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Entities and their influence on (sensitive) people

Entities and people

Entities are energies of deceased people. After death it is normal in the earthly mind that we all go to heaven. No. Some souls cannot find the light after their death and continue to ‘wander’ on earth, as it were. Desperate, anxious and angry because they don’t know where to go. They are also very sad, but not always.

Some do not even know that they have passed away and still think that they are alive on Earth and still go about their daily business. They realize that something is wrong, but they don’t know exactly what. They live in a twilight zone and are often very lonely. They don’t know what to do or where to go.

Then we have the living among us. A soul that is still in a body and still alive on earth. A human.

We do our daily things: work, take care of the children, do the shopping, take the children to school, do the housework, etc. Not knowing that souls are wandering everywhere who still don’t know where to go.

Souls without a body, who now only consist of an invisible energy. They see us, but we often don’t see them. Entities are everywhere. Not just in houses and buildings. No, really everywhere. And we as humans are everywhere too. Especially when we go outside.

Because these souls are wandering on the earth and cannot continue to the Other side, it is an opportunity for them to seek warmth from someone in his energy field (the aura). And not only that, it can sometimes be very busy in people’s homes with wandering souls. There are a few in everyone’s house. But mostly with the most sensitive and spiritually open people.

Some souls know that they have died, and seek attention from the living person. This can be done in various ways. They can make their presence felt in the room you are in at the moment, you suddenly smell a nice or bad smell (such as a rose smell or a bad tobacco smell) You can hear footsteps in the house, and other strange noises, such as banging . But also suddenly suddenly feeling cold. All signs of one or more wandering souls in the house.

 Entities in the Aura

But it can also happen that a soul settles in the energy field (the aura) of the human being. It can be a soul or even several. Often this happens by accident, and some souls do not know how they suddenly ended up in the aura.

But often there is a cause that causes these souls to cling in or to our aura. Because we are so sensitive (also highly sensitive) we pick up energies faster from others, from people, but also from entities. These wandering souls often live in a lower energy. That means that when they were still alive they were often attached to matter.

Money, beautiful and expensive things, power and greed often played a role in their lives. Often it is also young souls who are wandering. For young souls are often matter-oriented and do not yet think in love, but often to themselves and not to others. Anger, fear and negativity also belong to low energy.

Sometimes we as humans are also in a lower energy for a while. But that doesn’t always have to come from us. Others can also influence us greatly, causing us to get completely down and lose our way for a while.

Especially highly sensitive people are easily affected by this. If your thinking is very negative or very low in energy, these wandering souls get the chance to climb into your aura and stay there for as long as they want.

They take you over, as it were, and you can start to feel very bad about this. Common complaints are: Neck and shoulder pain, angry thoughts, reacting negatively to things or people, a lot of fatigue and not feeling like anything. Because these souls are in your aura, they eat your energy away from you. They now live off your energy. You are no longer yourself.

We don’t call this possession, because that’s something else. We just call it an “acquisition.” You are simply taken over by these soul(s) who cannot find the light. They are angry and frustrated because they can not continue .

And we are easy prey for them. Because nothing is as nice and warm as sitting in the aura of a living person and having the feeling of having a body again and being able to do what they want.

This can happen to anyone, and sometimes you don’t even notice it. Because energy is energy and it happens very quickly. It doesn’t always have to be a lower energy. We are currently living in a very difficult time on Earth where everything is changing.

We get divorced, our relationships no longer work, we are or are getting sick, we are sad because everything is happening around us. And even more miserable things to mention that don’t make us happy as humans. And it is precisely this that sometimes causes holes in the aura, your energy becomes lower and the entities take their chance.HSP and the holidays

Thoughts are powers, so your thinking already does a lot. And every person suffers from Auralifters (that’s what we call them).

Even (young) children sometimes suffer from it. They are even more sensitive and pick up even more energy. Entities also often seek attention from children because children can often talk to these souls. This is normal for them, but it can also make them afraid.

Not every soul is friendly, some can be so angry that they take it out on the living or bother them with it. These souls are very difficult, but just like you have angry people you also have evil entities. And they are often angry at the situation because they can’t get to that light.

As a human (and then often the HSP and sensitive person) we pick up the energy and that will affect us or make us upset, while the energy is not ours, but from those wandering soul(s). (just like we pick up energy from other people) I myself can help wandering souls pass to the Beyond. But we can’t all do this and yet many suffer from it. And you can’t always protect yourself 100%. It just happens.

You can put yourself in a beautiful white or gold light. Or draw a dome around yourself. Often wandering souls are afraid of that light because they do not want or dare to see it. Visualize yourself in that light and try to think positively.


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