Finding a balance between masculine (yang) and feminine (yin) energy in burnout

Finding a balance between masculine (yang) and feminine (yin) energy in burnout

A balance between masculine energy (also called ‘yang’) and feminine energy (also called ‘yin’) creates the vibration of unity within yourself. When these two energies are in harmony, they serve both your life and your growth process. This article explains how these systems can live in harmony and what the effect of this harmony can be. Because:

A balanced society starts with balance within ourselves.


In the story of burnout, the breakdown in the male energy causes people to end up in burnout (or relapse into it). And the breakdown in the feminine energy, which is necessary to be able to recover, that people can no longer participate in the system and become incapacitated for work.


In the story of bore-out, you would expect that the breakdown in female energy is the basis. After all, ‘boredom at work is seen as the biggest cause of a bore-out. The link that is unfortunately often made is that it concerns lazy, unmotivated, and unambitious people. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Finding a balance between masculine (yang) and feminine (yin) energy in burnout

Let me clarify what exactly is meant by boredom at work:

  • Working below your level.
  • Intellectual boredom.
  • Urge for more.
  • Too little challenge (for example with routine work).
  • Not being able to (fully) use the possibilities at your disposal.
  • Have ideas that you can’t/should not do anything with.
  • Getting too few responsibilities.
  • Growing out of your job through increased knowledge and experience.

As a result, the person has to constantly apply the brakes and as a result, as it were, breaks down his own engine.


It is an important point of attention not to completely lose your feminine energy after burnout. I have experienced that myself. Before my burnout, I had a tendency to keep going until I dropped, but now I tend to go too far into passivity. I should therefore regularly put outward-looking activities on my agenda. Which incite me to action and move me.

In balance

‘Balance’ and ‘boundaries’ remain the magic keywords for burnout-prone people. Finding a balance between yin and yang can offer protection in many areas of life, such as financial, professional, and relationships. Both forms of energy must provide each other with healthy boundaries in order to remain in balance.

If no limits are placed on the masculine energy, it completely loses itself in the demands of the outside world. If no limits are given to the feminine energy, it will be completely absorbed in the inner world of feeling and experience. Just as ebb is just as necessary as high tide, inhalation is just as necessary as exhalation, so effort and relaxation keep each other in balance.


A balance between yin and yang could therefore mean a lot to our society. The Head, heart, and belly would be connected to each other. As a result, decisions would not only be based on reason and logic, but also on intuition and inspiration. By getting to know and respecting our own rhythm, we could better tailor our time and agenda to it. As a result, we achieve more efficiency and therefore better results.

Finding a balance between masculine (yang) and feminine (yin) energy in burnout

Supporting systems and structures would leave more time to spend with friends or in nature. Depending on your personal needs. We would believe that what we like to do is also what we can earn an income from. Making the world of money and matter compatible with the world of soul and Spirit. Determination and discipline would ensure that your creative dreams (such as writing a book or opening a creative studio) would actually see the light of day.

By daring to surrender to the accumulated energy during this process, you experience synchronicity and flow. As a result, your project becomes a playful journey of discovery instead of a serious task, in which being on the road is more important than the destination. Thinking strategically from a connection to the bigger picture would ensure that there is enough for everyone and that a healthy planet remains for future generations. Your confidence in life would make you dare to exchange the familiar terrain for spontaneity and adventure. Which only increases your amazement about life.

Positive impact

Can you imagine the impact this would have on our society as a whole, on the economy, nature, and healthcare…? A balanced society starts with balance within ourselves.


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