Fear of blushing? 10 Simple Tips To Avoid Blushing


You are in a full room. People are called by name. Secretly you hope your name doesn’t get taken out.

After all, you already know in advance that you will start sweating excessively, that your cheeks will start to glow and that your face will become redder and savior.

Do you often feel uncomfortable because you quickly start to blush spontaneously? Are you extremely afraid of getting a red face in front of others?

Then you probably suffer from fear of blushing or erythrophobia.

Are you tired of your fear of blush controlling your life?

Fear of blushing can have a very negative impact on your life. That is why in this article I extend a helping hand to get rid of your fear of blushing.

Purpose of this article: In this article you will learn exactly what blushing is. You will learn how to recognize blushing and what the causes and consequences of fear of blushing can be. In this article I also give you 10 useful tips to deal with your fear of blushing.

What is blushing?

Most people feel a bit insecure when all eyes are suddenly on them. For some people, it’s just that uncomfortable feeling. Others start blushing right away.

The worst thing that can happen to you when you blush is that others often say, ‘But you don’t have to blush at all! ‘ Because of this, they just draw attention to the fact that you’re blushing, making you even savior.

This can be such a frightening feeling that tears come to your eyes. You no longer know where to look and you would prefer to disappear immediately on the spot.

A lot of people think it’s cute when someone blushes. If you often suffer from this, then you don’t like blushing at all. Blushing can make you feel so insecure that you will eventually suffer from fear of blushing or erythrophobia.

You will find out later in this article what the causes and consequences of fear of blushing can be.

First, let’s take a look at exactly how blushing works.

Blushing is a response of the sympathetic nervous system . You have no control over this reaction. Your body produces adrenaline under the influence of all kinds of emotions.

These can be feelings of fear, shame, excitement or insecurity. The surge of adrenaline in your body causes an increased heart rate and your blood vessels widen.

This increases the flow of blood and oxygen in certain parts of your body. This increase results in your skin becoming red and blushing.

Blushing isn’t just limited to the face. You can also get red spots on your neck or around the chest area. Even your ears can turn all red when you blush.

Actually blushing isn’t bad at all. It’s a natural reaction of the body. If you are someone who blushes a lot, I fully understand that you wished your body didn’t react so forcefully to these emotions.

The greater your fear of blushing, the more likely you are to actually blush. After all, your fear of blushing sees your body as a threat.

This releases even more adrenaline and can make your face savior and savior. People with fear of blushing often end up in a vicious circle.

How do I recognize blushing?

You probably know how to recognize blushing in someone else: red cheeks and red spots on the neck or on the top of the chest.

If you suffer from blushing yourself, you know that this red glow on your cheeks is not the only thing you experience.

Your skin may feel very warm and even tingle when you blush. Sometimes you can even get tears in your eyes when you blush.

When most people think of blushing, they immediately think of the physical symptoms, but you can also suffer from it mentally. You feel insecure about yourself and at the thought that you might blush, the fear hits you.

Fear of blushing or erythrophobia can be so bad that it can take over your life. You can read more about how this is possible and what consequences fear of blushing can have later in this article.

You’ve probably noticed that not everyone blushes at the same rate. Some people never even blush. Unfortunately, if you don’t belong to this last group, then you probably want to know why you blush so often and so quickly.

Causes of blushing

Naturalist Charles Darwin called blushing one of the strangest, but at the same time one of the most human qualities.

What’s more: in his groundbreaking book ‘The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals’ he states that blushing actually has no function at all.

Darwin concluded that blushing is an unwanted side effect of our physiological and emotional functioning.

Taking this statement further would mean that blushing is only a mechanical response of our sympathetic nervous system. Blood vessels constrict and this makes us blush.

Still, blushing has several underlying causes.

Physical and external causes

Physical and external rarely lead to fear of blushing.

It is mainly the psychological causes of blushing that contribute to the fear of blushing.

Fear of blushing is not included in the DSM-5, the handbook of psychological disorders. Yet fear of blushing is a form of social anxiety . Blushing mainly has to do with emotions.

The most common psychological causes of blushing are:

  • shyness
  • Shame or embarrassment
  • fear
  • stress
  • Nervousness
  • Insecurity and a lack of self-confidence

Although blushing is a harmless condition, fear of blushing can have quite a negative impact on your life.

You will find out in the next section what the consequences of fear of blushing can be.

Consequences of blushing

Blushing is a form of social anxiety and can have very negative consequences on your quality of life.

#1 Avoiding social contact

People who blush quickly and often can avoid social contact altogether after a while.

Their fear of blushing is so great that they prefer not to be confronted by others. This can of course lead to social isolation.

#2 Mental exhaustion

Constantly recurring thoughts of your fear of blushing can exhaust you mentally.

You are so preoccupied with your fear of blushing and searching so desperately for solutions that your mind becomes exhausted.

#3 Low self-esteem

Fear of blushing can also lead to very low self-esteem and a lack of self-confidence.

Especially in men who suffer from fear of blushing, their self-confidence can take a big blow.

Research at the University of Groningen  has shown that blushing occurs less often in men than in women. However, fear of blushing has a more negative influence on their self-image and self-confidence in men.

Blushing isn’t that serious at all. However, I can imagine that you want solutions if you suffer from fear of blushing.


I would like to give you 10 interesting tips to limit blushing.

What can you do about blushing?

Tip 1: Breathe in and out slowly

Relax by breathing in and out slowly.

Because blushing is a response to tension or anxiety, your body will also relax through calmer breathing.

This reduces the chance of blushing.

Tip 2: Keep smiling

Keep smiling, even when you’re tense or ashamed.

This way you can manipulate your body’s automatic response a bit. When you smile, your body assumes you are less stressed.

This lowers your adrenaline, so that your heart beats less quickly and your blood vessels dilate less quickly. Result: you blush less.

In fact, research has shown that people who smile while doing a difficult task had a lower heart rate.

Tip 3: Try to cool down your body

If you blush a lot, you probably know that glowing feeling that spreads across your face. Blushing is also much more common when you are hot.

If you feel yourself blushing, move to a cooler place. Taking off some clothes can also help to cool the body.

Tip 4: Stay well hydrated

Drinking plenty of water can help you blush less. Cold or luke warm water helps best with this.

If you are afraid of blushing in a certain situation, drink something cool to cool your body beforehand.

Tip 5: Think or something funny

In tip 2 I already mentioned that it is important to keep smiling.

If you can’t do this in stressful situations, try to think of something funny.

This way your body will relax. As a result, your body’s defense mechanism does not come into action, which means that it also produces less adrenaline.

Tip 6: Accept that you blush

If you blush quickly, you worry in advance that you might blush in a certain situation.

Keep in mind that this is a natural reaction of your body and nothing to be ashamed of.

Try to get rid of this shame and just accept that you blush easily. By accepting this, you will calm down and blush less.

Tip 7: Avoid things that make you blush more

Consumption of alcohol, spicy foods and even caffeine can leave a red glow on your face.

Even strenuous exercise and excessive sunbathing can make your cheeks glow. Try to avoid these things if you blush easily.

Tip 8: Use the right makeup

Makeup won’t make you blush any less, but with the right makeup you can cover up your red cheeks a bit.

The easiest way to camouflage a red color on your face is with a green foundation or concealer.

Tip 9: Avoid eye contact or close your eyes for a while

If you blush easily, you are sensitive to what others think of you. If you blush in front of someone, avoid eye contact.

Above all, don’t worry about what others think if you avoid eye contact. When you’re talking to someone, you really don’t have to make eye contact all the time.

Closing your eyes for a moment can also help. Imagine that this other person is not there at all.

This will relax your body so that your blushing decreases or even disappears completely.


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