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Exploring Crystal Energy

Due to the literature available on crystal energy  , many Crystal people think they are all shy, confused, friendly types who shy away from confrontation and have no direction in life. While that is true for some Crystal people, it is certainly not the case with all Crystal people.

Because actually, Crystal people often have a lot of courage, they just don’t know how to use it. They are also afraid to use it when their extroverted side is challenged by the more melodious, more powerful Indigos . Look for the list of Indigo and Crystal properties here .

Many of you have looked at the list of Crystal and Indigo properties on the website and are happy to “know what you are.” But these are only guidelines to understand the many characteristics of Indigo and Crystal people.

Indigos see them as labels and reject the list, Crystals see them as definitions and use them to support their less powerful qualities. But this puts them in a position of not knowing how to use their energy and they need courage to do that.

My advice to Kristal people is to use the website’s list to determine the gifts or talents you entrust to yourself. Are you artistic, musical, intuitive, do you speak with angels and spirits , are you highly empathetic? These are all areas where you can feel confident and courageous. How can you use them for life,

lifestyle, business or other occasion where you need them? You have to start from your strength and if you don’t know, understand or appreciate it then it’s hard to find the courage to start anywhere.

Courage does not depend on being willing to take on the loudest, most foolish, or biggest challenge you can imagine. With courage, we are willing to recognize ourselves for who we are, celebrate ourselves and our gifts, be as kind and considerate to ourselves as we are to others, and recognize our talents as valuable assets that we can use to build a successful, create meaningful and satisfying reality.

So, what are your gifts and how can you use them in your life? What can you create and how can you find the courage in yourself to show the world who you are and what you can do?


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