Embrace yourself: this is how you deal with feelings of loneliness during the winter

Embrace yourself: this is how you deal with feelings of loneliness during the winter
Many people hate winter, it is often said because it is so wet and cold and less cozy. But I would like to give you the deeper layer of winter because it is better to embrace winter for yourself. By doing so, you may even be able to prevent chapping and dry skin!

The dark side of winter

It is dark early and soon there will be days when you may even leave in the dark and come home in the dark. It’s also cold, so winter literally asks you to spend more time indoors. And at the same time, winter also asks us to figuratively go indoors. As a result, winter unconsciously brings your attention to the dark part of yourself.

This is not always easy for everyone, because what do you encounter when you go inside yourself? To be still and to go in means to feel. And then you also feel the things that you actually don’t want to feel, because they hurt. The things that you might have been able to put away a little easier in the summer because there was so much to do, and because of the sun that cherished you so nice, like a warm blanket, so that it was just a little further away.

To me, hating winter is the same as hating the dark side of yourself. In fact, hating everything that is there or that comes your way is a denial of yourself.


Embrace yourself: this is how you deal with feelings of loneliness during the winter

You cannot solve the solution of the resistance to this dark side in yourself with a cozy wood stove and many candles. Apart from the fact that this falls under self-care. If you know yourself with feelings that lean towards winter depression, it’s best to investigate these. And yes, that is the best in a nice warm room where you have made sure that it is comfortable.

Embrace yourself

Do you know that you have a tendency to gloomy feelings and that is why you hate winter so much? Embrace yourself. Take the time to sit down and just feel what is there. You are that too, you can deny it, but then you deny yourself. Realize that you can be completely there, even with this dark side. And realize that nothing is too big or too dark to feel. Nothing can happen to you. Just look at what happens when you stop fighting it and let it be there without judgment.

The emotional layer of cold

The cold in winter touches on the cold you can feel inside yourself. And that cold is about loneliness. The silence in winter also affects this. Cold and silence feels like loneliness when it is still so deep in your body. So if as a child you had to deal with a loneliness that is too great, winter can be a difficult season when those feelings are still stored in your body.

Connect with your inner child

Is this recognizable to you? Do you feel lonely more often than usual in the winter? Then sit down for a while and make contact with your little inner self that used to feel so lonely. Look at yourself as a child and get in touch. Now ask the child what she needs from you as an adult. Ask what you can do for the child now. And give the child this. Emotions may come up as you do this, just let it happen, that’s okay. And necessary.

When it has been good enough for both of you, you take the child to a place where it is safe and where the child can stay until you pass by again. Feel what it is like in that place and thank the child when the weather has been good enough for both of you.

Winter brings inconveniences

Embrace yourself: this is how you deal with feelings of loneliness during

Broken nails, chapped fingers (what can they hurt by the way), static hair, chapped lips. All winter inconveniences, so self-care is not an unnecessary luxury. Winter asks to protect and take good care of ourselves. Sounds simple you think. Nail oil, hand cream, hair masks, and a good lip balm and you are ready for the rest of the winter.

Yes and no. Yes, because good products certainly help against that. So why no? Because you never solve a problem at the level on which it arises, but always the deeper layer below. Winter calls for more self-care. And when you use that as a trick, the same thing comes back every winter. I want to invite you to feel the deeper layer in it.

How well do you take care of yourself?

Embrace yourself: this is how you deal with feelings of loneliness during

Because what does self-care mean to you? How well do you take care of yourself? Quickly put that hand cream on your hands and quickly take off a towel because you have to move on quickly? Forgot that mask again because you were too busy to take a long shower?

Self-care isn’t just about making sure you have the right products and making time for them. Self-care is about feeling that you are worth taking care of yourself. Not as a solution afterward, but as a matter of course, so that your body develops a self-healing capacity and is more resistant to all kinds of inconveniences.

Take really good care of yourself

I have always had broken nails in the winter for as long as I can remember. No matter what I tried about oil and nail hardeners, nothing worked. Until I started taking really good care of myself because I felt I was worth it. Not only did I sleep a lot (this is really the best thing you can do for yourself if you want to recover in any area), but I also started to feel on a very deep level that it was really time for myself.

Stop adjusting yourself

I’ve stopped adjusting myself all the time. This allows your body to relax. I’m not a doctor and can’t promise with this so that your cracked nails and fissures will disappear or will get better (I’m pretty much rid of it myself and if I still have a split, it heals much faster than I’m used to ), but I can promise you that you will be able to handle everything that comes to inconveniences much better. You no longer identify with those discomforts, with the pain, because you come closer to yourself when you realize that you are worth it and that you start taking really good care of yourself.



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