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Entrepreneurship from the heart, do you dare to propagate it?

Many ‘new-time’ entrepreneurs have a real mission, a higher goal. I know many coaches and therapists who help their clients or clients with an enormous passion and drive. They do business from their heart and that is clearly visible. They are often experts in the field in which they coach, or they have an enormous love for helping people.

Do you dare to express your passion?

Often I just see that they don’t really propagate this, because they find it exciting to be so vulnerable. If you show yourself, people will form an opinion about you and we often learned early on that other people’s opinion of us is not always positive.

How often were you misunderstood? How many times have you been rejected for being yourself? Were you too noisy? Did you stand up for your own opinion too much? Or were you just too quiet? Too withdrawn? Too sensitive?

So we hide. Eternal sin, because showing yourself, doing business, speaking and writing from your heart, ensures that people start to love you, trust you and want to take your service. Of course there will also be ‘haters’, but that is part of showing yourself and unfortunately also becoming successful.

The more successful you are, the more people you can help, isn’t it wonderful? You can’t please everyone , no matter how much you want to.

If you want to touch people, you have to open up.
Of course it is scary to speak and write about what concerns you, but only by showing what touches you can you touch others.

A while ago I read a text from a coach that touched me deeply. I immediately started following her on social media and can now tell you exactly who it is. If you touch people, they will remember your name and the step to contact you becomes smaller and smaller.

If you show your heart, people will trust you faster
People don’t just work with you. They want to get to know you first, they want to like you. After a while they really start to trust you and only then there is a chance that they will contact you.

By showing what touches you, you help people through those steps faster and you can help them faster. Often you are only one conversation, or a number of blog posts – or newsletters – away from contact from your heart.

And those haters?

I can be brief about the haters, those weren’t your ideal customers, so you don’t want them in your practice or company. So think of it as a nice filter. People who don’t suit you and your company will automatically drop out.

Nice side effect

If you mainly write and talk about what touches you, you will never be short of inspiration. What happened in your practice that gave you a special insight? Which client is doing great and what lesson can you learn from that? What conversation in the supermarket inspired you?

What did that wise woman you spoke to at that party say again? This way you will have enough inspiration to make yourself heard often. On your blog, social media , while networking. This way you become more visible.

Visibility leads to more customers

If you are clearly visible, your name will stick with potential customers faster. The more often they see something of yours, the more likely they will think of you when they need your service. Just make sure that what you say is correct and that it is valuable, but remember: if something has really touched you and has given you insights, it is almost always valuable.

Of course it’s smart to think before you throw something online. Sometimes something seems like a fantastic insight, but later it turns out that it isn’t so useful to post it after all. That filter will only come later, first write down everything that comes to your mind – with mistakes and crooked sentences and all – and see what you need to adjust later.Only if you write uncensored first will the message really come from your heart.

Live, undertake, speak and write from your heart and you will find clients that fit your mission and passion!


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