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False light: the trap of false spirituality

In the world of spirituality, there has always been a section that operates under the banner of spirituality, but is not essentially spiritual because it undermines rather than builds people’s autonomy, growth, and self-esteem.

This part, which creates the illusion of promoting spiritual growth, operates under the banner of what you might call ‘false light’: false spirituality.

false spirituality

False spirituality is any kind of spirituality that promises happiness, healing and growth but robs people of self-esteem, autonomy, and powers them down . It is of all times and you will find it among all faiths and all forms of spirituality: from churches and temples to spiritual centers, websites, teachers and practices.

It is a contemporary challenge for people longing for awareness and turning to spirituality to make the right distinction between authentic spirituality that sets you free and empowers you, and false spirituality that makes you disempowered and dependent.

Getting lost in the world of false light can cost you a lot of time, energy and money and can be very painful, but ultimately it also leads to awareness, provided you wake up and take charge of yourself and your own life again. After all, every experience can serve as a lesson and as a path to awareness, and false spirituality is a fierce, confusing and painful, but ultimately also very instructive path!

What makes it difficult to recognize false spirituality is that it runs through all layers of the spiritual world. For example, within one spiritual center or school, authentic teachers may be right next to people who work from ego and hidden power games.
In addition, spiritual workers can be partly authentic, and in some aspects of their work or when confronted with some situations or people, go overboard in ego-based false spirituality .
It is therefore not an unambiguous black and white situation, which makes it even more important to pay attention and remain aware.

So how can you spot false light?

There are a number of characteristics that many people and institutions operating under false light have in common.

Illusion of light and suppressing the shadow

With false spirituality there is often little or no room for the recognition and expression of everything that is not sweet, nice and nice. The image of what spiritual life should entail thus becomes an illusion to which real human experiences are subordinated.

‘Difficult’ emotions such as anger and pain are talked away or even condemned, exploring the shadow (everything unconscious and repressed) is discouraged and what remains is a glimmer of light and love that goes no deeper than the surface.
There is often an excessive amount of beautiful or sweet words in communication, but there is no real depth or feeling behind it.

True love and light do not shun the darkness in you, but encourage you to explore, shed light and heal yourself without judgment.

false spiritualityProjecting the shadow and suppressing feminine energy

An exception to this are therapists or teachers who, on the contrary, place excessive value on the discharge of difficult emotions and who think they perceive shadows everywhere, even where they are not. Then that which does not fall under that heading, the softer, feminine energy, becomes undervalued, discouraged and even suspected of being a pretense.


Yes, a feature of false spirituality is that it often overshoots into one thing or another. False light is dualistic rather than seeking balance, embracing all that is and allowing it to be there without judgment.

personality cult

Apparent spirituality often involves a subtle or not a glorification of certain people, teachers, ascended masters, etc. People are encouraged to give priority to the messages of other authorities (channels, mediums, spiritual entities such as angels) over their own wisdom and to follow their example instead of the way and wisdom of their own heart.

false spiritualityThere is a well-known Zen saying: ‘If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him!’ ( If you meet the Buddha along the way, kill him !” Not literally, of course.)
The Buddha itself would have advised his disciples to give up their personal authority and hang on to the words of any teacher, including himself. The only wisdom of real value resonates with or springs from your own heart.

The now classic comedy ‘ Monty Python’s Life of Brian ‘ (1979) is a parody of the life of Jesus and a hilarious commentary on religious fanaticism and personality cult; highly recommended for anyone who wants to have a good laugh about it.


The dualism of the false spirituality can also often be observed in the form of hierarchical, or ‘higher-lower’ thinking. People are compared and judged on such issues as clairvoyance, having a high frequency or mediumistic gift, ‘enlightenment’, etc. with of course the oldest, most enlightened souls being at the top of the hierarchy and receiving the most respect and the others subtle be undervalued.

True spirituality, however, recognizes that we all, all life forms, are unique and equal and puts that into practice by treating everyone with the same degree of respect.

Theories and ideas that take you ‘out of your power’

In false spirituality you often find theories and ideas that are limiting or disempowering and can make you anxious, dependent and hasty.

For example, you see ideas that you should meet some deadline in order to be able to ascend to some dimension in time, otherwise you will be left out.
True spiritual theories work precisely from the knowledge that you are an eternal being and are exactly where and when you need to be. Everyone grows in consciousness at their own pace and in their own way.

Also fatalistic ideas and statements about how everything would be predestined, disempowering on a collective scale or personal work. As a human being you have free will and can always choose to direct your life yourself. From the personality it may sometimes seem as if everything is predestined, but from the point of view of the soul we are completely free and we choose what we want to experience and how we want to deal with it.

Channels, astrologers, mediums etc. that make predictions that make you anxious or interpret astrological and other tendencies in such a way that they make you feel powerless and a victim of forces outside yourself, are not spiritually engaged but are themselves still trapped in the trap of false spirituality and fear. They are therefore mainly fixed on low-frequency energies and influences that influence their predictions.

Also ideas about ascension, higher dimensions, extraterrestrial life etc. that propagate fleeing from earthly reality fall under false light. From a spiritual point of view it is precisely the intention that we learn to place our light here on earth, in a physical body. Why else would we have chosen to be on this beautiful planet? Ascension is not flight, but rather the realization of the soul on earth, the mystical union of earth and heaven.

false spiritualityspiritual scams

Some false-light theories promise, like a spiritual scam, mountains of gold without you having to do anything. But as with internet scamming, if something is promised that is too good to be true, it probably is. There is no quick fix and no shortcut to enlightenment. And you don’t have to. We are just right on our path by experiencing our life as it is, being who we are, lovingly working out our own shadows, and following the voice of our hearts and souls.

How can you free yourself from the trap of false spirituality or avoid getting entangled in it?

Stand up for yourself
First of all, realize that you are essentially an autonomous, sovereign being and the creator of your own experiences. You are eternal. You don’t have to be afraid of anything. You are exactly right as you are and exactly where you need to be. There are no deadlines to meet. You don’t have to purify yourself. You are just right on your path and learn what you want to learn by experiencing life as it is. You can’t do it wrong. You are worth as much as everyone else. You are entitled to your autonomy, your experiences, your limits.

Anything that does not subscribe to this is false spirituality.

Listen to your gut
. If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t right. If your frequency and self-esteem drop after reading a book, attending a reading, a session, a workshop, there may be elements of false spirituality, fear thinking, power and/or ego in it.

Stay Critical
Because someone claims to be channeling Archangel Michael, the information they pass on does not have to be completely pure or even actually from Michael.
In addition, you are an autonomous creator yourself and your soul is on the same level of consciousness and divinity as the archangels and ascended masters. The most valuable wisdom you can receive is that of your own Soul.

Be honest with yourself
We are all human and we all still have vulnerabilities, wounds or unconscious bits (the desire for the perfect father or mother figure to save us, for example) that can cause us to get sucked into the trap of false spirituality . Don’t judge yourself for that, see them as they are, and take responsibility for healing them.

So how can you recognize authentic spirituality?

People, centers, theories that are authentically spiritual actually operate from the heart: without judgment, with compassion, humor and patience for your pace and your process.
They don’t need to be put on a pedestal, don’t need to be right or glorified .
They leave you completely free and respect your autonomy, and above all want you to become the powerful, beautiful being you already are!


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