For good health: this way you can discharge your body daily

For good health: this way you can discharge your body daily

It is important to consciously discharge your body on a daily basis, because your system stores all experiences. “If it becomes overcrowded, you can end up in a burnout, become depressed or have other complaints,” says Diana Douma. In this article she shows you how to blow off steam. A tip: smile!

Discharging keeps your mind clear and ensures that you continue to function properly.

Our nervous system is under pressure

Are you blowing off enough steam? Are you aware of how important this is? And what do you do to unload? There are several ways to do it, but the most important thing is that you do it consciously. Why? To keep your mind clear and ensure that you continue to function properly.

Life throws unexpected scenarios at our feet and every time our system has to anticipate them. We can do that very well since people are highly resilient and flexible. But we often forget that everything we experience in our lives has an impact on our nervous system. This store’s everything and can react to trauma at some point.

Survival Mechanism: Avoiding the Pain

For good health: this way you can discharge your body daily

Traumas can build up and store in your system. The stored experiences ensure that a person will adapt in the long run. You often end up in survival mode: you fight, freeze or flee so as not to feel the built-up pain. The survival mechanism has all kinds of ways and tricks to keep you away from the pain, sadness or trauma. That is why it is so important to discharge your system regularly. Because if it ‘fills up’, you can get burned out, become depressed, get complaints or illnesses.

What don’t you want to feel?

There are several methods to let off steam. It is important that you do it daily to regulate your system. This way it stays more balanced and you can handle the setbacks in life better. Of course it is also important that you work on your healing if you are still dealing with trauma.

It’s about really feeling the things we don’t want to feel. The discomforts that simmer in the belly and want to surface to be seen and heard. We often look for distraction so that we don’t have to feel. And that while we can find the balance by becoming more one with our feelings. Ask yourself why you want to run away from all those uncomfortable feelings so badly. Those ‘dark sides’ that just want to be there. Why can’t they be there? What prevents you from experiencing these feelings?

Our minds make up stories

For good health: this way you can discharge your body daily

But it is also important that you realize how far you have come and what you have already achieved. We tend to forget where we come from.

Blowing off steam helps you see things more clearly. If you regularly blow off steam, your system will not become overcrowded and you will get a much better picture of certain situations. We can sometimes get so caught up in our heads that we make up all kinds of stories that aren’t there. A kind of self-fulfilling prophecy. If you know the law of attraction, you know how it works…

This is how you can unload

There are different ways to discharge your body, such as sports, walking, swimming, cycling in nature, or taking a bath. But writing, drawing, painting, gardening, DIY, or other hobbies can also help. It’s about getting your body into a state of relaxation, for example by taking a massage, doing nothing, or going to the sauna. Shouting, dancing, or singing along also works well.

Just like listening to music, going to a party, or having a good conversation with someone who understands you and knows what you are going through. It’s about finding something, a hobby or outlet, that discharges your body and puts it into a meditative state. This way you can clear your head and your system comes to rest.

An open heart brings balance

For good health: this way you can discharge your body daily

Opening your heart is sometimes difficult, but it is necessary if you want to balance your system more. Because an open heart creates more balance. We need people around us to survive. We are not made to be alone all the time. If you find it difficult to connect, join a hobby club, or take dance or meditation classes. Take workshops or courses in which you connect with others. In contact with others, you get to know yourself and your needs better. And this self-knowledge helps you to achieve more balance.

Moreover, contact with people is also a way to discharge. You can have more fun in connection with others. Laughter is a wonderful medicine that helps to blow off steam and increases your frequency. What steps will you take to unload and bring yourself back into balance?


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