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Frequency shifts and the healing center

Last week I suddenly felt like a collapsed house of cards: for a moment I no longer knew what was in front or behind and I felt tiredness squared. Even though it was a nice full moon, these were not the reactions that belong specifically to me. Hmmm, I had to take a closer look as soon as I started to feel like myself again…


When you’ve been walking the path of awareness for a while and are unfolding your potential, you can’t help but notice that time is going faster and faster. With the enormous shifts, changing and higher frequencies that are poured out on us from the cosmic spheres, the gross physical body sometimes has a bit of trouble keeping up.

This does not always go smoothly. Fatigue, headaches, muscle complaints, dizziness, changes in vision, changes in waking, sleeping and dreaming patterns or changing eating behavior are among the so-called ascension phenomena that can occur. Usually I stay reasonably balanced without complaints, but not this time. How can it be that, while this ascension process has been going on for quite some time,

Everything vibrates and moves

Every move or action brings movement to the field. Automatically this also means change in its vibration and frequency, and we are constantly surrounded by this. On a subconscious level you scan these vibrations throughout the day. When you focus your consciousness on it, you can also consciously experience many differences. If it feels harmonious enough, then there is nothing to worry about. Does it feel taxing, how long can you last there?

Due to the changing frequencies, also of the earth itself, our time actually goes faster. This acceleration has to do with the overall increase in the vibration of the earth and the heightened frequencies of the field we live in, opening into multidimensionality and the New Age that has entered. We move with it, raising our own vibration (consciously and unconsciously) and your environment sometimes makes it extra difficult to stay in balance, because it is much more impactful than you sometimes suspect.


When your system is heavily loaded with larger frequency differences for several days, weeks, if not months in a row, your body can no longer process it within the comfortable bandwidth. Everything vibrates and moves. Every being, be it human, animal or nature, has its own specific vibrations. Every object, object, building or other construction has its own vibrations within the material and the form and can thus be felt perceptibly.

The advantage of being in higher frequencies a lot makes your own system mature to start vibrating at the same level. That is also what is happening globally with the frequency increases. You can test this yourself. Try surrounding yourself with people or things of equal or higher vibration than yourself.

Think, for example, of healing circles or group meditations. You recognize it automatically by the uplifting feeling, the joy and love that this carries. When you are continuously in an environment with much lower frequencies, it becomes more and more difficult to let your own light shine freely and in the worst case, you even get physical complaints and suffer from sadness.

Worn in higher frequencies

In the healing practice in which I am guided by higher energies and light beings and where the ego can really get away from it all, I also experience these frequency differences. There have been times when I thought before the start: I’ll cancel the session, because I don’t feel very fit.

When I was then ‘carried’ from the beginning of the treatment, I felt ‘spacious’ and very well and from this heightened state I could effortlessly work and mediate in the energy field of the client, for the benefit of his well-being. After the work was done, I would, as it were, sink back into the previous own general malaise energy of that moment and I missed the wonderful uplift of those fine high frequencies.

Ambient cacophony

A customer said that from childhood he consciously observed all these different environmental frequencies and that he also regularly printed them. When he, initially unknowingly, came into contact with the Golden Sparkle emission, he immediately felt his own frequency increase and he could breathe much more freely. The frequencies of the escence reminded his own light of the specific frequencies that belonged to him and his cosmic light, allowing him to resonate with them in fullness again.

When the ambient frequencies harmonize with yours, there’s nothing to worry about. This also explains why a lot of HSP people appreciate distance and their own space during the lockdown. However, it regularly happens that there are considerable ‘dissonances’ left and right, so that you have to make more and more effort to maintain your balance and harmony. When your own frequencies are continuously lowered or constantly rushed by equal forces, the imbalance and loss of the ability to hold one’s own vibration arises. This can even be destructive. When it raises your vibration, we experience it as positive, but it does not alter the fact that the pace at which this happens can cause the necessary side effects.

The healing center

Since everyone is different, common denominators hardly apply here and certainly not for the extremely sensitive among us. So it is super important to surround or support your own energy with what keeps you within the desired bandwidth. Combinations of colors , crystals, scent frequencies and sounds can help you with this.

However, there is one frequency that has a harmonizing effect on everyone. This is a sound and color frequency in one! There is something special about light green. It has a super calming and balancing effect on the entire nervous system. Light green has a frequency of 528 Hz and this is exactly the middle of the electromagnetic color spectrum, or the heart of the rainbow! The 528 Hz color frequency coincides with that of tone/sound of the Solfeggio scale .

The 528 cycles per second, is nature’s core frequency† You are healingly supported with this vibration both in sound and in color to regain your harmony and balance. Research has shown that when you briefly listen to music at this frequency, the cortisol level (stress hormone) decreases and oxytocin (cuddle hormone) increases. This already happens measurably when you surround yourself with this frequency for even 5 minutes.

When you notice that your energy system is under pressure, go outside if you can. The natural and green environment is healing. Green is the color of healing. You step, as it were, into the great healing center, from which you can let your heart reconcile with the harmonious frequencies from nature in your environment.

The sap green, or yellow-green, is calming to the nervous system and also stands for renewal. Green as a balanced mix between blue and yellow, strengthens the energy flow in your body and promotes the removal of waste products in your body. Green is connecting and the color of loyalty. Deep green to emerald green stands for wisdom, tranquility and calm. Green is meaningful in all its shades.


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