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Energy Healing- Shift your seven chakras!

You have a lot of influence on your health and happiness. how? By working with your energy field. Simply put, your field is an expression of your consciousness and your unconsciousness, and it responds to your attention.
By directing your attention inward, on the energetic world there, you make space, you move stagnant energy and you develop consciousness. And as your energy and consciousness change, so does your life. Inside, on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level, and outside. This is how energy healing works.

A healthy energy field is powerful and flexible. it flows, is full and charged and can regulate itself; it takes in nourishing energy, and carries away old ones. It’s balanced: not much bigger at the top than at the bottom, for example. And there is openness and limitation: it is willing to learn when you run into your limits, so that you can admit new consciousness.

It also holds up in triggering situations and doesn’t collapse once the pressure builds. In other words: a healthy energy field is both fluid and structured: on the one hand love, light and difficult feelings can move through it, and on the other hand it offers solidity in the form of grounding, boundaries and a healthy dose of willpower .

To flow or not to flow?

With children you can see very well when energy flows: they keep running and playing and inventing new games. And when they sit on the iPad for too long, their energy drops and they become unkind and bored. You can also feel the flow yourself: if you have just exercised or meditated deeply, if you had great sex, jumped into a cold water bath, went for a walk in the woods, or are in love.

The space in and around you vibrates, you enjoy, your mind is carefree and you know you are connected. And by working online for hours, or staying in environments with many computers, fluorescent lighting or limitations, your liveliness levels off.

Stagnant energy, on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level, can lead to all kinds of complaints or symptoms. Stagnation occurs when you lock in emotions, hold on too tightly to beliefs, or when you don’t take your intuition seriously. But alcohol and medication also make your energy field sluggish or viscous.

If energy does not move long enough, this initially leads to complaints for which doctors cannot find a cause, such as pressure on your chest, fatigue, abdominal pain, etc. At a later stage, these types of energetic complaints can also take physical form .

The ‘blockage’ pulls away from the outer, more subtle layers of your field, as it were, towards the more compacted layers and eventually the body.

energetic patterns

Letting your energy flow optimally does not happen automatically. You have to do something for it. Your field has learned from its environment and formed established routes to transport energy along.

It has been conditioned and accustomed to mold and behave in certain ways from an early age; to become tighter, more transparent, harder, tighter, or smoother. As a result of upbringing and cultural circumstances, you limit your energy or overcompensate to fit within the set frameworks. In some parts of your field it may therefore flow excessively, while in others there is deficiency.

As an example you can take someone who is very focused on his work and has no contact with his higher consciousness. The third chakra at its solar plexus (personality, willpower, action) is working overtime, while the seventh at its crown (connection to the source) is closed. It can lead to burnout.

Wanting to get back to work as soon as possible won’t help. The third chakra has burned out. New awareness is needed to restore the balance. When he begins to connect with his essence or life purpose, and to open himself to his spirituality, the complaint disappears. And that is of course exactly what many people decide to do during a burnout.

Activate your chakras

Shift your seven chakrasEveryone has the ability to change or heal themselves. That ability comes from your consciousness. In fact, it is the love for yourself and the freedom you give yourself that allows your energy to flow on all levels.

In addition, your energy field is an expression of your consciousness and your unconsciousness: of the love you have for yourself, but also of how you do not love yourself enough and allow yourself freedom, for example because you are hard on yourself. Once you begin to expand your consciousness, your energy field will first change, and then it will affect all areas of your life: your relationships, work, mission, creativity, health, and manifestation power.

Another example: a woman who is very focused on her family and does not feel her own needs. With her heart (which stands for connection with others) she continues to give, while her belly (connection with herself) is not filled.

It can lead to emptiness or depression. Once she starts taking care of her desires again and starts living her own passions, the complaints can disappear.

Transformation of consciousness

To broaden consciousness you can explore your field on the one hand and build a deeper intimacy with it and challenge it on the other. Sometimes that challenging happens naturally, because of the twists your life takes.

But you can also actively work with it. As soon as you start to stimulate your own energy, it will start to flow again and you will experience more love, freedom, harmony and fulfillment and thus become healthier and happier.

Imagine someone who was not allowed to be angry as a child. The parents disapproved of anger and punished her for it. She has swallowed the energy of anger over and over and with that he has turned inward.

This can manifest itself in many different ways, such as a lack of healthy aggression to get things done, or even physical symptoms, such as intestinal or liver disease. If she learns to express her emotions, for example with emotional bodywork, she frees the energy, complaints can disappear and she also gains access to her life force.

When it comes to physical complaints, or letting your potency land in physical form, it’s hard to say how quickly energetic changes work. Energy is flexible and can shift quickly, but physical matter is slow. It can take time for consciousness from the subtler layers of the field to work its way into the earth or down to the cellular level. This does not alter the fact that working with your consciousness is always healing and that a lot changes in the meantime anyway.

energy healing

Bottom line: a happy and fulfilling life comes from taking care of your different energy levels. You do it physically by exercising, eating healthy, taking supplements, etc., but your emotional, mental and spiritual needs also need attention.

Your energy field consists of seven layers of consciousness and on all those layers you can liberate, awaken and transform energy so that it starts flowing again. And there are countless ways to do that. What works for you differs per person and per life stage. In any case, it is wise to work with a holistic method that addresses the different layers.


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