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Free the woman in you through self-love!

It’s time to wake up. Many women struggle with fatigue and other complaints. They give themselves away too easily and with it their energy. Mother Earth asks us to change. It is she who knocks on our door. She wants to bring her feminine energy back to earth. It is the transformation that takes place universally. We can stand in our power. But how do you practically do that?

The earthly love

There is a beautiful feminine power within us. She represents the beauty and love of Mother Earth. Her sensuality is our dearest asset in earthly existence. It is our nourishment, our fire and our life force. It’s who we are!

Earthly love gives us security, can heal traumas and attracts relationships and situations that we need. A wonderful, potentially creating force available to all of us. She only asks to be admitted to enrich our lives.

The fight within yourself

We often unconsciously keep our earthly gift behind a closed door. An inner struggle to avoid feeling the pain again. The pain of the old trauma where we have lost the unity between the masculine and feminine energies within us keeps us from living who we really are. Without harmony with masculine love, this original feminine love lacks the courage to stand up. Because of her absence, life is hard, we experience unrest, we create unrealistic expectations and diseases and violence arise. It is time for the harmony on earth to return and that starts with the harmony within ourselves. But how do you do that?

Free the woman in you, through self-love!

Self love as key

It is the power of our love with which we can open the door. Love opens and connects. That’s how it works between people. It’s what everyone knows. What we have forgotten is that self-love does the same in us. Self-love can open the body and make it accessible to receive. The blockages built up by fear are opened by love and love puts down the inner struggle against the feminine power. It is love that reconnects the body with our earthly source and draws the power to itself. Self-love creates access to our inexhaustible source of life energy, nourishment and zest for life.

Do I have self-love?

You may be wondering if you have self-love? You can feel it with your heart. We all have love, we are love. The question is: What do you do with your love? Imagine your heart as the sun in your body. And see your love as the sunbeams. Take a moment to fill your heart with love. Then feel where you want your love to shine.

Do you radiate love from the front of your heart? Then you warm the world around you with your love, but not yourself. Maybe it doesn’t radiate anywhere, your heart is closed. A heart full of self-love can let the sun shine inward, to your belly, to your base. As if your love shines through a hatch at the bottom of your heart. That is self-love. Something we often haven’t learned, or have unlearned. Fear closes the hatch.

Turning on and embodying yourself

Self-love is turning on yourself. You focus on yourself. Choosing that you can come into the spotlight of your own strengths. You can receive the power of Mother Earth when you are physically present. It asks us to embody every cell and every fiber with your love. Then you can allow the feminine power and live.

The abdominal and pelvic area is the entrance of this sensual power. Here in women lies the wound that prevents us from living the earthly energy. The power of love opens the pains and thereby frees the entrance. It feels like going out and about.

This takes guts. Our fear tells us to stand ‘backstage’ and prefer to shine the spotlight of our powers on someone else, to keep them happy so that we are safe. In doing so, we keep ourselves hidden and we sell ourselves short. Courage and confidence are needed to take this step.

Surrender to help and male love

You are not alone. In fact, you can’t do it alone. You need help from the universal forces and they are ready to support you in this transformation. The help can reach you if you choose to surrender and open your body. That goes against the feeling of security. Your body’s reflex is to close itself off against any fear or threat, thereby protecting itself. Now you can consciously ask your body the opposite: you open cells, surrender and dare to receive.

The masculine or divine love amplifies our power of love and gives us immediate protection that makes us feel more courageous. The power of love from our hearts increases and physically vibrates deeper and deeper blockages, so that we open further for female love. The same applies here too, ask to admit love.

Free the woman in you, through self-love!

Liberation of your Wife

Do you want to discover the ‘real’ woman in you? Do you want to regain your vitality and feel what you long for? Dare to open the door in you and free that powerful sensual woman. Choose to live your life. Ask for help, dare to be in your spotlight, surrender and trust the power of your love. Would you like individual or group support? Then look for more information


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