Embracing fear exercise

Embracing fear exercise
We are currently living in an unreal time. This can cause a lot of anxiety and stress. For example, we can be completely drawn into the misery of the world. Your inner frightened child reacts violently to this. It is good to realize that we can do something about this and that we are not at the mercy of this.

Your foundation

It is important not to let too many outside influences come in, but to stay true to yourself! If you feel fear is dragging you along and you can no longer think clearly, work on your foundation. Working on your foundation is growing in staying with yourself so that you can give your fear safe ground. If you don’t do this, there is a good chance that you will lose your ground and your resistance will drop quickly. Especially now it is important to do inner work. You do this to be a good parent to your child. That way you are there for your fear and panic but you remain standing.

Embracing fear exercise

If you are anxious, it is good to say to yourself:

“Life is okay.”
“The people are okay.”
“I am okay.”

Embracing fear exercise

I have a great exercise to get back into your power, so you can embrace your fear and give it expression. In this way, you are a very loving parent to your anxious child.

  1.  Stand on a (fleece) rug. The dress represents your free space. Feel that you are standing here firmly and free from fear.
  2. Then put another cloth next to the cloth you are standing on and put a chair on it as well. This rug and chair represent your fear.
  3.  Then slowly walk to the fitted dress and walk to the chair. Connect with your fear by touching the chair. If the touch goes well, remove the chair and stand in the chair/fear site so that you can ground the fear. Can you bear the fear? If this goes too fast, walk back to the first rug and do the exercise a little slower.
  4. It is also possible that you no longer feel the fear and the feeling has gone inside. It is important to give free expression to these feelings of fear and panic. Now stand on a larger rug (for example your rug) and express your fear and panic. Move your body and feel which sounds want to be released from your throat: scream, scream, make wailing and moaning sounds. Give free expression to your feelings.
  5. Then stand on your first rug where you started this exercise and feel for a moment.
  6. It is important to do these steps in this order. This way it is done safely and with the ground under your feet.

Love and attention

Because we no longer have to run and fly to meet agreements on time – which can be a relief in itself – we can stop and think about what we really need. We can make time and give love and attention to our well-being and our emotions.

Embracing fear exercise

We can take care of the old energy of fear that has been stored in us for a long time. That stored fear comes from our past, from our childhood and past lives. During this crisis situation, that old fear comes to the surface.

Therefore, try to embrace your fear as much as possible so that you can heal yourself from old wounds. Taking responsibility for your emotions (your inner children) and always being there for them is essential. This is the basis for feeling safe with yourself and therefore in the outside world.

Exercise for the inner child

Your inner child needs the confidence that it will always be supported by you as an adult. You can train this trust by giving it structural attention and love. Buy a nice teddy bear, not too big and not too small. One that you can hold well and cuddle. Your teddy bear represents your inner child.

During the day you can stay in touch with your fear by talking to your inner child. Hold your child in front of you and tell her, “I see you’re anxious, that’s why I’m here for you, you are the most important thing in my life, what do you need from me now?”
By doing this exercise at fixed times, for example in the morning or evening before going to sleep, your inner child will increasingly rely on you.

6 tips for more self-love during a stressful period

Embracing fear exercise

  1. Reflect on your fears and other emotions and talk to your child parts.
  2. Be childishly creative by drawing or painting.
  3. By dancing freely in your living room you get out of the cramp.
  4. Take lovely long walks in nature.
  5. Listen to your intuition, do only what feels right for you.
  6. Listen to my inner child’s visualization.



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