Financial setback? This is how you get your money flow going again

Financial setback? This is how you get your money flow going again
If you’re struggling with financial hardship or a cash shortage, don’t miss this article. It shows you how to get money flowing again. “What if surprising developments in your finances are no coincidence? If money is a form of energy? So what does it mean if it works for you financially or against you?”

Ask yourself: what could this financial crisis tell me about the way I spend my energy? Am I doing that to the right things, which are close to my heart?

Money is energy

Financial setbacks can come like a bolt from the blue. “No, not now! It’s not all smooth sailing and now there’s this too!” Do you know that? On the other hand, unexpectedly receiving money – for example from taxes, from an inheritance, or from a generous giver – often seems to come at just the right time. You wanted to do a course or just decorate the baby’s room. What if surprising developments in your finances are no coincidence? If money is a form of energy? What does it mean if it works for you financially or against you?

Financial setback? This is how you get your money flow going again

Financially difficult times force you to make choices: what do you spend, at what time, and to what? Lack of money means that you have to set priorities. You have to choose what is really important to you in order to experience joy in life. In that sense, your finances are pushing you toward the path of your heart.

What a deficiency wants to tell you…

If you learn to see spending and receiving money as a form of energy exchange, being short of money will tell you something about your energy. You don’t have enough energy for the way you now live or plan to lead your life. In fact, you may be leaking energy through it and spending more than you take in.

Suppose: your life consists of working, exercising, occasionally eating out, going on holiday at least once a year, meeting regularly with family and friends, cleaning your house, and buying something nice from time to time such as clothes, home accessories, or a car. You have arranged your finances in such a way that all this is possible. Where possible, you also build up a piggy bank for unexpected expenses and/or dreams for the future. Your life seems so pretty and in order.

And then suddenly something happens that changes everything. You get sick and your income decreases. The case must be closed or you will lose your job. Your car is wrecked. At the same time, you get a leak in your house, the dishwasher stops working and your son’s bicycle is stolen. Your piggy bank is no longer sufficient and your current account is deducting more and more than is added to it.

Financial setback as a nudge in the right direction

What now? Often at such a moment, you tend to get stressed and go to ‘survival’. You cut some recurring expenses, cut back on groceries, and look for alternatives to get life back to the way you used to. But you can also do it differently! First, consciously take a moment of rest and reflection, in which you look at yourself very honestly and take a closer look at your life. Are you really happy like this? Do you feel like you’re getting the most out of life?

Financial setback? This is how you get your money flow going again

By looking at your financial problems in this way, there is room for more than just survival. There is an opportunity for growth. Maybe you’ve dreamed of taking a completely different direction in your life but never dared to take that step. Your financial setback can then be intended as a nudge in the right direction.

Live from your heart

Ask yourself: what could this financial crisis tell me about the way I spend my energy? Am I doing that to the right things, which are close to my heart? Deep in our hearts, we all know what our destiny is, and what difference we can make in the world from our unique beings.

The key lies in the things that come naturally to you, that attracted you as a child, and that you feel love and fulfillment in doing when you do them. In fact, finding fulfillment is always a movement of giving—never one of collecting or appropriating. When you send energy into the world that comes straight from the heart, you automatically receive loving energy back. Energy always exchanges at the same vibrational frequency.

That’s how it flows to you!

Translate that to your cash flows. If you spend money in line with the loving desire of your heart, you will automatically receive the (financial) resources you need to continue doing so. In other words: when you follow the path of your heart in your life and set priorities that fit it, the money you need will flow naturally to you. A financial windfall is therefore a clear sign that you are on the right track with your intentions, plans, and actions. Then there is always abundance.

My personal story

Financial setback? This is how you get your money flow going again

When I decided to quit my office job and focus entirely on my practice, it was also a big step financially. I had a good salary and was also the main breadwinner at home. I gave up without being sure that my practice would run smoothly right away. I did know that giving energetic treatments was something that gave me more fulfillment than anything I had ever done before.

I chose to trust. That did not mean that the money tap went wide immediately. We really had to make adjustments in our spending pattern. But even though it was a little tense at times, somehow there was always just enough to continue on the path I had taken.

Miracles exist

A few years later I wanted to follow the training to become a Reiki Master. The costs for this are 10,000 euros, an amount that was not in my savings account. But here too I felt again that my heart longed for it. I could pay in installments and – although we could barely get by with the income we had each month – as each installment passed, the required amount kept coming back to me as if by miracle. In the form of a tax refund, a gift, or unforeseen additional income. Beforehand, it really felt like a leap of faith. But afterward I was convinced once and for all that it pays to follow your heart.

Are you willing to take risks?

Does it seem too good to be true that the money will come to you naturally if you follow the path of your heart? There is also something in return: your intention and the will to take the necessary steps. It is necessary that you attach so much importance to the desired change in your life that you want to take risks for it. It can be a risk in the form of financial investment or act, like in my case leaving a job. With that, you put a certain form of energy into your intentions. And so an equivalent energy exchange can take place, in which you are paid back with the (financial) resources you need.

Free doesn’t work

Financial setback? This is how you get your money flow going again

The founder of Reiki, Mikao Usui, discovered this principle when he taught victims of the great earthquake in Japan in 1923 to treat themselves and each other with Reiki. His intention was to give them a better chance to get their own lives back on track. That seemed to work at first, but after a year or so people came back to him. They hadn’t been able to stay healthy and keep their jobs (read: keep their energy up).

The Reiki treatments had slipped a bit because of all that toil and toil. Then Usui understood that there was no point in giving away his lessons for free. People had to show the intention in advance to actually continue to apply Reiki and thus be able to grow. From that moment on, he started to charge for his lessons, in proportion to his capacity and the desired result.

Your money or your life

So what do you choose: your money? Or your life? Do you let money determine the course of your life or do you trust that the flow of money will follow your life energy? Even if you are financially at a loss, you always have a choice. If you are willing to follow your heart and do what it takes – even if you can’t see exactly what it is and where it will take you in advance – help will naturally come your way. This can be in the form of money, but it can also be wise advice or, for example, assistance to get rid of a certain hindering, and therefore expensive, habit.

Make your heart’s wish come true

Money is just money. It only gains value from what it makes possible for you. Therefore focus on the joy of life you strive for and let go of what resources you think you need for that. Maybe you expect it to be money, but it turns out to be something completely different. Or maybe you are afraid that too much money will affect your personal integrity and you (unconsciously) block the flow of money. In short, let go of your focus on money as such. Think of it as one of the many forms of energy that can flow to you to make your heart’s desire come true.


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