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Find inner strength and peace in the middle of the corona madness

Braco’s silent gaze as a mainstay

We face unprecedented challenges on our planet related to the coronavirus. The virus has sneaked into our lives like a thief in the night, but we must not allow it to creep into our hearts and souls. Many people experience a sense of isolation, both physically and emotionally, we have financial concerns and face an uncertain future. Unfortunately, we are all in the same boat.

However, there is someone who is an anchor of hope for many, a special person who makes us breathe a sigh of relief and can break through the endless stream of heavy thoughts. but how? Through his silent gaze.

Braco seems to have found in the silence of his gaze a language that people understand in their hearts

Braco’s gaze is no ordinary gaze. His glance has been surprising even scientists for years. An encounter with Braco’s gaze can awaken inner balance, a sense of deep peace and optimism. Does this sound unbelievable? Then try it out for yourself.

This is not a trend, or a trick for popular entertainment: for 25 years now, people from all over the world have come to meet Braco’s gaze: many tell afterwards how much it has helped them, nourished their souls and simply made them happier .

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Globally accessible and free

Since the start of the worldwide shutdown , it is possible to experience Braco’s view online every day. Because travel is currently not an option, a meeting with Braco’s gaze is now possible online every day via and YouTube. Every online encounter with Braco’s gaze is broadcast live.

All meetings with Braco’s gaze are completely free of charge. Anyone who wants to contribute to the fact that these online encounters also remain free, can help without obligation, by supporting Braco’s work with any amount on the streaming website. Braco, meanwhile, focuses in silence on his gaze; he looks into the camera and people in 70 different countries look into his eyes simultaneously.

What do you feel when you look into Braco’s eyes?

Many a sensitive spectator who has had an encounter with Braco’s gaze via the screen, sometimes thousands of kilometers away, tells afterwards about a special energy, a power that clearly flows through the whole body. Dark thoughts and unpleasant feelings disappear and optimism and joy takes its place. Some spectators even talk about improving physical complaints. Braco only sees itself as a support; Braco has great respect for medicine, which plays an important role in resolving medical complaints.

Many people also talk about the positive influence that meeting Braco’s view has had on their professional life, financial situation, family or relationship. Others feel very clearly a psychological stabilization, an expansion of consciousness, the “awakening” of the soul. Experiences are described which, as one scientist once put it, are reminiscent of a Kundalini revival.


Some tell of clearly noticeable changes in the hours and days after the encounter(s). Even watching videos about Braco (Youtube-Braco official channel or DVDs) already helps people to experience peace and support.

Wherever we come from, we all need peace and love

You cannot hear or see what Braco shares through his gaze, but if you open yourself to it, you can perceive it spiritually. You feel a certain energy, a consciousness, many speak of an unconditional love, which is embedded in Braco’s gaze, which can now be shared with countless spectators from all countries, religious beliefs and ways of life.

Braco Livestreaming during Corona Pandemic

When can I meet Braco’s gaze?

DAILY from 5pm to 11pm and YouTube: Braco official channel.

There are 13 sessions daily, starting every half hour. The first is at 5pm, the second at 5:30pm, the third at 6pm and so on. Each session can be viewed independently of other sessions. Many people indicate that the experience becomes more intense if you watch multiple sessions. Experience it yourself. Each session starts with a short introduction, then Braco comes into the picture, after which you can meet his gaze directly from his center in Croatia.

All encounters with Braco’s gaze are free.

Live streaming website:

or stream on Youtube: Braco official channel

Prof. dr. Dr Alex Schneider, former president and co-founder of the Psi days in Basel, former member of the board of the Schweizer Gesellschaft für Parapsychologie, St. Gallen Schweiz:

“When he stands in front of us, he lifts us to a higher level, where we can feel who we really are. And that is so much more than just our physical body. Braco takes us home, to ourselves. †

Dr William A. Tiller, Prof. dr. em. Materials Science and Engineering, Stanford University USA:

“It doesn’t matter how one affects the network of the interconnected parts of reality. What counts are the results. Braco is the pioneer of the new paradigm.”

A UN organization gave Braco an international peace prize in 2012 in New York, which before him only the Dalai Lama and Mother Teresa were allowed to receive.

dr. Michael Beckwith, known for the documentary ‘The Secret’, author and founder of the Agape International Spiritual Center: „ Braco is the truth .“

William Kotzwinkle , author of the bestselling novel ‘ET The Extraterrestrial’ ,(USA).:

“I met Braco, a world-famous healer, who does not charge any money for his treatments. That is truly unique. It seems like it makes him uncomfortable when people try to thank him for what he’s done for them. It is clear that behind what he does is a spiritual power. And yet he is remarkably humble. It’s obvious that he does not want to be seen as a saint or anything like that. That’s just not his nature.”

Therefore, do not let yourself be thrown off balance by the current developments in the world. Even when everything around us falls apart, our inner spark still remains, that which shapes us. With the help of Braco’s gaze, this spark can flare up again into a flame. There is always hope, as long as we continue to trust and open our hearts.


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