Exercise: What are your most important values ​​in your life?

Exercise: What are your most important values ​​in your life?

Clarity about your values ​​gives peace and space. It gives direction to your life and helps you make choices for the things that really matter to you. You look at your life from a higher level, as it were. No one can tell you which choices you have to make, you have to do that yourself. Today is an assignment to find out and extensively reflect on what is really important to you in your life and what your most important values ​​are.

Values: This is how you build your inner compass

You can align the choices you make in your life with your chosen values. You put them, as it were, as a yardstick against the activities in your life. What are you so busy with? Are those things that are important to you? Do not try to give socially desirable answers, because then you will only get stuck. What matters now is not what others expect from you, but what you feel or think about yourself deep inside.

Examples of values ​​are:

Certainty, trust, modesty, honesty, flexibility, inner peace, love, responsibility, discipline, power, adventure, self-confidence, creativity, spirituality, dedication, challenge, beauty, equality, humor, tolerance, cooperation, loyalty, fun, meaning, variety , openness, optimism, health, knowledge, integrity, tolerance, wisdom, self-knowledge, independence, friendship, personal development, intimacy, simplicity, success, caring, relaxation or appreciation. Feel free to add other values. More examples of values: Personal values ​​test.

Exercise: What are your most important values ​​in your life?

Exercise: What are the most important values ​​in your life?

  1. Choose twenty values ​​that appeal to you
  2. Make twenty cards and write a value on each card.
  3. Now make a choice which ten are most important to you at this moment in your life.
  4. Then choose your personal top five from these ten. These five are the most important values ​​in your life right now.
  5. Put them in your wallet or diary, hang them clearly visible in your house, on the fridge or the bulletin board and use them at moments of choice.


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