Flu or cold coming? 9 toppers that you can use quickly


Do you suddenly feel a sore throat or runny nose? Or do you feel shivery? Are these often the first signs of an emerging cold or flu? There are many ways to prevent the flu or cold from having no chance for you . But we all know: you can screw up for once! What can you do to get rid of it quickly? You can read that in this article. With lots of practical tips!

Your resistance is dynamic; sometimes more, sometimes less

A busy period with too much  stress , not eating healthy for a while or hanging on the couch too much: let’s be honest, this happens to all of us sometimes. These are all possible causes of a  (temporarily) impaired immune system . Which literally means: your body is busy with other things, so that it can no longer efficiently keep out potential pathogens.

It is good to realize that resistance and health  are not static, but dynamic situations  . Sometimes you just feel better than other times: you feel better about yourself. Always keep your resistance at the highest arrow: that always comes naturally.

It can always happen that an annoying intruder passes all the barriers and gives you a runny nose, sore throat or an even more annoying, sick feeling.

First things first: drinking and especially not suppressing a fever

Do you think you got something? Start by drinking enough first! Your body uses a lot of fluids when you are sick.  Especially if you also have a fever. Think especially of elderberry juice, herbal tea and (hot) water.

Elderberry juice has long been a topper that prevents (flu) viruses from spreading and multiplying quickly in your body.

Elderflower tea is also very good for flu with a fever. Tea with some slices  of ginger  or  turmeric  in it too. Also think of tea from Provencal herbs such as thyme, marjoram, oregano and  sage  or cinnamon tea. These are all herbs with a  powerful anti-inflammatory effect . You can also steam with this.

DO NOT suppress an emerging fever  with paracetamol  or another anti-inflammatory. The heat in your body ensures that flu or cold viruses are made harmless! It may not feel pleasant, but curl up in your bed and just visualize that the heat in your body is killing all viruses. In case of a really high fever, of course, consult a doctor.

Your immune system creates a fever because viruses cannot withstand heat. So do not suppress fever, it has an important function.

natural antibiotics

What are toppers that you can deploy quickly?

There is a lot you can do to feel better quickly. Consider the list below:

1. Vitamin C

This important vitamin can significantly reduce the duration and symptoms of a flu or cold  . However, the most effective is to take vitamin C before you are really sick. (1) This causes your body to produce a substance, interferon, which helps to quickly get rid of a virus or bacteria.

I recommend vitamin C as a supplement especially in times of reduced resistance, but there are also many ‘wonders of mother nature’ that can help you in winter and autumn. Think red peppers, all kinds of cabbages (including Brussels sprouts!), citrus fruit, kiwis and to top it all off: rosehip extract. (2) Superfoods such as camu camu, the acerola and acai berries also contain a lot of vitamin C.

It is recommended to eat many foods with a high dose of vitamin C from the beginning of autumn. Supplement this with a supplement.

2. Vitamin D

Your immune system uses plenty of vitamin D to protect itself against viruses and bacteria. It also has a demonstrable effect on upper respiratory tract infections.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to get enough vitamin D in the fall and winter. It is produced in your body when you expose your skin to sunlight (especially when the sun is shining!) and it is found in some oily fish and eggs. But this too little. A  supplement  is therefore indispensable. My preference, especially for women, is a supplement of vitamin D in combination with K2.

3. Zinc

Zinc is a mineral that is not well known to many people. However, multiple studies indicate that it is involved in the body as a crucial component in  shortening a cold  (3) For example, it was concluded that zinc is not only able to curb the common cold, but can also be used preventively. Thus, the risk of developing a cold can be reduced.

Zinc can shorten the duration of a cold

Crustaceans and shellfish, hemp seed, nutritional yeast, oats and egg contain a lot of zinc and are recommended. There are also zinc lozenges and nowadays vitamin C in combination with zinc is also offered as one supplement. This is especially helpful in curing throat colds.

Unsoaked nuts and the bread you buy in a supermarket contain a lot of phytic acid, which lowers zinc in your body. So if you have the flu, leave it alone for a while.

4. Probiotics

Your immune system works with  healthy gut bacteria  to fight off viruses. That is why it is important to take good care of your gut bacteria if you have a flu. Good probiotics can therefore mean a lot for you during the flu. Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium strains in particular have a positive effect on acute respiratory infections. Research found that subjects who were given probiotics were sick for fewer consecutive days than those who took a placebo. (5)

Have you just had a course of antibiotics? Then support your gut with probiotics, especially in the fall and winter. You are more susceptible to the flu or cold after a course of antibiotics.

Of course, all fermented foods such as sauerkraut or  (homemade) coconut yogurt  are also a healthy choice. Also be aware that the Bifido bacteria in particular are known for their preventive effect against flu and that they only thrive in your intestines if you eat plenty of fiber. So let’s take a look at your diet, although you may not have much appetite when you are sick in bed.

Vitamin C Vegetables

Food especially for flu and colds

Because let’s be honest: natural food is and remains the most powerful means to stay healthy and fitFood is the best medicine . Get the following quickly if you feel a flu coming on, but don’t force anything. If you don’t feel the need to eat, don’t eat. Digestion costs your body a lot of energy and if you don’t feel hungry, your body apparently prefers to use this energy to fight viruses.

1. Fruits and vegetables

In particular, certain plant substances,  bioflavonoids , provide support in the event of the flu or cold. You can find these in cruciferous vegetables such as Brussels sprouts, broccoli and kale. Bitter vegetables such as organic chicory and arugula are also fine. Also think of all types of red fruit and make a delicious smoothie with it.

Maybe you don’t feel like it, but briefly fried shiitake have scientifically proven to have a powerful antiviral effect.

2. Garlic

In an earlier article  you could read why garlic is a  powerful weapon  to keep the flu and cold at bay. But if you do get it, garlic remains a powerful food: it assists in multiplying white blood cells that attack the virus particles once multiplied. Think of it like calling in an extra army of virus fighters.

Garlic assists in multiplying white blood cells that fight viruses in your body

3. Chicken soup or stock

Of course I’m talking about the homemade version, not the pack or can. Head colds in particular seem to benefit enormously from such a delicious bowl full. One study even states that there is no other way that is more effective against a stuffy nose than chicken soup. One reason for this effect may be that chicken contains the amino acid cysteine ​​in a special form: N-acetyl-cysteine. This breaks down mucus and has antiviral and anti-inflammatory effects.

Tip: cook some shiitake slices at the end and you have a double antiviral effect.

4. Ginger

Ginger  is one of those tubers that should not be missing when you have been struck down by the flu or other misery.  Ginger is also indispensable and multi-useful for  bacterial infections . Think ginger tea, but you can also grate it through food. Ginger  has antioxidant and anti-microbial properties. This together forms a powerful weapon against the multiplication of pathogens. (7)

5. Organic Raw Honey

When you do make a cup of ginger tea, immediately stir in a teaspoon of raw honey. Let the water cool down a bit, because only the very best honey (ie: organic and raw) contains substances that mainly  combat bacterial infections . In combination with sore throats, honey has a soothing effect, which is even much more effective than a (sweetened) cough syrup. There is also thin evidence that good quality honey can boost the immune system. (8)

Honey as a boost for the immune system? Only of the very best quality and cold-thrown!

Finally: your body probably indicates it itself because you don’t feel like it, but especially ignore processed food, all kinds of sweets, non-organic dairy and heavy fats such as non-organic meat and fish. As I write this, I think that this is actually good advice forever, not just if you feel a flu or cold coming on.

There will always be viruses and bacteria

Flu viruses, cold viruses and bacteria are of all times.  We have always inhabited our planet along with them. The vast majority of them are harmless, some can make us sick, but it is our immune system that determines  how  sick we get.

Ultimately, a healthy and effectively functioning immune system offers the best protection against germs such as certain viruses and bacteria.


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