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Fear and guilt are man’s only enemies

Fear and guilt are man’s only enemies.

If you let go of fear , fear will let you go.

It only takes a decision to change your mind.

Everything is perfect, just as it is. Especially when things don’t seem perfect.

Gratitude is the fastest way to heal. What you resist will endure. What you are grateful for will continue to serve you.

Live your life without expectations.

We are all right where we are perfectly in our place. And we need nothing more for our development than exactly what we have and experience right now. We know that any arbitrary result is for our own good.

The beauty of all this is that if you don’t need a certain result, you free the subconscious from all kinds of thoughts about why you don’t get the certain result. This clears the way for the specific result that was consciously intended.

Yes! You can then do more things automatically. When you’re faced with a challenge, you automatically assume that everything will go well. When you see difficulties, you automatically know that they will be taken care of. When you have a problem, you automatically understand that it has already been solved for you, automatically.

Life runs smoothly.

Things come to you instead of you having to chase them.

This change occurs without conscious effort.

Just as you have subconsciously acquired all your negative, self-degrading, self-denying thoughts about who you really are and what you can be, do and have, so you subconsciously lose them again.

Do you really think things happen by chance?

I tell you again, there is perfection in every design.

Nothing in life happens by chance. Nothing.

Nothing happens without giving you the opportunity to derive a real lasting benefit from it.


The perfection of the moment may not be clear to you, but that doesn’t make the moment any less perfect. It is and remains a gift.

Being is the first cause. What you are ‘being’ causes your experience. When you think about who you wish to be now, you reach into your true being, into your total self, and focus on the part of the total self that you wish to experience right now. What you know about your true being will be so to your present state of being. When you declare what you know, you make sure that it is so.

The most powerful statements are I AM statements. If you make these statements about your state of being consciously instead of unconsciously, you live with an intention, you live consciously. Remember that I have suggested to you that you should: live consciously, harmoniously and graciously. Every act is an act of self-definition. Everything you think, say and do radiates a message about you.

Therefore, consider your ‘I am’ statements as a kind of manifesto. This is your manifesto about your state of being. You are making a statement about how you are doing. You say: SO IT IS.


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