Earth Angels: How Do You Live Your Mission?

Earth Angels: How Do You Live Your Mission?

Some angels make the choice to be born on Earth as human beings. Here many trials await them. How can you do what you came for as an ‘earth angel’?

When angels choose to be born on Earth (the ‘incarnation process’), they have often dwelt for centuries near the Source. They often specialize in a particular area, such as beauty, divine inspiration, health, truth, and light.

When they incarnate, they often have a conscious purpose: they want to represent and set down the qualities of their realm, their ‘ray’, in the world of duality. Thus, angels who are representatives of the ray of Health will choose a soul mission that has to do with healingAngels functioning on the Ray of Beauty often choose a mission that has to do with bringing divine inspiration through art. Angels who work on the ray of Love want to bring those where there is little love. And angels who have become skilled in setting up light and truth often want to illuminate the dark and set up righteousness.

Primal trauma

Earth Angels: How Do You Live Your Mission?

All incarnating souls have to deal with the shock of the ‘ primal trauma ‘‘. So do angels. For some, this is caused by descending into areas where lower frequencies can be felt. They may seem to lose connection with Source and their Home.

Sometimes there is also intervention by beings who represent the ‘negative pole’, ie sabotage. For example, the moment angels descend into the frequencies they are ambushed, confused by illusion, misled, or even ‘hijacked’. This is part of the ‘game’ of dark and light, which is aimed at growth and awareness. The goal is mastery: to become a conscious co-creator. But for angels, who are vulnerable at the moment of the plunge, this can be very traumatic.

Loss of trust

Because of the primal trauma, they often lose their faith in the Source, the Creator, or in themselves. And through sabotage from the opposite pole, they can be burdened with negative programs and illusions about the Creator, themselves, and life in earthly matter. They then subconsciously create negative experiences from those programs.

Moreover, due to the primal trauma, angels are often immediately confronted with the ‘counterpart’ of their quality. For example, angels of love run into fear, hatred, abuse, or lovelessness. The angels of healing against pain, sickness, and death. Angels of beauty against gloom, hopelessness, and despair. Angels of truth and light against injustice, deception, and manipulation.

Fight and relieve

Originally, incarnating angels are focused on positively expressing their power. But because they have had to deal with fear, pain, and illusion, they will mainly perceive the ‘other side’ in their reality: the lack of quality, the opposite, or a distorted expression of it. This is very painful and so they want to change it.

Earth Angels: How Do You Live Your Mission?

They try to heal or fight the counterpart of their quality. They unconsciously want to heal the pain of their own primal trauma through the other, not from unity consciousness. This is due to their trauma and lack of earthly experience. As powerful as they may be, angels are just as ‘green’ as other newly incarnated souls in the world of duality!

Save the world

Angels may begin to act on the misconception that they must heal the world. To resolve the pain and depression of others. To fight injustice. It is obvious that this costs them a lot of energy and leads to painful experiences. They are going to pull the cart before the other and get into a fight with the duality, which is part of creation. Resisting duality, then, is fighting creation itself.

Moreover, wanting to heal your own wound through another is essentially manipulative. As well-intentioned as it is. Another is entitled to his own wound and his own process of becoming aware.

Earth Angels: How Do You Live Your Mission?

It can take many lifetimes for angels in the embodiment to realize that they can only serve others by living their qualities themselves. By being them yourself. To be their radiant true being. They do this by healing themselves. By putting inspiration, awareness, and truth in the world, without being attached to the end result. Without fighting or getting caught up in duality.

Being a source of light

When this realization is there, angels in the embodiment can do what they came for: be a source of light. By living their quality themselves, they are a source of inspiration for others. They can let themselves be touched and inspired by them. In this way, they can more easily become aware, grow themselves, and increase their frequency. Ultimately, that’s all angels have to do in this world: heal their own primal wound and be the beauty, love, and truth they want to see in the world.


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