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Energetic protection for clairsentients/new age children – (about grounding, purifying and protecting)

Last September I posted a blog about energetic protection for new age children, you can find it here.

With the intro: Energetic protection, simply said how you protect as a sensitive person against energy that does not belong to you, is very important for new age children and highly sensitive people.

Because I have started to learn more and more about it myself and I also notice that more and more people are not only working on it, but also looking for information, so I want to supplement everything. I would like to state emphatically that I speak from my own experience and do not consider myself to be an expert. I myself am still searching and learning.

Perhaps there will come a time when I will be fully aware of my own energy and that of others, but that moment is not yet here. I am constantly learning, and it is from this learning that I write this piece. I hope that because you, the reader, respond, this article really comes to life, and we give useful tips to each other that inspire.

There is already a lot of information about energetic protection, but a few things stand out to me.

1. First, I notice that it always tells you HOW to do it. Well, there are many techniques to protect yourself from negative energy, and many people use the same to a greater or lesser extent, but what I think is really important: your intuition and your creativity, following your imagination. Let that guide you.

I help new age children, especially the young ones and also their parents with energetic protection by guiding them in the way that suits them personally.

I don’t immediately tell them how to do it, but let it develop together. For one this is working with a protection of gold, for the other it is a sphere of white light, for the other a purple cocoon, for another it is visualizing that all emotions of another person may be up to x centimeters from the body come,

(I’m not trying to come up with too extensive examples here yet to allow you to generate your own ideas about this, the examples will come later in this article)

By the way, these ways can change, it is necessary to feel what works for you, and whether this is still the case. The more light, the more dark you can attract. So what used to work may not be enough now.

2. A distinction is often made between protecting your home and your aura while they are indeed connected. Your aura (and your chakras) are part of your “house”, your boundaries, right? It starts with protecting your boundaries, your body, your aura, your chakras and continues to protect your home.

3.Thirdly, I think that energetic protection is a process that takes place on the outside (“outer” protection through, for example, visualization of a protection around you) but which also always underlying processes. This is not always given by the people who teach you well-intentioned (just like I do now, well-intentioned, but I will probably forget or not know) how to protect yourself.

Briefly about those inner processes: if you have learned that you only get love by giving yourself away, you can protect yourself on the outside what you want, but you will give away all your energy through your inner conviction. Especially to those people who are closest to you: your parents, your loved one(s). In any case, you should protect yourself best against the people who are closest to you because you are often unconsciously open to that. (this is very important!)

If you have a lot of negative thoughts about yourself and don’t love yourself enough, you will also attract dark energy. If you learn to love yourself more, this will lessen or even stop.

Another example: If you have been taught that you are not “valuable” to others, if you do not feel loved, you may already have a weak form of protection of your own; you are probably very open because you haven’t learned to love yourself so much that you want to set clear boundaries.

You would do well to investigate why you are so open, for example, what inner convictions underlie this.

I use three basic elements myself.

  1. ground
  2. purify, clean
  3. To protect

I do these steps every morning and before going to sleep.

Step 1.It starts with grounding. It’s simple. That’s where it starts.

Grounding is making contact with the earth. Literally and figuratively standing with your feet on the ground. You are in contact with the  earth . You are a part of it.

What I do not want to ignore is that it is very difficult for a lot of new age children to ground. Many experience “being here” regularly or even consistently as painful and heavy, or have felt this so strongly in their early childhood and have never shaken it off. Whether this is due to the lower frequency of energies “here” or not.

It is a well known fact that it is easier for new age children to live from their upper chakras than from the lower ones. “Having to ground” or rather learn to ground is often a whole process in which recognizing and recognizing one’s own sensitivity, self-acceptance and taking responsibility for oneself, in my opinion, play an important role.

And make no mistake,  grounding = feeling .The more you ground, the more you will feel. Sometimes I believe that as humans we have to learn to do everything feel and live through everything, everything that is ours then…

I don’t find it easy to feel sadness and anger, I always have. It’s gotten easier over the years, especially to get in touch with grief, and I’m still learning how to feel my anger properly , but I used to (when I was in my early 20s) used to think that i couldn’t feel that I was numb.

Later I learned that I felt a lot, especially all the emotions of others, my mother’s emotions, those of my sister, those of my partner and those of the woman next to me in the tram, and that I did not let my feelings go up. to come out (to come out). I kept them encapsulated in my body, especially my stomach and above all made no connection between feeling and reason. I kept everything inside. Everything…

This led to years later literally puking out of old emotions. Sadness for that 1st soulmate I treated so unlovingly at the time. Sad to have been so outside of myself for years. Sorrow for my youth; The loneliness. It settles in your bones, in your organs, it lives like poison in your body, waiting for you to feel it completely and let it go. Turnover in light, if you will. It makes you sick, not feel.

Grounding, being here, is one of my most important lessons I know recently; and the truth compels me to say that I cannot fully oversee this yet, do not fully feel this way because I also feel the fear and sometimes the aversion to feel and live everything. It’s no small feat to go through all your old childhood fears if you’ve left them lying around for so long.

I had simply forgotten many deep-seated feelings. It is a kind of duality in the process that by grounding you on the one hand you will feel more and on the other hand you are better able to deal with these feelings precisely because you are grounding.

Grounding is also: taking responsibility for yourself, for your body, your thoughts, your feelings and your emotions. Face yourself. Take up space on Earth.

So if I say that I find it hard to face my anger, it’s because I haven’t taken full responsibility for it yet. (in order not to turn this article into a book, I will not go into it now, take your responsibility; but you can probably imagine something 🙂 )

Okay, so are there any benefits associated with ‘grounding’?

Yes of course.

  • It allows you to stay closer to yourself.
  • You are literally and figuratively stronger on your legs.
  • You become calmer in contact with the earth, less anxious in the end.
  • You connect better and easier with who you really are
  • You will see that you can connect more easily with others,
  • You are better able to distinguish which feeling belongs to you, or to the other person.

I believe that by grounding you are better able to listen to your intuition, your guides, the angels, the masters, and the natural beings, to the God in you.

It also makes you less susceptible to the negative influence of entities (spirits that stay on Earth because they don’t want/dare to go to the light). If, in addition to grounding, you also ensure that you shield yourself, you have come a long way. When you are completely in your power, such negative energies have little or no effect on you

Step Two: Purify

Many sensitive people have an open aura that is receptive to all kinds of (invisible) energy. It has the advantage of being able to feel something from another person, but the disadvantage is that you are quickly saddled with the emotions / physical pains, etc. of other people. These energies can be absorbed by your body in all kinds of ways, and attach themselves to your body in all kinds of places. It is important to get rid of these negative energies and you can do that in several ways.

For example, through visualization you can discover where in and on your body this energy is located. By (step 3) protecting and shielding yourself, it will eventually become increasingly difficult for this energy to penetrate your system.

To give you a well-known tip: going to nature is a great way to get rid of negative energy. The forests not only help you to heal but also to purify you, especially if you consciously ask nature or the cosmos for this. Swimming in the sea (because of the energy and salt in it) or water is also wonderful.

I used to have a soulmate who liked to take a bath often and dip her head under water quite a few times. It was only years later that I understood that she was (intuitively) cleaning her head with it; she got rid of negative energy,.

Of course you can do this purifying anytime and anywhere, I think the shower is a good place, but so is nature. It helps if you ground yourself first.

Step 3: Protect

Many people who are clairsentient have the experience of LOSTING their ENERGY in contact with others.

In contact with other people they get tired, they feel sick, they get exhausted, they feel drained and sometimes it seems that the other person has run off with their energy. Some already feel this happening during the meeting, others only realize their fatigue when the contact is over.

New age children, as it were, put their sensitive aura around another when they make contact and with that they can also feel the feelings and emotions of another; which helps in helping, but does not help in keeping your own system clean, if we don’t pay attention we give away our own energy so that you can be completely drained. Tired and empty.

Which may also seem familiar to you: You go into the city and you are attacked by the crowds, you ‘run empty’.

There are also many people who are not in their own power and unconsciously (!) ‘steal’ the energy of other people around them. This is not on purpose, most are not even aware of it, but you do lose your energy without realizing it. It is therefore very important to protect yourself well

OK, how do I do it? I use 3 elements:

(Where I use the word visualization below, you can also want/think it, it works the same way.)

Step 1: Grounding

I either immediately ground myself in the shower, because it also immediately cleanses my body, water is wonderful to rinse off emotions and other energy, or I sit outside quietly on a chair. I’m writing the latest version now:

I breathe slowly into my stomach – deep breaths – and also breathe into my feet and legs . I put my feet firmly on the ground and tell my body to make contact with the earth. I can already feel my legs getting heavier, and most of the time I can already feel my base chakra “moving”. Partly that is because I consciously pay attention to it, I am aware that I want to make that chakra stronger, more powerful.

Then I visualize a golden cord, actually more like a thick cable (many people use a red cord, mine intuitively came out as gold) that I attach to my tailbone, I visualize that it is attached to that and I make that cord strong , big and fat .

I bring that cord to the center of the earth by means of visualization. The core of the earth is made of crystal. I tie the cord to a golden cross (let how you do that yourself come to you intuitively again) and let the energy of Mother Earth come up through the golden (or red cord). I ask the earth if she continues to consistently send me grounding, nourishing energy and I imagine that running through the cord to my chakra, and I can feel this immediately. I feel (the energy in) my chakra moving.

There are also chakras in your feet, did you know that? Just behind the ball of your foot, in the middle of your foot, on the bottom and above. I open these by saying to myself “I’m opening my foot chakras now as far as is right for me” (if you open chakras too far too quickly you can get a counter reaction causing them to close), and I visualize that there are thick roots (I use the green color of tree roots) grow out of my feet, stretched deep into the earth. I immediately feel my feet getting heavier.

Then when I feel grounded, I ask Archangel Michael for protection.

Ask Archangel Michael to help you put on proper protection and ask him to keep lower energies away from you.

I always ask him to put on me a cloak of blue light , and I imagine that too. (I think a way in which your inner light is not visible to negative energies) The cloak falls all the way around me I pull the cloak at least a meter into the ground and I zip it completely under my feet. This cloak has a hood that also goes around and over my head and also covers my 6th chakra / third eye (between and behind my eyebrows), so that no energy can be extracted from that place. Thank Archangel Michael for his help…

Step 2: Purify

There are probably many ways of clearing yourself that I am not aware of, but I can tell you what I see as good and easy ways to clear yourself of negative energies.

I myself use “white light”. I visualize, sitting on a chair, cleaning my body and my chakras with it. White light has the highest vibration and purifies very well. I visualize myself completely surrounded by white light, from top to bottom, down to at least a meter into the ground.

I believe it is important that you ground yourself first and then surround yourself with light and love before you start working with cleaning your chakras, for example, because sometimes you have to open them.

Then, and I sometimes just do this in the shower, in the morning; it’s an ideal moment, I visualize that I clean dark spots on my body with the white light. I let the dark energy that I imagine, try to see, try to feel, dissolve into the white light. I have many thoughts and some of them are negative; I let it disappear from my head by means of the white light. I also go into and on my body in this way, for example on my back, which is a weaker spot for me.

I will continue with my  chakras , from top to bottom, but feel free to do this as it feels right for you, and clear them one by one. I always fill the chakras with white light after cleaning them and then close them if I feel it is necessary. I especially close my overactive 3rd chakra. We know this chakra as the power chakra, located in the solar plexus or solar plexus. It governs our personal power, will and autonomy, as well as our metabolism. It’s not coincidentally where I record most of the shit from others.

With white light you can purify your aura well, if you imagine that this purifies your entire aura, this also happens.

What my guides have advised me is besides purifying with white light to also use the  violet fire , for example  this exercise . This is a very pleasant exercise that will relax you and help you get clean

After purifying my body, aura and chakras it is time for step 3.

Step 3

I am now grounded, donned the blue light cloak, and have cleared my system. Now it’s time to protect and shield.

I visualize a golden ‘suit of protection’, which is a kind of spacesuit, of pure gold, totally reflective, with a helmet (important) that I can see through, but not the other way around. There’s a communication system in it (imagine the spacesuits of modern movies and you know that they can talk and listen through it) I even have gold under my feet, I let that gold start something in the bottom, I’m standing on it.

I tell the protection to protect me for 24 hours and that no negative energy of any kind can pass through. ( Always use a start time and an end time with visualizations. If there is no end time, the protection visualization is only present for a short time.)

A while ago I asked Archangel Michael if I could have his sword (That’s how he is usually depicted, with a sword and often a shield), and later if I could also have his shield.

This sword I carry on my back, and it has grown bigger and stronger over time. At night, when I go to sleep, I put that sword next to my bed, next to or in front of my head. I put my shield against it. I wear the shield on my left arm.

This may sound strange to some, but not to others, but I’m very happy that I was once pointed out by someone that she once asked and received that, so I’m telling you now!

Okay, the last steps for me:

I put a blue light shield (I used to work with white light and gold, but got this through the Angels that it was good for me (feel what is good for you, ask Archangel Michael what is best for you. Ask whether you may get an image or something that is easy for you to understand) around me. It is a hollow pillar that a meter above me, and a meter below me, merges into the earth at a point.

That point below me in I fix the earth back into the core crystal of the earth by means of a yellow thick copper wire, and I immediately feel that I am grounding even better. The column is as thick as I want. I have the column around me at least a meter, that is, the inside is at least a meter away from me.I tell the blue light shield to protect me for 24 hours and that no negative energy of any kind can pass through.

If you work with a light protection, I recommend that you always attach it to the earth

Furthermore, I sometimes ask “my lion” to stay with me in my protection and chase away negative energy. I’ve had an energetic lion with me for a while, but you can also ask an animal to protect you, maybe your power animal?

I do this ritual, all three steps, twice a day, sometimes when I’m in contact with a lot of people, or have to go into town, I do this 3 to 4 times, depending on what my gut tells me.

Follow your own intuition in everything. Just make sure you don’t work with dark colors, such as black and gray and combinations thereof.

Below is an overview of energy forms and protection techniques. This is not a perfect list, but purely intended to give you an overview:

Protection Techniques

protecting the aura/ What can you do to protect your aura?

Here is an exercise on this site

  • visualize a rose hedge around you
  • visualize a small aura
  • visualize blue light around you
  • use stones, for example labradorite
  • visualize yourself under a glass dome or in a glass ball
  • use remedies, for example cosmic&flower remedies

Note: Always use a start and an end time for visualizations.
If there is no end time, the visualization of protection is only
present for a moment.

protecting the chakra/What can you do to protect your chakra?

  • visualize a golden ball of light in your chakra as a filter
  • visualize valves on your chakras that you can close and open
  • use stones
  • draw a cho-ku-rei (reiki symbol) on your chakra


  • you may ask for protection from your guide, the angelic world, the masters and mistresses of light or the gatekeepers
  • cross your arms or legs
  • wear a protection symbol e.g. the cross
  • wear a stone, for example rock crystal or black tourmaline (do clean it)
  • play the right music
  • focus your mind on pleasant things
  • carry a remedy with you, for example cosmic&flower remedy
  • visualize the sun in you
  • carry your mental protection sword with you
  • visualize the outside of the aura under power
  • visualize a mirror and mirror everything back
  • remember that extrasensory work can never go hand in hand with the use of alcohol or drugs
  • do not meditate in an environment (location or people) that emits bad vibrations
  • do extrasensory work only if you are in good physical, mental and emotional condition
  • stay well grounded at all times
  • know yourself

Protection against electrosmog, water veins and earth rays/ What can you protect against electro smog, water veins and earth rays?

  • use of stones at home or at work, for example rock crystal and tourmaline stone
  • do not sleep or sit on water veins and earth rays with too high a load
  • good aura and chakra management

Protecting spaces/ How can you protect spaces?

  • mark off the space with golden ribs
  • ask for help from gatekeepers
  • put a sun in the middle of the room
  • visualize fire in the center of the room transforming the incoming “dirt”
  • by using remedies, for example cosmic&flower remedies
  • by using music
  • also make sure that the room is grounded by using symbols, for example the cross
  • by using candles (light)
  • by using colors for example gold

Cleaning Techniques / Cleaning the Aura

  • visualize cosmic rain taking the dirt into the earth
  • take a shower and let the water take the pollution away
  • let violet fire of St. Germain shine through the aura
  • use remedies for example cosmic&flower
  • use aura cleansing music
  • visualize a shower of light
  • visualize a whirlwind through the aura and transform it into positive energy
  • magnetize

Cleansing the Chakra

  • run a vortex of light through your chakra, let the vortex draw out and drain all negative energies
  • remedies e.g. cosmic&flower
  • use chakra cleansing music
  • chakra healing
  • angel cards

Body cleansing

  • drink a lot of water
  • watch your diet
  • use a detox cure
  • let a vortex of light run through your body
  • make sure you are well grounded or grounded
  • use good music
  • use remedies for example cosmic & flower
  • use stones
  • make use of nature and become one with nature
  • think positive – say to yourself regularly in the mirror: I love you
  • If you see dark energies in or on your body, lovingly transport them to a rose that is outside of your aura. Let the rose burst like fireworks. Transport this fireworks to the sun. The sun takes this and transforms it so that white light comes out. These white sun rays are allowed back into the aura or into the body via the crown chakra.

Cleaning of house and spaces

  • vent; windows and doors open
  • burning cleansing incense
  • make sure the house and/or space is grounded
  • visualize a whirlwind raging through space. On his way out or to the grounding cord he takes all the dirt with him
  • let water flow from the ceiling through the floor into the earth through visualization. The water washes away all the dirt
  • clean the room using the sun or white light
  • from your heart ask Archangel Michael to clean the room and thank him for that. This applies to all help you ask ‘from above’
  • ask for the violet fire of St. Germain to cleanse the room
  • use stones for example rock crystal, black tourmaline stone
  • use Tibetan singing bowls or symbols
  • music
  • use remedies, for example rainbow lightvortex from cosmic&flower
  • use candles
  • invocations and prayers, as long as it comes from the bottom of your heart
  • sprinkling energetic or consecrated water
  • natural aroma diffusers of flowers and herbs

Dark forces are negative energy forms. These forms of energy can seriously undermine humans and animals. They can cause the following things in humans and animals;

  • chronic fatigue symptoms
  • chemical changes of the body
  • being curt with other people
  • emotional behaviour, not being in control
  • negative thoughts
  • talking negatively
  • have no meaning in life
  • fears and phobias
  • physical complaints
  • voices in your head
  • bringing in grounding cords (gliders)

Negative forms of energy in humans or animals are:

hitchhikers, attachments, black plaque, black plates and negative entities (maybe there are others?)


When the mind loses power over the body, the aura can open
. Hitchhikers can then drill into it. This can happen in an accident,
fainting, an operation, a loved one dies, but also if you
are on a roller coaster, for example. People with a large thin aura or a
bad energy field are more sensitive to this, also to other negative
energy forms.

Always ask for help from the Angels and a specialist if you feel you are in contact with this and want help


Attachments are a negative energy form. This form is usually only
temporarily present in humans. Sometimes you can remove it with your own spiritual
power. Always ask for help from the Angels and a specialist if you feel you are in contact with them and want help

black slice

Black plaque usually occurs in people who have a busy life and
who do not look at their own bodies. Usually they do not like their own
body and do not dare to look in the mirror at their own eyes.
Black plaque is in most cases at the front of the heart, in
severe cases also on the back of the back at the level of the heart. With fears
one usually gets short of breath, one can
feel a contraction in the heart region. Some people sometimes
feel like their heart skips a beat. Black plaque feeds on fears.
Always ask for help from the Angels and a specialist if you feel you are in contact with this and want help

black pictures

Black plates are dark forms of energy that reside in the aura or chakras
. They can be negative images from this life or from past
lives. You usually run into the same problem situations. This all happens
very subtly and most people don’t realize this.
People have to solve black pictures themselves. It’s something you own. By
making contact with those pictures one can find out what they mean.
An exercise to get rid of those pictures is
to blow up a visualized rose.

Negative entities

Negative entities usually feel like a cold wind blowing past you
. They usually have no fixed place or they sit in a corner.
Some children can perceive them and are also afraid of them. By saying
they’re not wanted, they usually leave, even if you don’t see them yourself.
Always ask for help from the Angels and a specialist if you feel you are in contact with them and want help

Finally, don’t be afraid, it is not necessary and will never help you.


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