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Effortless work for HSPs: work from rest


Working for HSPs

In our work, especially as a manager or supervisor, we face a lot. How do you stay in balance, as a highly sensitive person, in the midst of this hustle and bustle? How do you ensure that the many tasks and responsibilities do not overwhelm you and how can you (continue to) respond effectively? Here are some starting points that can help you make the transition from hard work to effortless work. They are simple principles that can be applied in everyone’s practice. But you do have to sit down for a while.

The core is acting from inner peace, attention to the environment and an eye for the general interest. What matters is that you act as a resting point within the group. It is essentially very simple. The challenge, of course, lies in the application. Once you have experienced the principles and their effects in practice and they are anchored in your thinking and doing, you will notice that working can be effortless.

Effortless work for hsp’s, from rest

The basis for my vision originated in Findhorn , a spiritual and ecological community in the north of Scotland, where I attended a workshop over thirteen years ago. At the time, I was recovering from burnout and from working too hard with too much effort, after years of leading (change) projects and a small department. The burnout let me know that I couldn’t go on like this and that I had to learn to be true to what my body was telling me.

At Findhorn they have a special way of working together. Before starting work there, the team forms a circle and does a short meditation. The leader indicates what needs to be done and lets participants set their hearts out for the partial task of their desire. They get to work, work is done in an unprecedented peace and harmony and before you know it the job is done.

A few years later I was able to put this into practice as a group leader during a meditation weekend. Here, too, I saw the great results and beneficial influence that emanates from working from peace and togetherness. It’s like getting into a flow that makes the task seem effortless.working for hsp's meditation


What is the secret of this way of working? It starts with meditating. With a moment of silence and turning inward. In this way a connection is made with the greater whole, the cosmos or the divine. And you connect with each other and the task that needs to be done.

Then we can transcend our ‘I’, which is afraid to fail and wants to show how good it is, and work from a common goal. Being able to follow our heart to the work of our preference, I see as another important principle. Nothing was imposed. There was no competition, or discontent, because everyone did what he or she wanted.

Since I have applied these principles in my life, a lot has changed. When I was still doing projects or leading a department, I was always working hard. I wasn’t a directive leader, but I certainly wasn’t a resting point either.

I took good care of the people I had to deal with, my boss and employees, but not enough for myself. Now I am much more attuned to my feelings and to my energy level. Still, if I exert myself excessively or do work that really doesn’t suit me, I run the risk of getting burned out. Working with wisdom starts for me with listening to my intuition, feeling what is or isn’t energy and following the energy.

being a resting point

I start the day sitting in the stlite and reflecting on how I feel. I tune in to what is being done, by me alone or by a group I am part of. In my life now, as an independent entrepreneur, coach and writer, I am busy with many things and it is important that I keep my inner peace. If it works, and it usually does, it benefits my own well-being and inspiration as well as the atmosphere in which I work with others.

I can experience it strongly in my coaching and in the workshops I give. If I work from peace and attunement to the person I work with, the best insights are obtained and results are achieved. A shared vision or goal in a collaboration brings a like-mindedness in the group. This positively focused attention creates a stream that everyone can surf on. It’s a special experience. And it is not necessary for everyone in the group to meditate. If only I do!

Working from rest

How can I apply this in my work, you may wonder, I am not going to stand in a circle with my people at the office or meditate together? No, that’s not necessary. It is important to bring your peace into the group and to pay attention to the others. Make sure to turn inward and if meditation isn’t the way for you, yoga, walking or cycling in nature may be a good way to clear your head, calm down and think clearly. This gives you an overview and you know what to do. Others will feel the effect and be positively influenced by it.

How you connect people to each other and to the work that needs to be done is not the most important thing, as long as it happens. Meditating together is a long way from most workplaces, but perhaps you can devise and implement a ritual together that ensures that the working day starts with rest or with a joint activity. Before you get to the point, letting people tell you what’s on their minds has a binding effect and resolves any tensions. This allows the energy to flow in the group.

working for hsp's -listeningWork effortlessly 

Perhaps the most difficult thing in the practical application of these principles is to break free from the idea of ​​having to and the pressure that comes with it. Because then you start running and stress, and you don’t want that!

How to deal with pressure from within and from your environment? Always try to find peace within yourself. Take a break from the hectic pace, look at it. Also what it does to you. This way you avoid getting carried away by it. Acknowledge the effect, and then find peace again. Anyway, this works for me.

Trust your intuition, your feelings and life itself. If you follow the flow, which you end up in when you work from connection, then what is necessary will happen. In this way you offer your special added value as a highly sensitive person.

If you ensure that you remain calm, do work that your heart goes out to, pay attention to the people you work with and the common goal, and above all do not run too much, then you ensure the right conditions that enable optimal results. Then work becomes effortless. And also prevent you from getting burnout!


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