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Everything contributes to your healing journey

Everything in your life path contributes to your journey from pain to joy, from fear to love, from powerlessness to empowerment, from limitation to limitlessness. There are no challenges in any aspect of your reality that do not contribute to your evolution.

Every trial and worry has within it the sparkle of divine truth that you can see and know as you seek the highest outcome. That is why the most beautiful path is often the most challenging, because it answers your soul’s call for healing.

It is not the path of the highest vibration, greatest clarity, or that which is most joyful and peaceful for you. Very often it is what is most challenging to you that you desire the least. Your soul is illuminating this path so that you will follow it and thereby create healing and transformation.

That is your journey in ascension and evolution. The more you resist this enlightened path, the more it becomes enlightened. Your soul agreement is based on healing and you are the healer and the healing itself. It all happens through you and where you have the ability to experience the pain, you also have the ability to take the journey through the pain to create joy.

When you allow the pain to become the journey, you lose sight of your commitment to soul healing. The engagement you have with Source is to go from healing to evolution, from density to light, and from fear to love. Everything in your reality supports this journey. This is ascension and this is your mission.

You are warriors of the light and for the light, and many of you are now completing this very long journey, the beginning of which you do not remember, for it began with your very first incarnation.

The veil between dimensions, frequencies and vibrations has been lifted, but consists of several veils that are now being cleared. When the veil is lifted, all that was behind it is revealed and so are the veils in your own life. Your power and true light were hidden from you so that you fully experienced the density of what you came to heal.

And this has become your clearest path, so that you can use your power to resolve it. The time you have long waited for is now here, now go forward to bring the light of truth, peace and love to the places you think need it most,starting with yourself and your healing journey. You heal the worldto heal yourself .

When you resist the pain, you resist the expansion of your own light. You created this path for yourself so that you could bring light into the world. Resist the temptation to judge, for this limits your ability to understand the true nature of your experience. Everything exists to support your transformation, evolution and ascension.

The most difficult challenges can inspire you to the greatest deeds, and fear can create strong inertia, or you can use fear as a means to bring you joy from what you fear most. How much easier could your journey be if you recognized that fear and its emotions indicated the presence of powerful healing opportunities?

nature and lightHave the courage to bravely take the path most enlightened, the path you most fear. Strengthen and encourage yourself with the light, guidance and support that will help you transform the fear into a greater expression and expansion of your light.

Be willing to go within, and find the sparkle of divine light that is in everything, and your audacity and courage will be rewarded with the guidance you need to take the next step, and every step after.

Always ask to show you the highest outcome, the most wonderful solution and the greatest peace, joy and love in every situation. Seek healing and wholeness, to be brought back to your divine center of unlimited joy, peace and love, expect to be guided and supported every step of this journey, and it will be.


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