Five Ways to Have the Best Menopause Ever

Five Ways to Have the Best Menopause Ever

You’ve been told all your life that menopause is one big drama, an ordeal that you have to somehow survive. Many women blindly navigate their way through this transition feeling lost, crazy, and ignored. They fail to see how dignified this transition is and there is no respect for this rite of passage which is in fact very important. The following five tips can help you prepare for the powerful awakening that occurs during menopause.

Five ways to prepare for menopause (and have the best menopause ever!)

1: Make peace with your menstrual cycle

If you’re still menstruating, make peace with your menstrual cycle. Try to become aware of your cycle by thinking about which day of the cycle you are on, feeling your energy and mood for the day, and working with that as best you can. When you do that, you get to know yourself on an even deeper level. In this way, you slowly build a manual for going through menopause.

If you’ve already stopped bleeding, make peace with the menstrual journey you’ve had by thinking about it and learning about the powers of menstruation, because after menopause, all those powers of the menstrual cycle are still alive in you .

2: Know and love your strengths and vulnerabilities

Take the time to think about what you are good at and what you are not so good at. And accept that. Give yourself full permission to be completely unapologetically yourself, including your warts!

3: Accept that you are in menopause

Five Ways to Have the Best Menopause Ever

When you go through a transition, you can no longer expect normal things from yourself that you normally expect from yourself. During menopause, you go through a process of death and rebirth, you end one way of life, and you start building another life for yourself — a new story. Your psyche needs time and space to process this transition, and if you can give yourself some space, not trying to push yourself too much, you will find that your stress level drops and you start to feel a new story unfold.

4: You have to keep taking care of yourself

There’s nothing to argue with, I’m afraid! You have to take care of your health now. Focus on all the usual culprits related to your diet, sleep schedule, and exercise. Remember: the golden rule in menopause is being kind to yourself. You also need to be really nice to yourself and take care of yourself right now.

Very slowly make small changes to your diet, the way you train, and also your sleep schedule. You will definitely need more time for yourself during menopause and that is one of the most important things. Remember that you are going through a process of death and rebirth, and that means you need space and time. The incredible magic of time alone works in such a way that you can really feel and listen to what your body needs — the instructions come from within.

5: Think back to your very first period

Five Ways to Have the Best Menopause Ever

This may sound very strange! You’re at the end of your menstrual journey and I’m telling you to go back? This is because the way you experienced your first bleed set the tone for your entire menstrual life. If any form of shame or injury has occurred during that time, you need to pay attention to it, take care of it, and heal that pain so that you can close this chapter.

Just think about the time of your first period and how you felt, as well as the messages you received about the menstrual cycle and about yourself. Once you’ve reflected, take the time to gently redefine your experience. Simple, isn’t it?

So those are the five ways you can prepare yourself for the best menopause ever. Remember this is an inside job!

It is time that we consider menopause worthy and restore the rightful place of this transition in our spiritual journey as a woman. I hope you find a way to give yourself the space, time, care and respect you need during this powerful transition.


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