Five types of dreams: what do they tell?


We dream every night. Some people remember their dreams in great detail, others rarely remember dream stories. Remembering dreams can be practiced by writing down a dream intention or by putting a dream notebook next to your bed, in other words: by consciously working on it during the day. There are different kinds of dreams. Discover five of them and read what they have to say.

Five different dreams

Processing dreams

Five types of dreams: what do they tell?

Dreams closest to our consciousness during the day are processing dreams. Subjects that you have thought about or situations you have experienced are discussed in these dreams – usually in chaotic, distorted form. They are dreams that quickly evaporate. Their goal is to process stimuli and events from daily life.

Recurring dreams

Do you have a dream that keeps coming back? Then pay attention, because these kinds of dreams are an important guideline. A recurring dream indicates how the flag is hanging at different times in your life. For example, if you have a recurring dream about the sea, it will be calm one time and stormy the next, depending on the situation you are in. Heed these dreams, for they call for awareness and attention.


Five types of dreams: what do they tell?

The same as for recurring dreams applies to nightmares: your attention is aroused. And how! Chase, monsters, murder; after a nightmare you only want one thing: to forget this dream. Don’t do this, but look, indicate and analyze. A nightmare wakes you up because something is out of balance, but you don’t realize it. The fact that you remember a nightmare means that you are open to seeing what is going on.

Symbolic dreams

Dreaming about a whale in the harbor, a lion walking through your room or a large tree that you lean against has something magical about it. They communicate through symbolism and often you remember them razor sharp, as if you really experienced them. These dreams have a message for you that you have awareness of. For example, they confirm something that you have already sensed or point out a development that you are going through. They may have a predictive message, but they don’t literally broadcast it.

Predictive dreams

Five types of dreams: what do they tell?

Dream stories that come true; they exist. This can appear small in the form of a déjà vu, but also big if you dream about your newborn son at a later age or about yourself in the position for which you have applied. They are special dreams, which are sometimes worth sharing – casually and not too heavily loaded. The person who can do something with it will automatically pick out the relevant information.


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