Easy method to ground yourself: a natural flow of earth energy

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When people say someone is ‘floating’ or ‘not quite there today they are really talking about their grounding. Being well-grounded means having a reference point on Earth where you can tap into the natural flow of Earth’s energy. It helps you deal with matters on the material, earthly plane of existence. Unless you are well-grounded, many of your ideas and creative powers will languish in futile dreams and empty fantasies. You can be very intelligent or talented, but without grounding, you may not be able to do anything with those gifts.


If you feel only marginally grounded, don’t despair. You’re not the only one. Lack of firm grounding is more common than a cold or the flu! Being unfounded can be due to painful childhood experiences. You then no longer want to accept some responsibilities of the material plane that go together with the activity of a body. Unknowingly, baseless people tend to project their consciousness to other psychic levels, where the physical body is not needed. The physical body is then only minimally maintained.

At an unconscious level, this leads to physical distress that manifests itself as a feeling of insecurity or fear. However, through proper grounding, you can connect your body to the Earth and create an uninterrupted circuit of Earth energy, thereby increasing your feelings of security and protection. To ground is to surrender to the planet’s gravity, which is one of the most natural things anyone can do.


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Here’s an easy grounding method. Sit in a chair with your feet flat on the floor. Imagine that you are a very large and sturdy tree with roots that reach deep into the earth. Feel the earth energy bubbling up in your feet and legs. The trunk of your tree also connects your coccyx directly to your roots. Allow any tension or excess energy to dilate through these roots in the soil. This tree visualization can be especially beneficial for people who have problems with their feet, legs, or lower body.

You may feel exceptionally unsafe, dizzy, or “out of your body.” Then it is wise to ground your whole body and aura by imagining the earth energy singing around you, around you and within you. Imagine how you are connected to the center of the earth like a strong shaft. Dance and (combat) sports can also help people with grounding problems to establish this important energy connection between the body and the earth.


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