experience duality?

A good friend of mine recently gave me an important message: “If you have questions, turn ‘inside’ and feel, you can find all the answers within yourself.” I had no idea that following his advice would bring me so much. After all, I thought everything I felt was normal and didn’t look for answers in it. Until last spring 2016. I suddenly recognized it.

Learning to listen to my feelings has led to insights. First very personal insights that gave me peace and made it possible to stay in my I-am-power. Don’t let anything and anyone fool me. Feel and know.

The insights changed. These concerned me personally, but also others. I felt I should share them. A stream of information too valuable to keep to myself.

This process started in March 2016 and is still ongoing. Depending on the energies of the moment, the events in which I feel personally involved and what forms a (recurring) theme in my life, I start to feel and consider more consciously from an observer role. This brings the insights that I hope to be able to clarify for others through my publications.

An important theme in my life was and is living in duality, experiencing everything that keeps us busy on earth. Below I describe a number of insights related to the experience of duality.

As human beings we are on earth to experience. Why?

The experiences, from the vibrational field in which the human being is, have an important function for humanity itself and for the collective throughout all vibrational layers. The answer to the question of why we live in duality on earth has its origin in enabling and continuing to create experiences through emotions in the broadest sense of the word.

In fact, man is dually stimulated to experience. That is an agreement within the collective and is independent of right or wrong as it is recognized on earth. A means to stimulate experiences within duality is power (and powerlessness). That is the basis of the experience game with the help of emotions.

From our free will we choose as a soul part of the whole to participate in this experience game. As soon as a soul part goes to earth, it receives a programming to gain that experience that the soul has chosen. Part of that programming is the ‘amnesia’ and family patterns that are important to create sufficiently powerful experiences.

The function of the amnesia is that we could not experience if we knew in advance what is about to happen to us. The emotion should be lived through in order to come to an experience. The insight that is obtained as a result, helps to break free from the emotion, to observe this emotion instead of continuing to live it (learning process) and to grow to the next step.

Getting rid of emotion

Even when people become aware of the need to break free from the emotion, it is still possible to experience emotions. Without that insight, emotions are lived through as if we were our emotion.

With this insight it becomes possible to feel the emotion, to experience what the emotion does and to perceive it as a spectator. In this way, the emotion continues to be shared with the collective as (nutritional) energy, while you hold your ground in your I-am-power, without being dragged into a vortex of emotions.


Properly considered, we are all soul particles of Source here on Earth to experience. Each in our own way. Each with his/her background, traumas and experiences.

Also the trauma of the separation of twin souls . It is precisely thanks to those twin souls that the connection is felt more powerfully and it remains possible to experience emotions as intended in the service of the collective.

role play

The stimulus that is needed to allow people to continue to experience is not limited to people themselves. There are also entities that place themselves between every conceivable form of relationship to boost and magnify the intensity of the emotions and experiences. In this way, the emotion is strengthened and more experience can be shared with the collective.


There is no right or wrong in sharing emotions with the collective. That is the assumption of duality. It is important to know that it concerns both positive and negative emotions. They should be brought into balance.

People do have a purpose and a function in experiencing, because people should learn to deal with it from this dimension, so that the vibration level increases and the other dimensions can also continue. Everything is connected.

We as humans learn on earth to experience together (and alone) and to touch each other’s emotions. Every person in himself also learns from the experiences with the aim of staying in the I-am-power and to continue to perceive himself as a soul part, separate from all other soul parts with which we are connected.

Once we identify with the other soul parts, there is no individual healing, so the vibrational level of the collective is not raised. That is why it is so important to stay in your I-am-power and to distinguish yourself from the other with whom we share the experiences. Only in this way is it possible to make a contribution to the collective from within.


Experience through sexuality is the most effective way of evoking emotions, in every way imaginable. From reaching universal heights together or all-one and creating new life, to the ultimate means of holding power and control over each other.

Power and Abuse

Staying in your I-am-power is also extremely important with experiences through sexuality. After all, exercising power and control through sexuality is completely useless as soon as you gain the insight that the abuse of your body is “only” a dual and earthly means to stimulate negative emotions and traumas.

The part that we each have to heal for ourselves, all traumas that have arisen from sexuality, is also part of the collective. You are and no one can physically touch it, no matter what or how.

The fear and shame ensure that we experience sexual abuse as negative. When we are no longer susceptible to that, the power and control through sexuality falls away.
For centuries, sexuality and reproduction have been abused to control populations.


Creation of new life through sexuality is the gateway to place new souls on earth who can share experiential energy with the collective. Once we are free of the need for this creative power, new life in duality is no longer necessary.

That is why we are currently seeing a huge increase in same-sex love couples who carry both masculine and feminine qualities. They are the new unit that does not need procreation to create new life. That is why religion demonizes these people, because from religion the power and control falls away on the sexual level.

The religion has stimulated procreation to bring more people on Earth who could continue to share their experiences with the collective and thus maintain duality, but also to prevent humanity from growing to a higher vibration.

Governments have kept people busy with bread and games and churches have kept humanity in the ‘dark’ so that they could not focus on their inner I-am-power. This is how duality has been maintained for centuries.

Power is crumblingflower

Power crumbles as we outgrow duality. The small steps that are now being taken are very important to increase the insight, through many different expressions, so that the vibration can be raised collectively.

There is not one playing field in which to work. There are many facets within the human field on earth where insight, spiritual growth and I-am-power are used. Everyone stands for themselves and steps out of the grid of duality.

That’s why it is becoming so obvious that people no longer want to participate in warfare, an ultimate way of stirring up emotions. It is therefore not important to distinguish between perpetrators and victims . We’ve all come here to play this game and get the experience, in both roles.

New energy

In this new energy, the role play to trigger emotions becomes redundant, as the duality becomes redundant once we raise our vibrational level. From small one-on-one bullying to major wars that cause massive casualties.

Peace Lovers

For those who long for unity, love and peace, this outworking of duality feels like hell on earth. That evokes emotions that are shared with the collective and keep them in the lower vibrations.

Only when these peace-loving souls can hold their own in their I-am-power, perceive their emotions instead of living through them, can the production of emotions be reduced or stopped, come out of the grid of duality to a higher vibration, so that the can increase collectively energetically.

Stay grounded

Despite raising the vibration, it is our duty as humans to stay grounded so that we can connect Gaia, Mother Earth, to the collective and help raise her vibration.


When a message is passed on from the thought of right or wrong, light or dark, this is a message from duality.


The greatest gift that is given to man in the physical is to be able to experience physically through the body. Experiencing a physical touch of the senses in taste, hearing, sight, feeling through the skin. Touch by (emotional) love and pain.


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