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For the adult who would like to connect with his / her feelings


A trick question: Do you know that children feel first and then think?

An answer: Yes, but all people are sentient beings. Only adults often seem to have forgotten it.

Do you recognize the sound of your phone ringtone well? Me too! But recently I listened to ABBA who put quite a lot of chords in their songs and even though I saw my phone ring, the ringtone so familiar to me first completely disappeared against the chorus of Chiquitita for a while, until I started to prick up my ears and could distinguish. to make.

It is the same with ‘feeling’. The sound is there, but all at the same time, and whether you can understand it. Fortunately, there is a shortcut for this: Be as present as a toddler!

As adults we set many conditions, you know that too. We also impose conditions on time. If you really want to hurry up. Stress is “normal”. We adults are far too busy for the power of NOW. But NOW, that really just means a childishly simple thing: TO BE PRESENT. And being present really only means one thing: How connected are you with that which is there?

We adults think that connecting means with that which is outside of us, but a toddler doesn’t care about that. He is constantly busy with his own inner world because he still feels his emotions so directly. But the older he gets, the more judgments he collects about it. And that comes at the expense of the connection with it.

I recently asked a 35-year-old barista, a lovely man, if he still believed in unconditional love and he asked me “if that wasn’t something about children and animals”. I didn’t ask him if he believed in ” inner children “.

Feelings all have their own sound. Some old and painful ones we can no longer hear as adults and we mute them. And because we no longer believe in Peter Pan, there is no one who can tell us how to deal with Captain Hook.

This isn’t even the most painful, by the way. What really hurts is that you no longer hear the magic of Tinkerbell, which makes life playful and light for you.

If you want to connect with your feeling, you can look for it, or realize that everything is already there. Presence and wonder are, after all, very close to each other.


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