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Fear as a way to the new

Dear friends,

I am Mary, mother of Yeshua. I am here to help you and make you feel the feminine aspect of the Christ energy. For many of you that is very welcome right now. You are in a profound process of transformation.

There is a large group of lightworkers on Earth right now and some of them have awakened; they remember who they are. You can distinguish three groups among lightworkers, or three stages in which you can find yourself as a lightworker in the above transformation process.

The first group of lightworkers has not yet awakened. They have not yet realized who they are and because of this they feel lost and lonely. They feel different and have the impression that they do not fit into human society. They feel alone and alienated from today’s society. These people suffer. They think they are doing something wrong. They are usually highly sensitive.

They are dreamers; like all of you they dream of another world. In part they even remember it from the memory of their soul. However, they are unable to connect this dream with everyday reality. Therefore they withdraw and live in their inner world. Because their light does not radiate and is anchored on earth, they feel unhappy and sometimes even as if they are suffocating.

There is a second group of lightworkers that consists of people who are beginning to remember who they are. Slowly they become aware of their true power , of the fact that they are essentially angels who incarnated in a human body to bring light to Earth. This light is so welcome on Earth. Once you realize that you are an eternal soul, not tied to the material world, you begin to gain strength.

You can still feel like a stranger, an outsider, but you now feel connected to another world, a world of beauty and harmony. This is your real home, the world from which your original came. When you realize that in your heart, you no longer have to feel alone. Today I want to remind you of the energy of home.

Those to whom I am addressing in this channeling, those who feel addressed by this message, are part of the group of lightworkers who have awakened, who from their great inner strength have already connected with their true selves, their souls.

They know that their presence here on Earth has meaning, that they are here to make a difference. We bless you for the intent in your heart, your deeply felt desire to bring light to Earth. We know how difficult it is to be true to yourself in the midst of a reality that reacts suspiciously or uncomfortably to the energy you bring.

Within this group of lightworkers there is a group of people that we could call ‘senior lightworkers’. This is the third group of lightworkers that I want to distinguish. It is about those who have been tirelessly engaged in the process of awakening and growing consciousness for a long time.

They have devoted themselves to awakening for years, sometimes decades and have already gone through many different stages of inner transformation. They know what it is like to really change from within, to become aware of deep-seated emotional patterns and negative beliefs. They have experienced what it is like to let go of your old identity and open yourself to a new way of living, which is closer to your true nature.

Many of you reading this message are part of this third group of lightworkers. You feel very old inside and often tired. You have been through a lot, both in this life and in your many past lives. From our side, there is great respect for your courage and wisdom. You are the treasures of this earth, even if you feel old and tired. I want to encourage you and let you know that the road you are on is meaningful and will lead you home.

You have processed a lot in your life on an emotional level. You have allowed fear and other difficult emotions to come to the surface of your consciousness. You have seen these in the eye and thus paved the way to let them go. Many of you have experienced spiritual experiences, feelings of bliss in which you felt one and connected with the big picture, with God, and in which you felt lifted above the heaviness and loneliness of earthly life.

Some of you have already started what you wanted to come here to do: bring light to Earth, in whatever form it takes to be a teacher and healer for other people who want to grow inwardly. Even if you don’t always realize this,

I speak today to all lightworkers who are awakening ; they can be in either the second or the third group. There is no clear boundary between these two groups; there is a gradual transition from one to the other. There is also no point in wondering for too long which group you belong to; we are not handing out numbers here ;-).

It is important that you recognize yourself as someone who is wholeheartedly committed to the process of inner growth. It is my intention in this channeling to make it clear to all of you why this process of awakening can sometimes seem so difficult and hopeless.

Spiritual growth or evolution does not take place in a linear fashion. It’s not like a staircase you climb step by step. Consciousness growth occurs in cycles. Look at the cycle of day and night. During the night you surrender to the unconscious. That which is in the relative darkness of the subconscious mind shows itself to you in your dreams. In your dreams you often step outside the boundaries of what is known and obvious to you.

This allows you to explore your inner self more deeply and discover emotions that remain below the surface when you are awake. During the day you gain experiences as you participate in the earthly reality around you. The night draws you in and helps you face emotional reactions that you were not aware of during the day.

The cycle of day and night allows you to integrate experiences on a deeper level of feeling than your day consciousness would allow. Through this cycle, processing and growth take place, even if you don’t remember your dreams. Spiritual growth occurs in a similar, cyclical way. You to whom I am addressing know what it is like to go within and face old emotional pain and fear.

You know what it is like to confront difficult emotions. At the same time you have also experienced what it is like to be liberated from old ballast, to let go of old, negative thinking patterns and to feel the joy of self-acceptance and understanding. You are always inspired by the feeling of freedom and strength that comes from that.

You are an advanced, not a novice, in the field of consciousness growth. Still, the cyclical process of consciousness growth can bring you a new night, a phase in which new layers of unconsciousness want to be brought to light. The onset of this night may startle you and make you doubt whether you have ever taken a step forward. Everything can seem upside down and all your certainties can disappear.

At this time, many of you, including the ‘senior lightworkers’, find yourself in a night that seems darker than ever. Fears you didn’t know you had want to be seen and accepted. While the darkness of night may seem impenetrable at times, it is also the purpose of this night to lead you to a dawn in which your light shines on the world even brighter and more peaceful.

Where does this night comefrom? In your life you are influenced by your own personal development cycles, depending on age, gender and the intentions your soul had for this life. However, you are also affected by larger, collective energy flows associated with processes involving the Earth and humanity as a whole.

Right now there are energy flows operating on a collective level that are pushing old, dark energies to the surface at a pace that seems almost relentless if you don’t trust the process. Humanity as a whole is not prepared to deal with and release these old energies. Most of humanity does not know how to deal with deep emotional pain and the destructive energy that can result. You are better prepared for this.

Yet it can still overwhelm you. You may feel overwhelmed by emotional charges within yourself that seem totally unmanageable and foreign to you. You may think you are going crazy. You may have assumed that you had overcome the greatest obstacles in your life, and now a new layer of fear and darkness is pounding on your door that you did not expect. You feel disillusioned, you feel you have done enough and wish to make the transition to a lighter life.

This new journey through the night seems to be a bridge too far. you feel you have done enough and wish to make the transition to a lighter life. This new journey through the night seems to be a bridge too far. you feel you have done enough and wish to make the transition to a lighter life. This new journey through the night seems to be a bridge too far.

I am here today to urge you to take heart and to continue to have faith in the path you are going. You are now entering a stage of your development where you are no longer in control of your growth. The consciousness growth that you are now engaged in has to do with surrender and letting go.

It’s no longer about doing certain exercises or visualisations, following a certain diet, or whatever discipline you hope to control your life with. It is impossible to control the amount of energy that wants to flow through you right now. The fear you feel comes from the need to let go of the old, the known, and be open to the new, that which you do not know yet.

Your soul wants you to open to this new influx of energy because your soul knows it is a positive flow. But your human personality cannot see where it is all leading. The human mind cannot comprehend where the soul movement is going, so you may feel desperate, deprived of contact with your intuition,

your passion and your general sense of direction. If you feel this way, please know that you are not doing anything wrong. This sense of disorientation and chaos is always there when you are about to make a fresh start. Every new beginning is preceded by a period of chaos and crisis. The new can only come in when the old has fallen apart.

You thought you had already let go of so much, and now you are challenged to let go even more. Please be aware that there is direction and meaning in this process, even if it doesn’t seem like it. Try to adopt an attitude of trust and surrender, because that way you tune in to the movement of your soul and make the journey a little easier for yourself.

You are the teachers. You are bringing the new energy to Earth right now, even though you feel lost, depressed or depressed and even though you have no idea where you are headed. You are doing the lightwork you came for.

Lightwork often involves traveling in the dark, to the depths of your soul, not knowing what is about to happen. You travel through the dark with no guidelines or a map to show you the way. All you can do is surrender to the experience, trust that you will come out of it and that it makes sense.

As soon as you emerge from the dark into the daylight, you will understand the meaning of your journey, not only with your head but with your heart. In the dark there is always a hidden treasure for you. Dark emotions are hidden parts of you that want to reconnect with you. The negativity that you encounter within yourself is a part of your energy that has become trapped and has not been able to flow for a long time.

As a soul you have lived many, many lives, both on Earth and in other places in the universe. Now that your cycle of lives on Earth is nearing completion, the most fearful parts of your soul, which have become trapped in several lifetimes, are coming to you to be set free and released.

You often don’t understand where all these emotional traumas come from. But in the end it’s always about the same thing. It’s about fear that wants to be seen by you. The fear wants to be looked in the eye and wants to feel welcomed. Your fear is a part of you, and even a very valuable part. Fear is part of the duality game that you are playing in this place in the universe.

If you could let fear be what it is, if you didn’t fear it and didn’t want to fight it, you’d see it as innocent. That may sound strange, because fear can give you such a strong sense of uprooting. But fear can’t hurt you. It is innocent as a child. Fear is simply a response to the unknown.

When a child is confronted with something that it does not yet know, it often reacts with fear: it has yet to become familiar with the new. It must examine it, become comfortable with it, and learn to trust it. Fear is also quite natural in that sense; it is understandable that you do not immediately feel at home with something you do not know. There is nothing wrong with fear.

However, if you have a judgment about it, if you don’t feel comfortable with fear and reject it, then it becomes a great, dark force, a demon that terrorizes and paralyzes you against your will. Do not make fear your enemy, or you will turn it into a dark force outside of you. Fear in itself is not dark; it is simply an emotional reaction of the child within you, that uneasiness reacts to something that is new and unknown.

Dear friends, you are wise. Reach out to the fear within you from your deepest core, where you  are God , where your light shines unconditionally, calmly and lovingly. You are much bigger and more powerful than your fear. You can reach out to your fear as you would a child.

You can tell the frightened child in you that it is safe with you, that you are not afraid of your own fear. Do not try to suppress your fear; the intent to eliminate your fear contains judgment. By fighting the frightened part in you, it will become even more frightened; you then give it the message that it is bad and unworthy.

Fear is a necessary part of the living universe. Without fear, it would not be possible to explore and experience something new. Anxiety marks the boundary between what does and does not feel safe and familiar to you.

Beyond the boundary of the familiar lies something new that you do not yet understand or have not yet experienced. If you could look at fear in that way, as a marker of the new and unknown, you could let go of your judgment about it.

Fear can even carry the potential of joy because in fear hides the promise of a new area in your mind to be discovered, a new place where you can shine your light. Trust your fear, see it as something that invokes and invokes your light, and realize that you are that light! If a situation arises in your life that triggers fear, observe it openly and neutrally.

Shine the light of your consciousness on the fear. The fear will not disappear immediately, but if you do not see it as a terrifying energy, you will be able to relax more and thus open yourself to the possibility that there is a hidden treasure in or behind the fear. This treasure will reveal itself

Fear will always be there, it is part of creation. Even if you are advanced, there is always an aspect of the unknown that wants to be discovered. If not, the universe would stagnate and lose its vitality and vibrancy.

It would be like living in a beautiful house in a beautiful setting that you enjoy, but never having the opportunity to step outside, explore and transcend its boundaries. You could never discover new land. Would this give you the deepest fulfillment in the long run? Well, I know you know yourselves well enough to know this isn’t the case.

There is a natural desire in you to discover the new. You are adventurous souls, all of you. Therefore do not judge your fear, because in the end it is part of the most courageous and adventurous aspect of you. Fear is a boundary experience; it shows you where there is new land to be discovered.

Once you enter this new land, hand in hand with your fear, you will experience a beauty and joy beyond your present understanding. The secret is that you dare to trust the unknown; you never know in advance what you will discover, otherwise it wouldn’t be new to you.

The liberating experience of the new, in which you open it to an even deeper experience of love, beauty and joy, can only take place when you accept the reality of fear: the reality of the unknown, that which is beyond the horizon of your present knowledge. and experience.

So welcome the fear within you, even if it seems illogical and the cause is unknown to you. Much fear comes from parts of your soul that are connected to other lives that are far away in time. These fears also carry the promise of new understanding, of expanding consciousness.

Perhaps there is an experience in your soul memory of being radically rejected, and you are afraid to feel the emotional charge of this. If you wouldn’t shun this experience, if you allowed yourself to feel what it’s like to be totally rejected, then you could begin to feel compassion for yourself and understand why certain things in your current life are so difficult for you.

By recognizing old pain in yourself, it becomes possible to forgive yourself and judge yourself less harshly. The experience of self-forgiveness is an enlightening experience.

When you confidently embrace an experience that appears horrific on the outside, when you go through it openly and without judgment, then this experience becomes an enlightening, even a joyful one. By saying ‘yes’ to the dark and unknown in yourself, you come into contact with the freedom and relaxation that comes with self-acceptance.

If you experience a lot of fear in your life, know that just around the corner are the opposite energies of love, beauty and joy. It’s not far away. As mentioned before, spiritual growth is not a linear process in which you let go of a bit of fear at every step. Rather, the fear grows and grows and then reaches such a peak that a major crisis arises in your life and you are no longer able to function in your daily life.

At that moment you are directly confronted with your fear; you can no longer suppress it or go beyond it. You’ve lost control. In such a situation it seems as if all is lost. The dam breaks and you can no longer hold back the water. This seems disastrous, but it isn’t!

The fear wants to break open doors that have held you back , held you captive. The fear wants to flow through you, and as you flow with it, it brings you into a different reality, much freer than the one you have lived in until now.

So if you feel like your fear is getting uncontrollable, if you can’t tie it up anymore, fear not! This is where you should be. You are on the threshold of the new and very close to a breakthrough.

Let it be, let the fear be, don’t fight. Don’t think, “What have I done wrong? Has everything I’ve done on my spiritual path been for nothing? Why do I feel completely lost, am I wrong?” These thoughts come from your mind, which cannot grasp what is happening. Your mind tries to organize your experiences from what you know and know, but this is about something that goes beyond the known.

Your soul knows what it is doing. She wants you to let go of pain on a deep level and this can happen if you have faith and don’t try to control the process. The more you tune into your soul, the less control you will have over your life, and you know what? That’s so liberating! Letting go opens you to the new, to the beautiful and refined energy of the unoppressed You.

I ask you to respect your own inner process, even if it seems to lead you into darkness, even if all logic seems to have disappeared from it. Always keep open the possibility that you are not (yet) able to understand its meaning.

You don’t need to understand now. Later its meaning will become clear, and you will understand it from your heart and not just your mind. Open to the greater reality of your soul, be the consciousness adventurer you are and want to be at the deepest level!

We thank you for embracing the adventure on Earth during this time of great change. You are brave; you are in love with life, even if you feel depressed and lonely at times. If you didn’t have that love of life, you wouldn’t be here right now.

We are very close to you. I represent the mother energy of the Christ consciousness. Feel enveloped by this. You may see it as a soft, radiant pink, a playful yet tender energy, kind and gentle. Allow it to you, it can give you healing. And by healing I don’t mean “taking away your fear”. I mean accept the fear, as a path to the new, as the gateway to a more loving and light reality.

Be yourself, just be yourself. Don’t try to change yourself. You are already perfect. You are beautiful. We have great respect and reverence for you. Please allow my energy to encourage you. I don’t want to change you. I just want you to see yourself in a different way. Even in the midst of your struggle with fear and darkness, you are an angel. You are beautiful.

Remember: after every night comes a new day. The sun will shine again. It is inevitable. It is life that follows its natural course. Just as you can’t stop dusk coming, you can’t stop dawn coming again. So allow yourself to go with the natural movement of life and you will see a beautiful dawn break within yourself.

By taking the journey within, you help many people on Earth, who are also trying to find their inner path to freedom. You are preparing the way for other lightworkers, who are in the first phase of their awakening, and they will in turn help those who are becoming more sensitive and wanting to open to the reality of their souls.

We thank you for your work, your light work on Earth right now. You are never alone. We stand by you from the other side, accept our love. It fills us with great joy to remind you of who you are.


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