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For a meeting of Twin Flames, both souls must be ready together

It is a fact that as souls we all come from the same source. A twin flame is nothing more and nothing less than a soul part that has its origin from this source.

These soul parts belong together but also know their separateness. Rediscovering an equal brings joy but sometimes also a lot of sadness. Twin souls often mirror in many areas and that gives a huge recognition.

By the way, they quickly recognize each other because of the many habits, qualities and preferences that they have in common in this life. In fact, they complement each other seamlessly.

It is then one of many lives back and of many lives together. It’s a connection from one. There is a telepathic connection that strengthens the empathic ability. Some souls have spent many lives together and some souls know each other less.

In the case of a very strong attraction and recognition, similarity of qualities and more, you can speak of a soul connection . You can recognize twin souls by their common history that goes back millions of years and crosses eras like Lemuria , Atlantis , ancient Egypt and Greece.

We should not confuse a twin flame with a mutually high affinity or karmically similar patterns. Twin Flames meet incarnation after incarnation in all kinds of interpersonal relationships and on various planets, eras and guises.

This can be man – woman, father – child, mother – child, and many other combinations both within and outside the family, in friends or in other countries. An encounter will activate the consciousness so that one becomes aware of old memories and talents more quickly. Even a shift to a higher dimensional consciousness is possible.

Meeting of Twin Flames

For such a meeting both souls must be ready together. Too great a difference in consciousness will delay such an encounter, which can be explained by the law of synchronicity. This meeting is not intended to be repeated, but to stimulate each other in recognizing each other’s possibilities. All the inner work and perseverance becomes a great gift of Love that will change the earth for the better.twin soulsWhen such recognition takes place, we see problems arising against a background of old norms and values ​​created in a time of imperfection and darkness. As the way opens for a new era, may those who carry the light within them pave the way for a new world. Age difference, marriage, ranks and more all relate to these old norms and values ​​​​and are no longer important as only love counts.

Marriage is not marriage but an earthly institution and is often a union without love. In essence a marriage is also superfluous since the soul union is there or not. No person can connect two souls if this connection is not there. A large age difference is unbecoming according to our prevailing norms and values. But what is the age of the soul?The soul is timeless and knows no seasons.

It is about exchanging an energetic consciousness that can take place by entering into a deep soul connection. Those who dare to be open to what they feel will enter the true kingdom. Those who turn their backs on their true souls out of fear will never know the paradise feeling. Age is just a step in time!

However, Love makes that two souls find each other again and temporarily adjust their soul vibration to each other again. The soul is immortal and will enter into unions in this life, where many more will follow as there have been many before.

After all, what is a unit cannot be separated.

twin soulsThe lesson we can learn from rediscovering your significant other is to perfect pieces that still need to be worked out. However, it is a recognition that does not always receive the recognition we would like. Often souls feel that they know each other but cannot make the connection completely. In principle, this oblivion is a good thing, if we knew everything, we would often not want to see each other anymore. It is precisely the oblivion that brings a part of the soul back to us, so that the acquaintance can be experienced again.

Look for your soulmate and feel that deep love. Don’t go for less, don’t go for more. No longer feel lonely or misunderstood but know that those who truly love you will never judge or oppose you but only show understanding for your soul. A rejection says more about those who reject you than it does about you. All we have to do in such an encounter is to feel this love and know that this love is pure love!


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