First aid for a full head: how to find peace (+ exercise)

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‘Healthy egoism is feeling responsible for your own needs’, is a quote by Lisette Thooft. And how difficult is that!

A striking number of people who come to practice suffer from a full or busy head. Throughout the day, their heads work overtime to process all thoughts, feelings, impressions, and stimuli. They run from here to there, always busy and having no time to stand still. One of my clients says that she often forgets to turn off her head so that the transition from busy to rest and relaxation is not made.


A full head also affects the quality of sleep, so that the battery gradually drains further and you are already tired when you get up. You give too much away to other people and activities and you give too little to yourself. You don’t take your own needs for peace and quiet, for example, seriously.

These complaints often occur in combination with taking little or no space for yourself. Especially women suffer from this. The house is full of spouses and children all occupying their space. But where are you staying? Where is your space? And I mean that both literally and figuratively.

Making space energetically

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In practice I help people energetically with my hands to make space in a busy and full head. I place my hands under the head, massage the rim of the skull and gently press certain points on the head with my fingers. As a result, people experience that there is more space and tranquility, it feels emptier and lighter in the head. But there is so much you can do yourself.

Start by making a place for yourself in a full house. If there is no room left (which is often the case), clear a corner in the house where you make your place. If you stay there regularly, this place will get your energy and it will also give you peace and energy back.

Exercise: Attention

In addition, I teach people a very simple attention exercise that they can do every day. Experience shows that this exercise immediately brings peace and energy. If you do this exercise every day, the pressure in your head will really decrease.

The practice is to sit in silence every day, even if it is only for 5 minutes. Do the following:

  • sit up straight with your feet on the floor, feel your feet on the floor,
  • put your hands loosely on your thighs,
  • keep your eyes slightly open or closed,
  • relax your jaw,
  • breathe in and out calmly,
  • feel the resting point ‘at the bottom’ of the inhale before you exhale again, there is your inner resting point.

If it is difficult not to get lost in that silence and you find yourself in your thoughts, it can help if you keep checking the above points with yourself.

Recharge and find peace

You can also look for a place outdoors where you can experience peace and recharge. I have a customer who, on her daily walk with the dog, stops at a certain tree and feels the energy flowing in her hands with her hands on the trunk. From the walk and standing by the tree she recharges and her head comes to rest.

Making room for your own needs is therefore not selfish in a negative sense. This sometimes prevents people from doing it. Only you are responsible for your own needs, go for it.



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