Follow the path of your energy: what are your energy guzzlers and energy boosters?

Follow the path of your energy: what are your energy guzzlers and energy boosters?

Are you brimming with energy? Then you can skip this article… Are you ready for a boost? This article stimulates you to examine and increase your energy level. “It is often thoughts that make us tired.”

Find something you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.

Something is gnawing…

You have a job. From the outside, it looks like nothing is wrong, but inside something is gnawing. The weekends feel too short, Sunday evening the stress is already starting to bubble up and the times you had to drag yourself to work can no longer be counted on two hands. Recognizable? For me, yes. I got a nice job right after graduating. Yet something wasn’t right. I thought: I can’t complain, because who has a job like this at such a company? Now I know better: this work gave me no energy. In fact, it cost me a lot of energy.

What are your energy guzzlers?

Do some research and monitor your energy level throughout the day. When are you in a slump? When do you need coffee? When do you get distracted? I consciously say ‘let yourself be distracted, because this is often a sign that you are doing something that does not give you any energy.

This self-examination starts with focusing on what you don’t want. We often have very clear what we do not want, but it is not entirely clear what we do want. Looking at what you don’t want is therefore a good starting point on the way to what you do want and what gives you energy. Sometimes it can be very simple: just do the opposite and the energy guzzler is gone! When that is not so easy, you have to dig a little deeper and take other steps.

What are your energy boosters?

Follow the path of your energy: what are your energy guzzlers and energy boosters?

Now make a list of what gives you energy. Write it down so you can revisit these energy boosters later. Also, look at what gives you mental energy. Our tiredness is often in our thoughts: we talk about ourselves as tired. For example, when we have had a bad night’s sleep. Our body feels fine and we can function well. It’s the thoughts that make us tired! ‘I’ve only had a few hours of sleep, so I must be tired…’ And what will you become? Right, tired.

Back to the list that gives you energy. Now try to figure out exactly what gives you energy. An example: I like sports, Crossfit to be precise. What gives me energy, although it is physically taxing?

  • Sports with a group: all doing the same thing at the same time.
  • The short span of time.
  • Get lost in a short amount of time.
  • The community feeling.

These are all things that give me energy, but that is not necessarily dependent on a sport. Now that I know this, I can see what other areas I can apply these elements to. I can also experience the community feeling when I have a Zoom party with friends I know from personal development training. Or I can let loose when I put on music and dance. It’s different, that’s right. But in this way I always create new possibilities to enjoy.

Self-care for everyday

An important aspect in this story is self-care. Self-care you do every day. For example, what does your morning ritual look like? Already starting to scroll in bed? bam. Gone energy. How do you then go about the day? Which foods do you choose? They have a big effect on your energy level. When you eat foods that are not right for you, your energy plummets because your body has to work too hard to digest it.

Follow the path of your energy: what are your energy guzzlers and energy boosters?

Are you getting enough exercise? Sitting still can make you lifeless. The energy than does not flow well through your body and stagnates. You may then start to feel heavier. The easiest way to solve this is: move. Do a short yoga series, dance to your favorite song, or go for a walk. Walking up and down the stairs, a few times also helps enormously. Guaranteed to make you feel lighter.

Finally, what about your sleep? Sleeping too little can put you in a negative spiral. A nice place to sleep and a good wake and sleep rhythm can help you to increase your energy.


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