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For a new Earth: There are no limits, there is only “Infinity”


There are no limitsThere are no limits.

There are many New Age spiritual teachers , and almost all of them talk about boundaries. They say there are 11 dimensions, or 12, or 17, or whatever. That you have to go through certain phases and processes for “a higher state of consciousness”, for the “enlightenment” or to ” awaken “. They say “do this”, then you achieve “that”.

They may tell you that they have had ten previous lives, and that each of those lives influences this one.

They tell you that you will be a perfect being if you follow exactly these ten rules.

Every time you see or hear a number or line: Stop! Think… Infinity. Reality is “infinite”.

The numbers and rules you hear are designed to simplify things. To help you get started in this physical time/space dimension (the 3rd Dimension ), which you are now aware of. This dimension has a lot of rules, so it seems like boundaries actually exist.

Conditioning in your youth

InfinityWhen you were very young, you learned that those rules are absolute. And anything that breaks the rules, which you may have experienced as a small child, has been frowned upon and erased from your memory by the society we grew up in. Such as for example Astral connections with your Guardian Angels , Spiritual guides and other beings from Higher dimensions.

In your early social education you learned to mistake the “rules” of the 3rd Dimension for what is “normal” in this reality. The reality of the 3rd Dimension has been hammered into it and it determines how you interpret the concepts of “time”, “space” and “belief”.

Some of you have “survived” this socialization. And some of you have managed, after all these years, to open yourself up to other dimensions again.

This is happening more and more these days, of course. More and more people on our planet are opening up to their full reality.

Spiritual Lessons & Language Limitations

Converting a spiritual lesson ‘for a while’ into a human language means that you limit the knowledge. It goes beyond language .

So all spiritual teachings, no matter who they come from or how deeply they are connected to the “I Am”, are limited. They are limited so that your limited mind, which is so accustomed to this reality of the 3rd dimension, can shape them, understand them and use them .

So remember for all lessons, whether they tell you explicitly or not, the goal is to go beyond the lesson. This is especially true for numbers. Every time you hear a number, Stop and Think: “Infinity”. Whenever you hear a limitation, any limitation, Think, “Infinity” — because reality is infinite in every way.

It is your own limited imagination that creates blocks and challenges . Your imagination is limited by your belief system. A system in which you only have a limited number of options at any time. This that you cannot reach your full potential ensures.

If you believe in infinity, if you understand infinity, there is nothing stopping you.Infinity

Creating the perfect Earth

Then you can say, ” Okay, so how do I use this tool, this infinity, to create the world I want to see, the perfect life I want to experience?”

You need creativity and imagination for that.

Trust yourself — trust that you have what it takes to feel the infinite, to see the fullness of what is possible, and to choose from that fullness what makes you happiest in a perfect life.

You can do this in an infinite number of ways.

We recommend that you start with inner work. A form of meditation in which you quiet your active monkey brain and open yourself to infinity. That’s also where all your thoughts come from. From that source of infinity.

But some of those thoughts get stuck in ways and patterns of thinking and behavior . In parts of the rules that were hammered into you as a small child, when you first came into this reality. When everything around you taught you how this reality works, whether those lessons are true or not.

In many aspects, this reality is not so different from any other reality or dimension. It is as flexible as the 4th Dimension, if you can open yourself up and go beyond the limiting rules you have been forced to believe from childhood.

Those are the rules you agreed to when you came into this reality. But you can break the rules.

Because you are part of infinity. You don’t have to live in a present moment that is based on a limiting world, part of the limiting past that you believe in and think is your reality.

You can take a step towards a “ New Earth ”, which is more evolved than the Earth you arrived at.

That is an Earth where entities on the planet are less bound by rules and boundaries. They are more open and able to use the “creativity of infinity” to experience the planet and the life they want to experience. That to them feels like perfect.Infinity

Please think of “Infinity”

So please think of “infinity”.

Think about it.

Think about it when you face a challenge.

Think about it if you don’t have any challenges.

Whenever you are open to the wonders of this reality, of this planet, of this life: think of infinity.

Where else can you go?


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