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Energy-The Light is spreading from heart to heart.

summerIn this world where we live there are different forms of energy. We radiate these energies and are felt (and responded to) by the people around us. We can send positive and light vibrations to our environment. In addition, one can also send negative and dark vibrations to our environment.
The Light is spreading from heart to heart. When a heart lights up, it will light up the hearts around it. A candle that is lit and its light spreads over the candles around it. The Light, may simply be called Love.

Light and love are the building blocks of the Universe, the Earth, the ground and ultimately ourselves. Just think, what is the reason why we, as persons, are here on this earth? Isn’t it because a man and a woman, who loved each other in the past, decided to share intimately with each other from which new life arose?

Unlike love, there is fear, polarity, yin yang. Fear is the cause of all forms of pain. Be it anger, resentment, hatred. Fear is a factor that stops people. Holds back from doing anything. How often do we want to do something, but something comes to our mind that prevents us from doing it.

Whether it goes from “I have to get up early to work tomorrow” to “No, something could happen”, it doesn’t matter. The fear factor is in both sentences. In the first sentence there is the fear of being late for work and in the second sentence there is the fear that something will go wrong.

Through the ages of human evolution our brains, phenomenal that they are, have been programmed to pay attention to negative experiences rather than the positive experiences, after all these are the experiences that have hurt us in the past in some way also. Because the brain focuses more on that, our thoughts are also more focused on negative things than on positive things. How often are people around you (or by yourself) complaining about something you don’t like, something that has happened and has left its mark.

Also, consider how often the positive things are told as opposed to the negative things. From my own experience I have noticed that we are quicker to talk about positive experiences than about negative experiences. This may be because any experience, is unique for each person. Someone can have a positive experience of a concert that was over the top, while the person next to them thought it was a very bad concert. One event, two experiences.

That is all very nice and nice you think, but that is something that is common knowledge? Yes, but again no. It is often the small things that matter in love and the big things that matter when viewed from the perspective of fear. Suppose you are having a bad day, while getting up you fell out of bed, the toothpaste ran out, the shower stayed on the cold tap and on the way to work (or school) you had a delay with the train, which means you are late.

You finally arrive at your destination and before you walk in you are approached by someone on the street. A small talk ensues and both laugh as you wish each other a good day. The entire bad journey up to that point suddenly doesn’t matter anymore, so how can something as simple as a conversation, a smile do so much?


As I mentioned before, everyone radiates energy, vibrations to which all people, animals and even houses vibrate. Everything vibrates, how this works is too much to explain, but if you are interested in this, I suggest searching on Youtube for Dr. John Hagelin on Consciousness.

Quantum physics is the current scientific source describing vibrations. Since everything vibrates, our thoughts, our actions and especially our words vibrate throughout the world and with it throughout the entire universe.

But what about the Light and the Dark? When one is aware of the vibrations one is vibrating on, one is intuitively set to feel the positive, or good vibes, and the negative, or bad vibes. Those who move in the light, or are moving toward the light, know that everything comes from a source;

Love, Light, God and all that has been created from Love and will return to love again. The Dark reflects this by choosing duality, the Ego, detaching itself, putting itself above the rest. All is one, and all will return to one.

maryBesides the negative and positive thoughts, actions and words that we can radiate, there are many things that vibrate at a low frequency.

The higher the frequency, the more it is in the light. Compare it to music. One song is a slow and slow song and the other song is a fast and happy song.

How can we keep your energy high, vibrate on love or higher? First of all, there are many ways to do this, especially listen to your heart. Second, know that all feelings come and go, accept them, that’s the main thing.

Of course everyone is angry from time to time, it is a sign that we love something, that we stand up to protect something. Never forget that fear arises because we have Love for something, but love can never arise from fear.

god-jpgTake away from substances (alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, medicines) to feel better about yourself. These tools may at first glance offer a welcome change,

however from personal experience I can say that these welcome changes are short-lived, ultimately causing our vibration to go down instead of up.

In addition to that, these agents cause them to nourish Ego, or the lower Self. You open up to negative energies clinging to you and letting you fall into darkness. In addition, in addition to the lower vibrations, these substances also, if used regularly, give a vibration that can be oppressive, obsessive or offensive towards others.

Be willing to look at your own mistakes. We often see the mistakes that others make and like to make them known to the world, but as soon as we are pointed out of our own mistakes, we react aggressively.

Because who has the right to tell Jantje that he drinks too much, especially if Klaas himself occasionally enjoys a beer? Unfortunately, the idea has arisen that if one is vulnerable, openly shows one’s “faults” / negatives to the world, one is weak, does not stand up for oneself, is stupid or you name it.

In fact, being vulnerable is one of our greatest strengths, from which we can generate courage, do something about it and most importantly, get to know ourselves in a way that we have not yet seen.dreamstime

Be willing to step out of the comfort zone we find ourselves in on a daily basis. Go out to meet new people, talk to the person who hurt you in the past or talk to someone you hurt in the past. Face your fears but above all, be Yourself, for only YOU can follow the path to the Light for you.

One can put you on the path towards the light, one can walk with you for a while, but the path is something you walk yourself, alone, for everyone it is unique and for everyone there are different challenges on the path, other obstacles.

Then only one question remains from me, which do you prefer? An “easy” and “simple” life that looks the same from day to day, or a path that takes you in a new direction, full of new things that amaze you every day. To face your fears and know that as long as we live the path never ends, ready to rise after every fall and face it with courage?

That, is an answer only you can give. The Light is there for everyone, those who stand in the Light, those who hover between Light and Dark and those who stand in the Dark. The Light makes no distinction because everything comes from that same Light, God, Essence.


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