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Exercise to encounter yourself in the fourth dimension (Transmutation)


According to Einstein’s theory of relativity, we know that time exists as a fourth dimension, but we cannot influence it. In summary: Time travel, that is theoretically possible, but you cannot move yourself in the 4th dimension. Perhaps because our mind thinks that we exist 24/7, preferably in successive moments, that we humans do not see the immense value of it. While we can learn so much from it. Ours!

You may not be able to move in it, but time as a dimension does facilitate the possibility to change perspective. Front to back, left to right. And that is extremely useful if you want to learn your life lessons. What we call Karma. And time travel? Ah. You can learn that. Not necessarily with your body, but with your heart. And so, it’s just one example, you can convert your painful emotions stored in your body from “before” into unconditional love in the NOW.

By the way, when I say time travel I just mean “ connecting ”. You connect then with now. Or now with later. In the energy. And if you think this is difficult, we humans don’t usually do anything else. Think about then, and ponder about tomorrow. So in a way we are already very good at imagining things. And if quantum physics tells us that you influence what you observe, why not look at it from the perspective of unconditional love? What would happen to yesterday or tomorrow?

If you think this is too big for you, you can make it smaller for yourself first. It’s not hard and it’s not easy, said the Zen monk when he saw me struggle to keep my stiff legs in perfect cross-legged position for the first time for 90 minutes. Fortunately, this is not necessary for time travel. You just need to stay present in your body. Here and now.Exercise to encounter yourself in the fourth dimension

Exercise to meet yourself:

Sit or lie down quietly and consciously reflect on what you have not learned in your life in the meantime . Exactly that. I have learned x and y. No more. And give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back, which you can feel in yourself. So: are you present in your body in peace and with all your attention? Can you feel without judgment what you have learned in all kinds of situations, and are you sincere? Start small, easy, and light, and build up to what you’ve learned from your most painful moments in your life. Let your heart tell your mind what you feel instead of the other way around. (end exercise)

Taking time for this is a wonderful way to empower yourself. I dare predict that if you do this more often you will realize that you have learned so much more than you ever imagined. In your pure feeling.

What you have missed in your life

I dare you to predict one more thing. You will also encounter yourself in other ways if you take the time. And especially through your own body.

Now that you listen, that body will tell you exactly what you have missed in your life in the meantime. Exactly that. Incidentally, this is sometimes so traumatic that most people spontaneously forget what time it is and unconsciously travel back in time to be there in their pain, without realizing where they are now. Stuck in the fourth dimension. Without a sense of time.

Who and where is the one who tells you through your feelings and your heart what you have learned from those beautiful and those painful experiences? That’s you!

The fourth dimension is like a school that facilitates you. And you are your own teacher there. So you can change your perspective here and now if you want to.

Do you want to learn about pain, or about unconditional love ?

3D or 5D and beyond?

In the fourth dimension you can decide for yourself. It just depends on which teacher you connect with.


What have you not learned in your life?

Tik tok, tick tock

PS: We also offer another dimension that you can encounter yourself to learn from during our monthly online moon ceremony, with Hermelijn van der Meijden. A live guided meditation and activation where you can make a deep connection with yourself so that you can feel and use your own spiritual tools. Next: Tuesday 14 June from 20:00-21:00


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