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End of a Spiritual Relationship. A deep valley?

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of questions and personal messages about the termination of a Spiritual Relationship or Twin Flame Relationship. I started to delve into it and I see, read and hear many of the same stories. That’s why I wrote an article about this, because I think a lot of people are going through an intense heartbreak right now or last year.

end of relationship

The end of a relationship is always very sad and gives you a period of mourning, insecurities and changes. You doubt yourself a lot. Why am I not good enough ? What went wrong? When did it go wrong? Why did it go wrong? And especially when someone else is involved, you ask yourself deeply why the other person is nice and you are not. A very annoying period.

Many people are currently awakening spiritually or are well on their way. When you have found a relationship in the intensity of spirituality you feel completely connected! What a beautiful, special and nice feeling that gives. You feel one, you feel each other, you know when you are thinking of each other and you text each other at the same time. What a confirmation in the sense of connection! Awesome!

And yet it can just suddenly end very sad…..

In recent years, many spiritual stories about twin flames, especially in the romantic form, have been written. Also about the energy that is changing on the earth. That it all becomes more beautiful, more loving and purer.

This is very beautiful and blissful, but most are not that far yet. What we forget here is that we have to work on ourselves from that energy. The energy on earth can change, but whoever lingers in the old habits, beliefs and limitations will not suddenly become an enlightened person after a while. You really have to take the lessons that present themselves along the way. Otherwise nothing will change at all!

If you always do what you always did, you get what you always got

We are too focused on the piece; ‘that the other is our savior ‘ or ‘you must save the other’. In other words, love is directed to something outside of yourself rather than within yourself. The pitfall in this is that you can completely lose yourself in the connection with the other, based on mutual dependence.

That dependence is fueled by the romantic thought that you have with your twin flame. That conviction alone contains a great expectation that cannot simply be fulfilled. The greater the expectations, the greater the disappointments can be

There are still many seeking souls in the world. Many people who enter spirituality, feel the love and unity of the different movements and feel completely at home in it. That is beautiful, delicious and nice of course! Who wouldn’t want that? Man is a social animal and it is important for man to belong to something. A group, a community, friends….End of a Spiritual Relationship.

We are all seeking souls. We draw energy from the collective love of spirituality. It’s nice when you can grow and learn from each other, share love, share lessons and gain insights so that you get to know yourself better and grow into an increasingly beautiful loving person. So far it’s beautiful!

It becomes more difficult when people do not take up their life lessons, deny dark sides and remain a searching soul. We are all seeking souls. We all want love and connection. But when a relationship develops in which someone wants to fill themselves with your energy, this person will withdraw from their own life lessons.

This way, this person does not have to feel himself and can always remain in denial. For convenience I will write in the he-form, but this can of course also be read in the side-form.

We are all seeking souls, we are developing, growing and coming loose from a collective karma. Meeting another seeking soul eventually becomes a problem for you when you have progressed a little further in growth and enlightenment, by having accepted your life lessons. Then you meet someone who has their sights on you.

In short, you fall in love. at least; there is an irresistible attraction that draws you to each other like a magnet. Is that being in love? Is that love? That’s how it feels! At that moment it is all still nice and beautiful, but there is a huge life lesson waiting for you.

You have grown through your life lessons, (unconsciously). The other also needs growth, so where better to get that than with you? And you, goodness and loving beautiful soul, because everyone to live in unconditional love and light. So you assume that this person wants that too. Yes, he does, but from your energy! Unconsciously, of course. And you often find out a little late when you love yourself too little. Because in that piece many still have something to learn. Those are the hardest life lessons.

You’ve all gone through lessons in forgiveness, letting go, character typology, pitfalls and strange habits 100 times, but loving yourself is still a complicated subject.

You know that magnets are attracted from the opposites, namely the + and the -. When you meet someone who is your polar opposite and who is as educated and aware as you are, there is nothing to worry about! Then it is great and fantastic and you grow together from that balance, equality and love. But if it is a searching soul that denies its personal development, then a problem will eventually arise.

You don’t notice that. Because this soul adapts completely to your energy and life, creeps into you as it were, you will have the feeling that you are each other’s equal, the Twin Flame feeling. But be careful! This soul is a parasite to you. At first it doesn’t feel that way, at first it feels great! You think you have with someone who finally understands you completely, who is the same as you and who wants and thinks the same as you.

Yes that’s true. This soul has nothing but the energy of you at that moment, so that is what you recognize, what you feel. your own energy!! And that gives you a lot of energy! You feel parts of yourself that you haven’t felt in a long time. Everything wakes up in you again and that feels wonderful. That’s the euphoric feeling of being in love.

This can continue until this soul is finally confronted with its own personal development that has been standing still for years, which it has been denying for years. That can happen within six months, but sometimes even longer, after many years! And then that person suddenly leaves you, then your relationship is broken.

Whether you’ve already made a lot of commitments together or not, this person suddenly disappears from your life. He doesn’t like it anymore because you are holding him back in his spiritual growth. That’s a frequently heard reason.

In a way, that’s true, from his perspective. This soul has learned, taken over and absorbed everything from you. And now he needs new input to continue to deny his own development and life lessons. But he himself is not aware of that. Actually very sad for this soul, because it unconsciously blocks the happiness in his life. These souls are often very lonely and often have had multiple relationships and disappointments.

ouch. That’s right. Deep sadness.

You feel like you have been abandoned by your Soulmate and it feels like you are at the end of the world. It feels like you are completely empty, in a deep hole and completely lost yourself. That is also true, because you have given everything to the other, completely out of love, but not to yourself… you assumed that you would get that from that other. You have become dependent on that and that is why you feel such an emptiness and sadness.End of a Spiritual Relationship.

Wonderful educational painful experience.

The special thing about this unpleasant experience is actually very beautiful. Realize that you have not fallen in love with that other person, but with yourself! This soul has shown a mirror of yourself. He got into your energy and lived your energy, so he was you!! You wanted to share your whole life, everything you owned, you wanted to believe everything he promised, you did everything to keep the relationship going. You had no idea how unhealthy and parasitic this relationship had become for you.

Climb up!

How you can now climb out of the valley of sadness is to realize and learn that you really have to give all love to yourself. This person came into your life for a reason. He certainly had something to make you aware! Be grateful for that and now give everything you wanted to give to him to yourself. Do that daily, every hour of the day! Hang notes in your house and remind yourself of the love for yourself. That will heal you and make you a more complete person.

From that completeness you can attract a different kind of relationship. A relationship based on equality. In which you can give both to not have to receive anything. Then you get to the part of unconditional love and then love is beautiful!

‘At its best’ you might say!

From that completeness you will also get your own life back on track. As long as you stay in the dark part of losing your soul mate or stuck in your sadness, your life will go downhill and the problems will slowly pile up.

The greatest lesson in life is to love yourself. It is also the most difficult and confrontational lesson. Are you heartbroken from a broken spiritual connection? Do you feel like you have lost your twin flame? Then realize that you are in the middle of the life lesson; ‘I love me’. And go do that!

It would be nice if there was more information for those involved on this subject. There is not much to be found on the web about it. And because the twin flame phenomenon is too much romanticized in my opinion, it seems sensible to me to really keep both feet on the ground. Because who knows, you may have with a searching soul. And you stay in an energy-guzzling relationship for far too long.

With all its consequences.


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