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Energetic life after death: why it is important to let go of fear and pain during your life

My energetic experiences with the deceased have made it clear to me that our way of living and dying influences the continuation of our further journey. Fears, attachment and a heavy mind can have consequences in the other dimension.

When you let go of this, it facilitates the transition and residence in the other realms.

Difficulty letting go

When my grandmother died, my oldest daughter was a toddler. She hardly knew my grandmother, occasionally visited her in the retirement home. My grandmother had a soft spot for my daughter. As a little girl she had a huge head of curls. Grandma had always wanted a curly child and she adored her granddaughter.

After the death of my grandmother, my daughter was often sad. She missed grandma. It surprised me, because she had barely known Grandma. After some time a light came on in my mind: was there perhaps something else going on? Would grandma have trouble leaving earthly life ?

Together with my daughter I made contact with her grief and we discovered that grandma was energetically present with her. In such a way that my daughter suffered from it. Together we gave the energetic connection back to Grandma and her it was okay if she continued. Grandma needed this help and continued her journey. My daughter has not been sad after that.

Grandma must have sensed intuitively that I could help her further. That is also a reason why the deceased connect energetically with the living.

inner resistance

This was one of my experiences with energetic life after death. In addition to this incident, I also experienced a number of times when people had difficulty leaving the earth plane after their death. Because they were attached to people here , had fears for life after death, but also because they had a heavy heart. The deceased experienced an inner struggle and failed to surrender to the process.You can learn to turn inwards

A greater reality

The transition becomes easier as people gain more insight into life and death during their lifetime. The realization that we are energetic beings in a physical body makes us have an image of a greater reality. We are matter-oriented in this dimension: we mainly believe what we can perceive with our five senses.

Now that an awareness process is taking place worldwide, we are increasingly able to look beyond physical reality. And more and more people are experiencing that our current life is a fraction of a larger existence. Meditation and energetic work help us in this.


When you connect with this greater reality, the fear of dying diminishes. You experience that the deceased are energetically present and that we continue to exist after our death. While we probably still don’t have a concrete idea of ​​the dimension we’re moving into, fear is increasingly giving way to calmness and confidence.

Also, the transition will be easier if you make yourself lighter during your life. By letting go of accumulated emotions and old pain. Sadness and anger, but certainly also feelings of regret and guilt. A heart filled with regret and guilt keeps people tied to this dimension.
In earlier times, faith contributed to this. Before dying, people were given the opportunity to go to confession.

Of course one was more sincere about this than the other, but there was a realization that it is important to release your ballast from life in one way or another. So that you would pass lighter to the afterlife.

Now that religion is increasingly making way for other forms of spirituality, we are looking for how spirituality can fulfill this role.

The Myth of Ma’at

In Egyptian mythology, this theme is depicted in the myth of Ma’at from the Egyptian Book of the Dead . Ma’at stands for truth, cosmic order and righteousness. The myth in short:
After the death, the deceased had to appear before the judge Osiris and 42 other judges, to answer for his or her actions. Here it appeared whether the heart was burdened by wrongdeeds.

The deceased had to put his heart on one scale of the scales. On the other side of the scales lay an ostrich feather, the feather of truth. If the heart was as heavy as the feather, the deceased could go on to the afterlife. If the heart was heavier, the transition became more difficult.

I recognize a kernel of truth in this.Although I have experienced that we play our own judge. When we do not want or dare to look at ourselves and take responsibility for our actions, we make the transition more difficult.

family themes

We live in a transformation period. Family themes that have been around for generations become more apparent. Themes such as not daring to feel and indicate boundaries, putting the other first and putting the blame on the other. With our current heightened awareness, we are able to clear these themes once and for all.

With this we not only liberate ourselves, but also our ancestors. And we don’t pass this burden on to our children. And when you let go of family themes, you don’t take them with you on the rest of your journey.


In energetic contact with the deceased during sessions with clients, we regularly experience that the deceased has remorse. Repents of what they have done to another. Such as concealed family secrets, imposed secrecy regarding the state of affairs in the family, but also other behaviors towards their child: maltreatment, abuse or the fact that they were unable to have an emotional connection with their child.

During their lives they did this out of impotence and unconscious motives and they would have liked it to be different. When they declare this after their death and show genuine repentance, it is easier for us to forgive them.

In an energetic contact you can feel that a burden is lifted from the deceased. This makes it possible to continue their journey. Even the one who is still alive experiences enlightenment. Unconsciously, he or she also suffered from the emotions and the associated energy of the other.

no hard feelings

Are you ready to leave the earth at some point and continue your journey with peace of mind?
The Avett Brothers have beautifully interpreted this theme in their song “No hard feelings”.

When you let go of your pain during your life and learn to find trust, this will help you on your further path. I wish this to everyone.


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