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Energetic abilities become more powerful, do you notice it too?


In several ancient spiritual texts it is said that the time in which we now live is a dark age. In India they call it Kali Yuga; a period of thousands of years in which there is struggle and intolerance, and the truth is no longer recognized, because people have been sung apart from the source. Not consciousness but possession is the highest good.

These same traditions tell us that about this time we are entering a new period in which consciousness is rising again. And when I feel how profoundly I have changed myself in two years, I believe it.

Today I watched an interview with Carmen Boulter , creator of the Pyramid Code. She told that the ancient Egyptians had 360 senses (at least the initiates). Imagine, not just five or six, but 360! Then you can, for example, travel between dimensions and in time, directly manifest what you think and communicate through images. Then energy is as real as matter and you are god on earth.

Right now there is a lightning fast, energetic transformation taking place, and I am very curious where it leads. Because already I notice enormous changes inside: illusions disappear, time disappears and clarity increases.

And I also see major shifts in others: their third eye suddenly opens, or they rediscover themselves, in their light. Do you also ask yourself? What could be possible in five years? Because we may have forgotten those 360 ​​​​senses, but we still have the same DNA, and therefore the same potential, as the Egyptians.

The conjunction of Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces on April 12 supports a quantum leap in spiritual consciousness. During the first Spring Download we opened the portal. With the following activations we go deeper and deeper into the world of love, healing, soul and big dreams.

Do you want to further awaken your energetic potential? Are you ready for magic, mystery and enlightenment in your life? Then get in now and participate in the Spring Downloads. You will receive the introductory video.

Dates: March 13 and 18 and April 5 and 12.

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Will I see you Sunday?

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