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From victimhood to empowerment as a consumer

trickery and deceit

List and deceit in the marketplace are of all times. In the Middle Ages, some market people tried to sell you apples for lemons. Yet it seems as if there has been a turning point in the last ten or fifteen years. On the one hand, it is becoming increasingly clear that many, very many large and medium-sized companies are out to unscrupulously defraud consumers, poison and exploit the planet.

On the other hand, it seems that these companies are also using increasingly large-scale and aggressive tactics to be able to (continue to) do this undisturbed for power and monetary gain. Think, for example, of the scandals in the food industry, the threat of TTIP, large companies that successfully lobby against GMO labelling, etc.

Micro level

We can notice this every day, even at the level of the local supermarket. Shopping becomes a battle against E-numbers, a quest worthy of a professional detective to avoid coming home with products loaded with synthetic fragrances, colors and flavors, so-called ‘natural’ flavors from the laboratory, with a fake tick approved products loaded with sugars in disguise and wrong sweeteners with sounding names that suggest otherwise.

How can you as an HSP consumer deal with this consciously and arm yourself against trickery and deception without it lowering your frequency and making you cynical, depressed, angry or overly suspicious?

shock and denial

I find that many people of my generation and earlier have a hard time believing that it really is that bad. We are not used to the deception going that far. In the past, many companies and institutions still had a kind of honor code of integrity. At least, so it seemed. Many of us are still in a bit of denial. That’s not surprising, because it’s downright shocking to have to face the scope of the deception all at once.

I still remember how my eyes were opened after a campaign by Milieudefensie about cosmetic products. My intuition had told me for years that despite wonderful promises, I bought nothing but junk for my bathroom, and washed my hair with questionable and even potentially toxic ingredients. But hey, it couldn’t be that bad, could it? Well, so it was that bad. All you have to do is take a closer look at the ingredients list and do some research on the weird scientific names. I was scared to death. Since then I only use soap and shampoo from the natural store.

From victimhood to empowerment as a consumer

How do we deal with ruse and deceit on a large scale?

After the shock of realizing how far the deception goes, and how unscrupulous it is, the question arises: how do I deal with this? After the shock of denial, some people go overboard and only focus on what they DON’T want, becoming negative and cramped.
Others even turn out to be aggressive crusaders who rail against the food industry on the Internet and lash out in an obnoxious way at anyone and everyone who disagrees with them.

Not really the way to make the world a better place, in my opinion. Not the way to raise your frequency and that of the people around you. But how can we deal with it? How can we simultaneously face the truth and protect ourselves from the deception without becoming angry, cynical, or hopeless?

Perhaps the following points can help.

1. It’s a cosmic game

Realize it’s all a game. You are an eternal being, and no amount of deceit can change that. The game between Light and Dark is just that, a game. It is meant to become aware, to grow in experience. The dark also has a function. It helps you become aware of what you are: a being of light, with free will, control and authority that no one can ever take from you unless you choose to give it up. The lesson on how to deal with illusion and deception is a very valuable lesson that will eventually empower you.

2. You hold the power

You have the power as a consumer. It may not feel that way, but that’s how it is. What you do or don’t spend your money on determines who stays in business: the List & Deception company, or small-scale, honest companies. Imagine: every time you make a decision as a consumer that is in favor of fair trade, honest companies, authentic products you are in your power and you make the world a little bit better. Everytime again.

Every time you tell someone close to you what you know, you make the world more aware. It’s like throwing pebbles into a pond: eventually the ripples in the water reach the shore without you having to do anything about it.

3. You are not alone

You are not alone. The growth of people who live and consume consciously is exponential. Just look at the amount of blogs, websites, Facebook groups etc. that help people to live, cook and consume consciously. The growth in awareness is unstoppable.

4. The Time of Truth

We live in a challenging time when the truth is being revealed on all fronts. It’s an exciting time we live in: everything that was hidden in the dark is coming to light. Therefore , it seems as if this time is more difficult than all previous ones. But actually this is a very positive development, which will ultimately ensure that we start living empowered, authentic lives, in a world where we are our own authority and determine our own destiny.consumer

5. Our own authority

You could actually say that this time forces us to step into our power (or not). To go easy on what forces outside ourselves tell us what is good for us, to make us lie because it seems easier, or to stand up, examine the truth for ourselves, stand on our own two feet as spiritual adults and become our own authority .

Nothing wrong with that, right?


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