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‘Face it’ or ‘Fuck it’: Numb or face your favorite problems?


Do you also feel that it is time to no longer avoid certain issues, problems or undesirable situations? Have you found out that certain habits simply don’t work anymore? Is there something gnawing inside you that demands your full attention? Or do you think I’m asking too many questions in this intro? I do that consciously. Not just to get your attention. But maybe this article is too confronting for you. And it’s better to stop reading. To continue with your life the way you’ve always lived it until now.


I don’t need to tell you that these are vague, restless and at the same time special times. Everything is changing super fast at the moment. The technology. your body. Thoughts. Nothing stays the same. This moment is very different from the moment just now. Funny thing is, the only constant in this universe is ‘change’. Do you change with it or do you prefer to stick with the old?


Do you continue to live out of fear , unrest, tension or agitation? Do you get stuck in unhealthy relationships or bad patterns? Or do you continue to numb yourself with external, fleeting pleasures? Many of us have developed mechanisms and programs over the years. They ensure that we do not have to feel for a while – or for longer periods. To numb the whole thing so as not to have to experience.

Now don’t stress ! delicious! How great can a joint, a drink or impersonal sex be! It seems as if something in you is turned ‘off’ and also ‘on’. Hello anesthesia. Lost connection .

Quick Fix

You decide to check social media on your smartphone. Or order that sweater online. Not that you really need it. There are still quite a few waiting in your closet. Cigarettes? Sleep medication? sweets? Your favorite series? It may be again now. These quick fixes can be very nice. The temporary intoxication feels like a warm fleece blanket for the couch.

Until it’s worked out. And you are again confronted with the raw reality. You know deep down that you have to connect with it. Sooner or later, everything will come your way again. That bad emotion. A vague date. That annoying co-worker. The workload.Or a child running around mirroring you.


Do you realize that when you don’t recognize and fully face these mechanisms, they start to nestle further and further into your system? Like annoying parasites. Which can lead to psychological, emotional and physical complaints. But enough pessimistic bullshit for now. Let’s look at possibilities. There are really only two: Face it or Fuck it?

fuck it

‘Fuck it’ has been mentioned before. It is the easiest and fastest working way. So open that bottle of wine or vodka. App that guy or lady for some physical entertainment. Buy that item of clothing for the collection in the closet. Buy a new cabinet immediately if it no longer fits. Or watch that series or movie for (even more) thrill and adrenaline in your life. Thoroughly enjoy!

Face it

‘Face it’ can be a bit trickier. To face and embrace everything. Let it be completely there. Pfff! Others write and talk about whether it’s as easy as brushing your teeth. You read or hear it and think: ‘Yes! That too! This is it! How simple!’ Practice often turns out to be more difficult. Sometimes you last a little longer. But sooner or later the Fuck it method will reappear. And do you feel weak, guilty or angry that you have relapsed again. The circle repeats.


What you can try is to start by centering yourself. Sit with your attention in your body. Take a deep breath. Focus on the present moment. Realize that everything starts with a thought. Thoughts always arise. random. And always go away. A thought is just a thought. point.

Then think about your favorite problem. Visualize it. Behold everything that arises. images. Brain fantasies. Sale items. Internal dialogues. Alcohol. That annoying manager. chocolate. Your mother in law. Observe and stay neutral.


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