Energy structures: the forces beneath the surface


Events in your life usually do not stand alone. Especially not if they prove difficult to handle. Then they are probably connected to a ‘larger field’, in which ‘powers’ play that are largely hidden from your view.

Which energies influence your personal process? What fields are you caught up in? What energy structures are so strong that you have to conform to them until you break out?

Important events in your life often have a major impact. And sometimes even bigger than you would expect based on the facts alone. This is because your personal process takes place in, and is influenced by, different dimensions at the same time.

Loss of a job, relationship , health or place of residence; or positive changes, such as concluding a marriage or having a child, bring about a shift in your energy field; they create openings in your old energetic structure, through which new energy can come in. That is, if you don’t try to keep the old situation in place and cling to what you had.


At the same time, they bring out unresolved pain or fear as a catalyst. They activate old worries that you didn’t even know were there. Precisely because of those opening: your old energy field is no longer able to keep everything in its place and to restrain your growth. The invitation of these kinds of events is always transformation of consciousness, and liberation from a burden that you have noticed or carried unnoticed.


Are you in such a situation? Is the change (intentionally or unintentionally) imminent? And does that bring up intense anger, fear or deep sadness? At this very moment, your soul gives you the opportunity to free yourself from illusions (and they have an associated energetic structure) within yourself, from your family, your karma or the collective. Ask yourself in which of the consciousness fields below you are ‘entangled’. It limits further development of your potential.

Personal energy structures

Sometimes it seems like you run into the same themes over and over again. And so it is. You are confronted with the same lesson over and over again until you learn it. And even if you have taught it, the situation may return. You continue to deepen your life themes until you die: you penetrate further and further into the consciousness associated with them. You are supposed to break down your personal structure (based on conditioning) until you reach your core.

Familial energy structures

Your family’s energy can weigh on you, especially if you want to make decisions that go against the flow of the family. For example, how free are you as an intelligent girl to go to college if you come from a family of workers? Often, the moment you leave the house, you are not out of your parents’ house for a long time; you continue to behave in accordance with the beliefs, customs, and expectations of the family field (or, and it comes down to the same thing: rebelling against it).

Karmic Energy Structures

Once you’ve worked out your personal and family themes, you’re not necessarily free (and by “free” I mean being able to fully be yourself and express yourself in the world, and make the choices that support your potential). An impactful event often triggers unprocessed pain from long-forgotten archives. Past lives still appear to cast their shadow over this life. When that happens, you can, for example, feel a strong fear, which, if you look ‘sec’ at the situation now, would not be justified.

Collective energy structures

Energetically we are all connected. You are under the influence of the energy field of the land, your social environment. And the power of the collective field is great. For example, a collective theme is status. What are you worth if you get sick, go bankrupt, or if your partner leaves? Do you still feel safe?

suction power

Familial, karmic and collective energies can emanate an unprecedented suction, a great magnetism. Even if you know that judgments and ideas from those other fields are not the truth, panic can arise as soon as you begin to move outside of those conditionings; simply because your system has integrated them. The fear that arises, or the black hole that looms, may be irrational (unexplainable from your life now), but it is real.

Take your chance

When change is at your doorstep, with perhaps a bit of pain in its wake, it is good to seize the opportunity and see what still needs to be released, aligned and healed. Take the moment to focus on yourself and your heart again; to get a sharp view of the illusions from the different fields. You may have linked the fulfillment of your desire to a particular person, financial situation, or place of residence, but those particular circumstances are neither necessary nor responsible.

Now is the time to step out of your old structures so that they will slowly but surely lose their grip on you. Give space to your soul so that you can continue to grow. You’ve just reached a crossroads again: where you can make a move towards greater freedom and greater fulfillment; there where you can free yourself from your jacket that has become too tight and realign yourself, or more firmly, with your potential.


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