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French supermarkets are now obliged to give unsold food to the poor.

What started as a citizens’ initiative by consumers has now been passed as law in France, requiring supermarkets to give their unsold food to the less fortunate. The law, passed by the French parliament in December 2015, went into effect last week and is accompanied by a fine of up to 75,000 euros or 2 years in prison for failure to comply.

The law applies to all supermarkets larger than 400 m2. Supermarkets that are larger are required to have contracts with registered charities or food banks.

The introduction and enforcement of this law is a wonderful step for a number of reasons:

*It is a great example of the power we have as consumers to bring about change in our society.
*It directly combats French homelessness and malnutrition problems of the poor by replenishing social reserves.
*It makes the range of food banks more varied.
*It is an example for other countries.

Currently, about 7.8 million tons of food is wasted in France every year.
It will be exciting to see how substantially this number can fall in the coming years. And hopefully it will inspire other countries to get involved as well. Because the number rises to 1.4 billion tons when looking at food waste worldwide. This clearly shows that the problem goes beyond the French borders.

The only potential challenges this new law will face will have to do with volunteers and food storage, as more space and help will be needed to handle the influx of donations. Hopefully the same citizens who started this initiative will continue their great work to make the law pass.


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