Energetic life force: dare to stand still and celebrate important moments in your life

Energetic life force: dare to stand still and celebrate important moments in your life

Life is full of moments to reflect on. Nowadays we have only imposed so many obligations on ourselves that we would rather not stand still at all. That takes time.

Run, fly and keep going is the motto. Where did it stop in that list? Sometimes the days run together and the weeks fly by. Before you know it, it’s already summer vacation or Christmas, and you haven’t even noticed that the seasons are changing. You are trying to do too much in too little time.

And if at the end of the day everything on the long to-do list isn’t crossed out, we’ll kick ourselves for it. That is easier than looking at what went well. But by standing still, breathing, and rewarding yourself for what went well, you get much more satisfaction from life. And if you do stand still, pay attention to the time, the day, the season. That will do you good.

If you look at the history of mankind, you will see that life and the growth that came with it were celebrated by all ancient peoples worldwide. Only we increasingly ignore it because our parents no longer did that and did not teach us that.

Through reward, you give yourself appreciation and appreciation ensures inner, personal growth. I always see such rewards as small celebrations of success. I learn to look at all the beautiful sides of life and not only send positivity there but also to myself!

Celebrations of your natural rhythm

Energetic life force: dare to stand still and celebrate important moments in your life

I celebrate life on different levels. In small and very personal by celebrating my successes. However, I also celebrate the natural changes of life, as they were once celebrated before modernization and the hectic working life set in and slowly alienated us from nature.

Do you know what’s so beautiful now? That we are part of the natural cycle of life and our inner unconscious rhythms move with the natural cycles. In the spring we become happier, go outside more, and make plans for the new year. When it’s summer, we celebrate vacation and have more energy. In the fall, you think about whether any of your plans have come to fruition. When winter arrives, we retreat, stay indoors more, read books, and reflect on the past year and the year ahead.

That rhythm corresponds to the rhythm of nature. This spring is the period of sowing and new life. Summer, in this rhythm, is the period of the peak of all growth. Autumn is the time of harvest and winter of withering, retreat, and rest. Do you recognize it with how you move through the year?

All those periods were assisted by our ancestors with celebrations. It was better to celebrate them than to risk that there might be no more spring and fertility of the land, no more growth, no harvest, and no rest for the land to prepare for the new growth period. . There were festivals to ask for that fertility, solar power and harvest. There were also celebrations of gratitude for fertility once the seed started to grow. There was also gratitude for the vigor and gratitude for the harvest.

By celebrating life and honoring the fertility of the earth, you got more in return. Shift that to yourself: you are probably more likely to compliment the person who compliments you than the person who never does. You probably give that one aunt who is nice and you can have nice conversations with, a slightly bigger and more elaborate birthday present than that grumpy aunt who never even asks how you are doing. This is often done unconsciously, but it has a very logical explanation. It has to do with energy exchange.

He who does well meets good

Energetic life force: dare to stand still and celebrate important moments in your life

You have probably heard this saying before. It is a phrase from the bible that basically says that if you are good to someone else, that other person will be good to you too. That goodness has not only to do with material things, but it works the same on an energetic level. Just think about the compliments mentioned earlier or what it does to you when someone smiles at you. So if you feel, acknowledge, and honor the life force and rhythm of the earth with a celebration, you will in turn receive life force in return.

Do that by expressing your gratitude for the first lambs you see in a beautiful natural spot. Or for the first green buds in the trees, the solar power in the summer, the harvest, or the first frost. Take a walk and pay extra attention to the changes in nature. Offer an offering of, for example, milk and honey. Express your gratitude and place your hands on the floor to feel the life force. A celebration of a ritual does not have to be very complicated. As long as your intention is sincere.

Personal life celebrations

Energetic life force: dare to stand still and celebrate important moments in your life

In addition to the natural celebrations, there are also moments in your own life that are easy to ignore but can be supported with a celebration to get even more satisfaction out of it. Birthdays are still celebrated and sometimes cakes are bought and a major change is commemorated. However, we have lost the initiations that previously symbolized the closing of an old period and the start of a new period.

Did you have a ceremony when you turned 7? Or one when you went to high school? Yet those are special transition moments in your life. If you support them with a ritual, it becomes even clearer that during that time you change from toddler to child, and from child to teenager. When my daughter turned 7, I gave her a rite of passage gift.

She experienced a ritual for the first time, got a beautiful flower garland and I made a circle of tea lights in which she stood. Around the circle were friends and relatives who had all brought something from nature. This all symbolized a wish for her future. One by one, she received these power items and wishes to keep them in her personal power pouch. She is almost 12 now. She still has the pouch. Sometimes she picks it up to look at the objects inside.

The other day she said she was sorry that she couldn’t remember all the wishes, but she doesn’t have to. The ritual was to make her feel that she had grown. Celebrations of life mark important and special moments to make clear that an old period is closing and a new period is beginning.

For example, during the 7-year ritual, my daughter exchanged her infancy for childhood. Soon she will be ready for a new phase of life ritual, which emphasizes the transition from child to a young woman when she has her first period. I think the bachelorette party prior to a wedding is one of the few transition ceremonies left. It concludes the bachelor period and marks the married period in your life.

Dare to celebrate!

Energetic life force: dare to stand still and celebrate important moments in your life

Daring to stand still and reflect is important to me in life because life goes so fast. Only when you stand still do you see the lessons that life gives you, that nature gives you, but also that your own body gives you.

That’s hard, I know. For me, it is also a learning process that continues to this day. Sometimes I only see afterward that another such moment in life has passed. Then at that moment, I take the time to pay attention to it. I do this with a meditation, a candle, some incense, and an offering. Five minutes of insight and reflection. It doesn’t have to take longer. So feel the important moments, give them the attention they deserve, celebrate life… that makes life so much more meaningful!


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