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For all the star children born in this world

Don’t be discouraged if this world doesn’t recognize you.

You are a child of the universe. A lost star. Born in a difficult time. A time filled with changes. A time that MUST be moved. If no one is willing to make the move, the star children will have to do it.

Many star children do not know themselves that they are star children. They grow up feeling misunderstood, lost in chaos and sadness.

But now that the stargate has been unlocked, the star children can be fed by the power of the universe. The breath of the cosmos. Many star children are exhausted. They have given their strength to this world and are weary. Tired to the bone.

But the way home is unlocked and the journey is almost at an end. The beautiful features present in the aura emerge and show that you are truly a star child. It’s a sign of the universe. A birth process. You can no longer resist yourself. Your lonely process between souls that do not want to know you as you really are, is coming to an end. You are a jewel in a mud puddle. A gem in the swamp.A light pebble on the beach. And you start to light up. Hesitant at first, but then more and more radiant.

Now that the starlight is unlocked you start to grow. Your littleness disappears. Your radiation increases. Let us find you. No more hiding in the underground cellars of the earth consciousness. A procession of light angels is looking for you and burrows through the paved child poem

It is known that somewhere beneath the calluses of your time, that twinkling brilliance is there. You will be lifted from the layers of time and placed in full sun. You are warmed, cherished and loved. Your brilliance may illuminate the environment. You are born again and nurtured by the Mother of Life herself.

The breath of time breathes new life into you. The streams of past moments have shaped and sharpened you. And made you even more beautiful than you already were. By allowing yourself to be placed in the bed of the time current, many currents have been able to wash through you. Such that the inner core reflects the beauty in the outer form. You are now truly shining in all directions and many on this earth cannot yet handle the purity in this brilliance. That’s why people try to throw layers of dust over you, so that your brilliance is less noticeable.

They try to bury you and forget you. But you cannot be forgotten, because you are and will remain a child of the sun, of the stars and the moon. You are a cosmic being, who can never die. And during this time you are dug out very carefully. All dust layers are polished away. That which puts its false appearance on you is removed from your environment. And you do not yet dare to see the beauty of that which emerges.

LOOK man of this earth, child of the stars, guide of the universe and dare to see who you really are. Let no one drape their veils over you to vaporize your glow. Break through the darkness to the outside and make yourself strong. You are needed at this time and are being called upon to use your star power for this world. A world that has vilified, damaged and buried you. But a star child continues to carry the love of the universe, that love cannot be buried or damaged. That force breaks loose from the core and flows out. Into that damaged world, like a healing force.

Streams of sorrow break forth from you, impotent pain, shameless anger, healing light. For your sorrow, pain and anger have never been fixed in others. You have stored all this in yourself and prevented it from flowing out. And now it can go outside. Free yourself from these hidden pools and attach your love to them. So that it can flood into other people’s pain, powerlessness and sadness and still work as a healing child poem

The star power will purify. The star power will balance you. The star power will lift you up and carry you through your time. The star power may finally awaken and illuminate your individuality. Stay true to yourself and to the light. Stay true to the Plan of change and growth. Awaken in your star consciousness and participate in the cosmic exchange. Breathe in and out starlight. Fill your surroundings with the breath of the new age and become more powerful than you have ever been.


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