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Energy and Meditation – Clear Feeling

Energy and meditation

Science does not yet describe how energies work in relation to the human mind and body.

The original meaning of the Greek word ENERGY is “active force”.

Energy can be either a certain power or a working unit.

If you are clairsentient, then you have a sense.
Just as you can see beautiful and less beautiful things with your eyes and just as you can hear pleasant and less pleasant sounds with your ears, so you can perceive pleasant and less pleasant energies through your feeling.

There is a difference between feeling a lot and feeling clear.Energy and meditation

Feeling clear

Your FEELING is your ability to perceive and appreciate something inwardly. (Van Dale)
This definition shows that ‘you’ and ‘your ability to feel’ and ‘what you feel’ are 3 separate things.
“…and to appreciate” means that you can give a value/meaning to what you perceive in yourself.

Your ability to feel is one of the qualities of your SPIRIT. (Van Dale)
The clearer (more transparent) your mind and the purer your heart, the purer your feeling and your thoughts.


MEDITATION is a powerful means of cleansing yourself and developing a clear mind. A suitable form is a breathing exercise combined with a mantra or prayer words or words from your heart that express your search or desire.

Your HEART is the center of your personality. It’s your disposition, your inner attitude. A pure heart does not mean that you do not make mistakes, but that you are transparent/sincere towards yourself/the Higher and towards other people.

Meditation influences the energy of your heart (= thoughts/feelings from your heart).

You can meditate lying down, sitting or standing. A guideline is a meditation of approx. 10-15 minutes, for example in the morning after getting up and in the evening before going to sleep. In the beginning, meditating can be hard because of the energies that are released. Try to persevere by meditating briefly (3-5 minutes) several times a day. Build it up slowly.

It’s not about clearing your mind. Watch the thoughts that arise and let them go, or ask for help and send them away. Continue with the rhythm of the breathing exercise. Keep your mind back to your mantra or prayer words.

Your whole being responds to the positive energy you receive through meditation. When emotions are released, take the time to live them and then send everything away and ask for help and healing for that part.


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