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First aid for the manifestation of dreams

Last year around this time, the desire came up: I wanted to take a sabbatical. A few months, with my family, to a faraway place. How, no idea.

Because there was not much money. And I couldn’t foresee whether our work schedule would offer that scope. But I knew one thing for sure: intention shapes reality. So I set my intention on a very long time together.

I can manifest what I want. There is no limit to the possibilities. And the cosmos moves with it and supports me. Yet I don’t believe in ‘instant’ realization, ‘orders from the universe’ and ‘replacing old beliefs with new ones’ and then all your dreams come true.

One group of people gets a long way with that, but another doesn’t either. I think I belong to the latter, and that is directly connected with my soul’s longing: becoming wiser, gaining depth, through experience. Nevertheless, I also just like to put things down, and want to dream my reality to life.

So how do you do that, if it doesn’t seem to happen ‘by itself’; if the universe doesn’t turn out to be a sandwich shop ? Manifestation works for me especially if I use the following principles:

1. Energy follows intention.

The manifested reality emanates from the energy field . The energy field is controlled by your clear, positive intention. And – good to be aware of: there is such a thing as a negative intention, which undermines your positive one. Maybe you want to set up your own business, and deep down there’s that feeling that no one is waiting for you?

2. If it is not (yet) possible to manifest your dream, then something needs to be healed first.

Your soul seeks healing at exactly that level where your desire lies and where its realization is delayed. If you have a deep desire for a child, but it does not come, let your desire lead you to the healing of deep pain.

See fear, sadness, and anger that arise as catalysts for your transformation. In this case, for example, you can ask yourself whether you really want to be on Earth yourself.

3. Feel the heart’s desire that underlies your intention, and the lack.

Connect with what is in your heart, even if it is painful. When you intensely long for a partner, the feeling of loss is sometimes unbearable. But still: focus on your heart, your desire, feel the pain and acknowledge it.

4. Intention is not willpower.

Willpower is very often linked to your ego and survival strategies, while an intention comes from within, is linked to your heart’s desire and is related to who you are and what you come here to do.

If you try to achieve things purely on willpower, your energy field becomes tight. The universe is not allowed to become part of your creation, and to take you in unexpected directions.divine blueprint

5. Manifestation is the result of inspiration, trust, action and letting go.

And all in alignment with where you are, who you are and what you are here for. Passivity does not help if you want to manifest, but the enormous emphasis we often place on activity is not fruitful either. It’s about finding your inner wave, rising and falling, and letting it carry you along.

6. Words have a creative power.

The Bible says, “In the beginning was the word, and the word was God. All things were made flesh through the word.’ So it is important to give words to your intention; for yourself, but also to share it with others.

7. Your energy field must be able to carry your dreams.

Big dreams require a solid foundation; can only land in a wide energy field. So give yourself time to grow, one step at a time, until your field is so solid that it can contain the people, the challenges, the feelings, the responsibility, and the greatness that come with your dream.

8. The Law of the Farm always applies.

The Law of the Farm says that it takes a child nine months to develop into a perfect baby. So: no rush. You don’t always have to do something. Processes also take place automatically.

The journey came. The money too. Just like the space in our agenda. Seven wonderful, long weeks to Thailand. In the run-up, the fear set in.

About the risks of traveling with a small child – diseases, flies, attacks, scary animals. But it disappeared when I felt through it. And then the journey was completely effortless.
Of course I didn’t just leave. I longed for a ‘click’ with myself, which I had not made until then.

That became my intention, and it resulted in a deeper sinking into trust, abundance, surrender; the transformation I so longed for.

At the moment there is no intention, except for a very basic one: to cultivate the inner space that has arisen and follow the energy flow, until something greater presents itself, which wants to be born through me.


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