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Find your Voice and come into your Primal Power

How to awaken your own voice to come into your Primal Power

Deep within us alone there is a primal sound. A sound that only belongs to you. At your vibration. With your feminine essence.

Over the centuries, women have unconsciously allowed their own sound to be silenced. The male energy was leading and created a collective pattern of behaviour, in which the woman started to adapt more to the men and society.

Many women were unconsciously taught please- behaviour. They subconsciously subordinated themselves to the man, with the result that they lost connection with themselves and lost their own voice. Maybe you recognize yourself in this? I certainly!

In this time where we are moving more towards a heart-supported consciousness and there is more room for feminine energy, more and more women are finding their own voice and thus regaining their power. But how do you find your own voice?

Everything starts with listening

We can only discover our own sound when we have separated ourselves from the sounds of others and connect with who we really are. That is only possible if we listen carefully inside what presents itself. The feeling of unrest in you or that something is pinching, that is a signal from within that something wants to be heard.

I recently re-watched the film  As it is in Heaven  in which a Swedish choir director opens the hearts of villagers and lets them find their own voice. It is impressive to find the voice of Gabriella, a woman who is mistreated by her husband, who does not have the guts to leave him, but who does it anyway and dares to sing a solo in which she stands alone. In this solo she sings from her sense of regained freedom and shows us how she deserves to be happy.

And so it is with each of us. We all deserve the best, but often women in particular settle for less, because they don’t dare to stand up for what they really need deep down and they don’t dare to express it. Standing up for who you are is a gesture of Self-love, but it is also a process that gradually unfolds the moment your voice inside calls out to stand up for yourself. That your voice calls you to live more from love instead of fear. Calling you to stand in your magnificence.

Hidden Voice

Where is your voice hidden? Is he overwhelmed with fear or perhaps sadness? Or is he entwined in the role of Mama, Beloved, Daughter? Perhaps your voice is also intertwined with certain beliefs that you shouldn’t be there or don’t matter.

Do not forget, Dear Human, that Your voice may be completely there and really wants to be heard. Sometimes we suppress our voice because we are afraid of its power. We actually want to shout something out, but we hold ourselves back because we, or others, don’t think it’s appropriate.

By giving space to the voice of frustration or pain, we create a release of accumulated energy. It’s liberating to make your voice sound like that because that’s how you recognize that you have a voice at all.

Let go of everything that suppresses your voice

Around me I see many women stand up for themselves and get out of relationships because they are no longer right. We are raising our vibration as a collective and that also has an effect on relationships.

For example, if your partner is no longer at the same vibrational level or does not want to work towards it, the relationship no longer works. Everything that fits your vibration stays with you and the rest falls away.

If this is the case or going on with you, don’t judge it, let your partner take it for granted. It is his choice whether or not to go with your vibration. And if he doesn’t want to, then you can trust that space will be created to attract someone who now fits your current vibration.

Due to the shift to more feminine energy , women realize that they can be powerful and that they have their own voice that can be heard. But to find that voice, you must first let go of the old: old patterns, old beliefs that invalidate your voice. This also applies to men who are allowed to open up more to the feminine energy of the softness of the heart in which feelings are allowed and acknowledged in order to be able to live an authentic and inspired life.

It is precisely the admission of the feminine and masculine energy in us that creates the balance that we need to be able to stand strong in life.

Find your strength by connecting with your feminine essence

By finding your voice, you say to yourself: ‘I can be completely there’. I’m totally fine the way I am. This voice comes from your core and is guided by the love within you.

One of the ways to rediscover your own voice is to connect with your feminine essence. Because being a woman is an essential part of who you are and in rediscovering this part of you, you get more into your primal power.

I was able to experience this myself by following an online course in which you make contact with your feminine essence to initially energetically cleanse yourself from old loves. In order to energetically free yourself from the past, it is important that you first of all empower your own core, your feminine essence, so that you can return to more self-love. By doing this, you put yourself and your needs first.

Rediscovering your primal power

Connecting with your primal power as a woman makes it easier to let go of old beliefs that are also energetically stored in your body. You will realize how powerful and how valuable you are as a woman and from there you create a shift in consciousness. Old pain that you have unconsciously held has no longer a hold on you, with the result that you no longer get caught up in the same loveless patterns, because you see yourself as valuable.

Again, Self-love is the key to healing. I see it as a great gift for every woman who rediscovers her primal power. Because in this way more and more powerful, beautiful and conscious women are unfolding who create their lives from their primal power and are therefore co-creators of a society where Love is central.

By being more in touch with my feminine essence I have the feeling that another puzzle piece is falling into place, but also the feeling that I have rediscovered a piece of myself. This strengthened connection with my feminine essence makes that I come even more into my I-am-power and so can let my voice be heard even more, because I can now feel deep inside how valuable my voice is. So it is with your voice: – I AM WOMAN SO hear me ROAR! Roar with me!


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