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Forgotten Dreams – 6 tips to make your dreams come true!

There is no more beautiful sight than that of children playing. Their drive, enthusiasm and cheerfulness touch everyone’s heart. Do you also remember that nice feeling? A sense of invincibility and strength. That feeling of potential and unlimited possibilities, full of good courage to conquer this world.

You were not afraid of life, but full of faith and you believed in the goodness of everything and everyone. Thousands of beautiful dreams that you rediscovered every day. Where have they gone? Do you still have them or have you quietly forgotten them?

Don’t be put off by setbacks

Because life is made up of contrasts, it is impossible not to have setbacks, but you do not have to be discouraged by this. On the contrary! These lows are the ideal moments to create new, powerful wishes.

The difficulty here is not to get lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, but to face life consciously and with an open mind. Always try to see the positive sides of situations and thus push the negativity into the background. Because negativity brings down your good energy and prevents you from living the life you would like.How-we-strengthen-our-ownness

Make sure that your enthusiastic child’s heart never stops beating and always retains a place in your adult life. That way, your dreams will come closer faster than you ever imagined. To help you on your way, I’ve listed a few tips below!

6 tips to make your dreams come true!

1) Fill your heart with gratitude

Feelings of gratitude are the best feelings there is. They give off the highest possible vibration, in addition to pure love, and with this you quickly set a large amount of energy in motion. A feeling of gratitude gives a feeling of happiness and well-being and leaves no room for frustration or dissatisfaction.

It is good to check in your life for which things or persons you are already deeply grateful, and then focus your attention on this. Fast good feelings guaranteed!

2) Detox you from limiting thoughts

Your limiting thoughts are not true! You collected them during your childhood and early adulthood, but you may wonder if they still serve you? Often they don’t do this and they just keep you small. So don’t believe them anymore and create new thoughts about yourself. Of course, these are only beautiful and good thoughts. Believe in yourself!

3) Listen to your heart

When was the last time you followed your intuition without the intervention of the mind? It is important to look beyond reality as it is now and to pay more attention to your imaginary dreams for the future. Listen to the voice inside you and discover your passions.

What really gets you excited, what do you like to read about, what do you like to talk about? These are all things that make you unique and they belong to your personal talents. So give them a chance and embrace them.

When you open your life to dreams, you will see that the universe gives you more and more pushes in the right direction and that your dreams quickly become tangible reality. A good way to increase the attention for your dreams is to write them down every day in a nice (dream) book!

4) Feel good

you now have a clear picture of what your dreams are and focus your full attention on them. Don’t be held back by the well-intentioned and “realistic” advice of others. It doesn’t matter to your new reality what others think, so follow your own good feelings.

In everything you do, ask yourself: “Does this make me happy?” Answer wholeheartedly: “Yes!”, fine, keep it up! If you are in doubt or if you feel that you are doing something because it is socially expected of you, stop doing it. It never brings you closer to your dreams and that is a waste of your energy. Whatever you do, only do it if it really makes you happy.

5) You don’t do it alone

The universe supports you through thick and thin when it comes to making your dreams come true. The trick is to pick up on the subtle hints you get and follow them. Sometimes you get a message through a song or a piece of text. Or you hear people talking and pick up the message clearly.

Someone can also tell or give you something you need at that moment. Keep all options open and be alert. It’s beautiful how the universe shows itself to you!

6) Talk the way you want it

Tell a new story, the story of your dream life. Do not contradict your good feelings and your ideals by talking in detail about your life as it is now and everything you lack in it. But talk about your dream life as if you are already living it and enjoy it to the fullest.

Imagine it and feel it! This raises your vibration to the right level to receive whatever you desire and aligns your subconscious with a new truth.

I hope from my heart that I have helped you with these tips and that you can start living your dream life.


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