Feng Shui tips for a nice home where you can also find peace as an HSP

Feng Shui tips for a nice home where you can also find peace as an HSP
How wonderful would it be if you could realize for yourself the ideal image of how you want to live and that many Feng Shui books outline? The naked truth, however, is that we live in our full country and are quite on each other’s lips with all our living problems.

In your somewhat cramped seventies high-rise flat, the neighbors are, as it were, in bed with you. Cooking smells (and other smells) also easily find their way into your sense of smell. For most, living close to each other and hearing-and-smelling everything can already be a source of irritation. If you belong to the highly sensitive, you probably experience this as an outright disaster!

Where possible, make your house an – energetically – impregnable fortress with grounded aluminum foil on the wall to keep out the WiFi radiation from the neighbors. With a super stylized living room in the right trend colors and with soft sheepskins on the sofa to create a serene atmosphere and to keep it under control. And with crystals, mirrors, dragons, frogs, and other frills at the front door to keep evil out.

How sensible or nonsensical is all this? And – more importantly – if it makes no sense, what can you do to make your house a pleasant home, even if you are highly sensitive but don’t want to build a Faraday cage? What can Feng Shui mean in that?

Feng Shui tips for a nice home where you can also find peace as an HSP

Feng Shui tips for a nice home where you can also find peace as a highly sensitive person

1. All exotic frills that supposedly have to provide good energy or offer you protection, can go to the recycling

In the dragons, frogs, swords, flutes, and other paraphernalia, your subconscious does not recognize at all what, for example, the Chinese recognize in them. As a result, they have the opposite effect: they constantly remind you that you are being attacked, need protection and are being negatively influenced. So get rid of it.

2. Use the power of the positive instead

Show who you are at the front door and put your stamp on the entrance to your kingdom. It will immediately support you in the knowledge that you can be there: take your place and make it known to the outside world! It makes you stand firmer in life.

3. Often the basis of overloading your sensitivity can be found in your house and not with the neighbors

All the stuff in your house that evokes a feeling of ‘should’ or of ‘guilt’ contribute to that overload. They keep you small, frustrate your heart and hinder your personal freedom. Make a clean sweep and free yourself from their emotional shackles. Is this a theme that interests you? Also, read this article: Negative energy in the house needs a deeper cleaning on a spiritual level

4. Many people find it a crime to clean their house and save on it under the illusion that they feel happier because they have more time to spend on ‘more important things

However, it backfires. A tattered house can be compared to a dirty back alley in a city: you don’t want to be there. So you flee your home to seek refuge elsewhere in an environment that you hope is clean and cozy. However, there you can relax much less than in your own environment so that your internal stress level reaches defcon 1 much faster.

In a clean house, there is relaxed energy and that contributes to your relaxation. If your house is clean, you will also be much less inclined to drink your coffee in a hip place, so that you will also pick up much less stress and strain from the ‘big’ world. Maybe an idea to breathe new life into the ‘old-fashioned’ spring cleaning?

Feng Shui tips for a nice home where you can also find peace as an HSP

5. Pay more attention to your home!

In many magazines and TV channels, you will find makeover programs in which people sometimes undergo an enormous makeover. What is striking is that it is usually people who paid little attention to their appearance anyway.

With such a person, something as simple as a well-cut haircut and a colorful sweater causes a true metamorphosis. It’s no different with your home: paying attention to your belongings brings them to life! A nice dress here, a flower there, a happy photo of a beautiful holiday above your kitchen counter brings positivity into your life. And as a result, you sit, live, and cook a lot less sad and stressed.

Consciously being happy with your home and paying attention to it pays off. It makes you stronger, happier, and more confident, making you stand up better in the jungle outdoors. Despite your high sensitivity, you will be able to lead a calmer and more pleasant life in which you take more control over this.

Are you highly sensitive? Or could you use a little more rest anyway? I am curious about your story and experience. How do you ensure peace in your home? And which tip are you going to use? Share it in a comment below this blog. You may also be able to inspire someone else with that.


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