Five holistic remedies to get and keep the flu out of your body

natural antibiotics
Holistic flu remedies are natural, self-applicable and go beyond just treating the symptoms. Because you don’t get the flu just because ‘it’s prevalent’. When you get the flu and why you are prone to it right now are important holistic keys that will help you get rid of the flu as soon as possible. Or, if you catch it early, to avoid worse. I give you 5 self-care tips to get and keep the flu out of your body.

1. Help your cells with a hot water cure

Our body cells can in principle expel invaders such as the flu virus themselves. To do this, they constantly communicate with each other. That communication stands or falls with the presence of sufficient water. Water is the ‘conveyor belt’ along which cells exchange information, energy and substances. In the case of a flu, it is also important that there is as little ‘noise’ (such as sugars, proteins and fats) in the body fluids that can disrupt communication. So drink water.

Doing a hot water cure is best. You then let 1 liter of water boil for 20 minutes and drink it as hot as possible throughout the day. (So ​​keep in the thermos.) Due to the prolonged heating, any minuscule contamination is boiled out of the water as much as possible. Drinking it hot ensures that low-grade inflammation in your body is addressed. And yes, you also pee a lot so that you remove waste.

2. Explore what your flu wants to tell you

Holistic healing means that you also look at the meaning of your illness on a mental-emotional level. Snot is the body’s way of expressing repressed tears. Coughing is essentially barking at the outside world. Fever is the fire of the heart that goes on the defensive. Why is the flu now affecting you? Are there things in your life that make you sad or angry? Do you give your emotions enough space? Or are they looking for another way out? Investigate which thoughts and emotions may be hiding under your flu. As soon as they are allowed, your body can let go and recover.

Natural antibiotics

3. Natural Antibiotics

Nature offers countless herbs as holistic flu remedies. Because antibiotics are often prescribed for the flu, I would like to point out a natural alternative for this: propolis. Propolis is a substance that honeybees make to close their nests and protect eggs. It has a high antiseptic value against infections. Natural remedies generally take longer to take effect than chemical medicines. However, this means that they do their work more carefully and save healthy cells and bacteria. And that is very beneficial for your overall health in the long term.


4. Surrender to being sick

Flu puts you in rest mode, whether you like it or not. Apparently now is the time for you to slow down and listen to yourself better. You allow yourself to be influenced too much by stimuli, demands and expectations from outside. That is at the expense of yourself. The flu asks you to listen more closely to your own needs. The sooner you surrender to being sick and take rest, the less severe and persistent the flu needs to be to get through to you. So be grateful to your body for this signal and surrender to the mandatory time-out.

5. Think about your gut

Your gut largely determines your resistance. With the flu, it is therefore extra important to be kind to your stomach. You do this by eating food that is easily digestible for your intestines. Eating bread every day, for example, is very taxing for many people. And eating raw vegetables in the colder seasons is no fun for most intestines either. Eat vegetables and fruits of the season from your own country. Go in with your attention and feel what food your body needs right now.

If you generally have sensitive intestines or regularly suffer from colds or flu during the year, it is advisable to take good probiotics . Especially if the ‘r’ is in the month. Good probiotics consist of a broad spectrum of bacterial strains and contain as few fillers as possible such as corn starch or maltodextrin. Ask for it at the better health store.

Get well soon!


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