From the 3rd to the 5th dimension: why you feel confusion during your awakening process

From the 3rd to the 5th dimension: why you feel confusion during your awakening process

If this blog title appeals to you, you are probably somewhere in your awakening process. This process is different for everyone, but there are fixed lines to discover. More and more people are awakening because the earth is in an awakening process. During the awakening, the earth (and with it humanity) moves from the 3rd to the 5th dimension. With this, we move from separation (from each other, from our spiritual body, and from the earth) to unity. Confusion can occur at any stage of the process. This goes with it: confusion is a good sign. I will explain why.

Detaching from your physical body

At the beginning of the awakening process, it is about loosening up from your physical body, letting go of unwholesome versus developing beneficial habits. Many people nowadays start with yoga, meditation, lifestyle change, and awareness. They do this by, for example, following courses, reading books, or listening to podcasts.

This phase is often very nice. The motivation is high and you experience that you feel lighter and better: you start living lighter. Those nice feelings can turn into a drama from one moment to the next when you end up in an “old piece”. This is just part of it. Awakening comes with ups and downs and sometimes hurts.


From the 3rd to the 5th dimension: why you feel confusion during your awakening process

Soon you will encounter deeper blockages, traumas, and beliefs that you have always had, but of which you are only now really becoming aware of. Work to be done… It turns out you need heavier resources than yoga and meditation. Transformation methods such as EMDR, EFT, NLP, Altazar Method, Touch of Matrix, regression, hypnosis, Shamanic working, and many other methods help with this.

Working through your old conditioning is an important part of your awakening process. If you don’t, chances are your conditioning will continue to demand attention. Then you end up in a kind of false lighting so that you continue to be triggered quickly. I assume that you handle the confrontation, and with it the transformation, well.

More connection with the spiritual body

There follows a point when the worst blockages are dissolved and the connection with the spiritual body becomes wider. This connection increase manifests itself in experiencing more evenness, equanimity, and less judgment towards yourself and others. Finally, the connection between you and your spiritual body manifests itself in more love and compassion in general.

There is a layer in the spiritual body that is less well known, namely the causal body. Causal means causal. The causal body is therefore a soil layer in which the cause and the effect of different lives and dimensions are fixed. In short: in this layer is your karma.


Your karma, which you gain in other lives and dimensions, is responsible for 90% of what you experience, who you meet, and what you experience and feel in this lifetime.

From the 3rd to the 5th dimension: why you feel confusion during your awakening process

In this phase of the awakening process, you gain an increasingly deeper understanding of:

  • How everything is cause and effect;
  • That all is one;
  • That the reality we live in is an illusion;
  • That darkness and evil arise from veils of ignorance in which we humans are imprisoned.

The veils of ignorance, called the 7 veils of Mara in Buddhism, dissolve more and more during the awakening process. This can be a confusing experience because everything you always believed to be true suddenly turns out to be different. You will experience yourself and the people around you differently and see-through more. Trust that this is part of the process. You let go of your 3rd dimension consciousness more and more and you come into a 4th or 5th dimension of consciousness. A soul consciousness in which you will understand the unity of humanity and the Universe.

You will see others and yourself more and more as souls and as multidimensional light beings. It is important that throughout the awakening process you stay out of judging yourself and others and that you allow everyone, including yourself, their own process.

It doesn’t have to be perfect right away. Awakening is step by step and it is not a linear process. Give yourself 3 years for the basics and at least 10 years for the entire process, then it can only be easy. Enjoy the confusion. Whatever happens, it’s okay. It is a harbinger of growth and enlightenment. The more intense the confusion, the better it actually is.


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